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Posted by Alphazero

Throwing the hot chick into TV World would have worked too, if it weren't for you MEDDLING KIDS!

Posted by trimon

Like real people!? XD

Posted by KrazyMiller


Posted by GamerGeek360

What the hell are you doing?!! lol That's great.

Posted by LifeByDegrees

Thank You!

Posted by Aeterna

Perfect ending really. :D

OH man...... 

Posted by DeadMonkeys

The new episode is up! Praise Molech! (Sacrifices a newborn)

Posted by Loveisabadday

Oh yeah, there was supposed to be an endurance run today. It completely slipped my mind..... ;)

Posted by Gunblader

The wait was worth it, that was hilarious, lol.  Thanks Vinny and Jeff

Posted by MeatSim

That ramen must be magical or something because I have never uncontrollably shoveled down ramen before like that.

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The special ingredient in that soba is... Opium.

Posted by Skillface

Every day's great at your Junes!

Posted by BenderUnit22

That was hiliarious.

I say go for maxed out social link with Yukiko, after all, she's the only cute girl in the class.

Posted by dprabon

You guys rock ( ;

Posted by StarFoxA

I want to play this game now. Too bad I don't have a PS2.

Posted by ZmillA

omg these videos can never lose

Posted by WhyWhy

Man I can't stop thinking about how many parts this is gonna end up as this is gonna be insane

Also I can't remember if you guys did or not but you can pick up a free pretty good weapon for yosuke if you go back to the shop where he got his persona (you can get there by talking to yosuke i believe), should be on the floor in the corner closest to the screen. And if you want a free pretty good weapon for yukiko reclimb that castle and fight another boss and there will be an item on the floor near the steps for yukiko but don't fight this boss until later since its pretty strong level 20ish would probably be good

Posted by LordAndrew


Posted by Wright

that some hella fast noodle eating.

Posted by WholeFunShow

A real Pixies fan would have known about Olympus Mon :p It's in Watchmen (comic only) too, incidentally.

*Looks about for an indication that my knowlege has increased.
Posted by LifeByDegrees

Maybe it happens during this episode- but after this high- one of the most epic downers of the game is coming up.

Posted by TripMasterMunky

Great video lol.

Posted by SuperfluousMoniker

That's some pretty suspicious behavior by Dojima early in the episode, punching young detective for saying that there might be more going on in the case... Foreshadow, red herring, or just awkward translation of weird Japanese culture?

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This is such a great endurance run. It's like crack, I can't go a day without it, and if I do then I get withdrawals and those aren't fun.

Posted by Xero560

Finally, the new episode! Keep on going guys! I just wish these were a little longer. :(

Neva give up! Trust you instincts!!! - Peppy

Posted by quicklii

Mt Olympus...  You learn some at new every day.

Good stuff.

Posted by zipperface

Dojima laying the smackdown on his candy ass slave!

Good to see things starting to pick up again, that castle dungeon was a real drain. Saving Yukiko was a pretty key moment so I wonder if Funky Student has re-funkified with some new riddlin'?


Posted by punkxblaze

This episode made me spit pepsi out my nose like five times.

Posted by Bboboo

Worth the wait.

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Ima thinkin Dojima could be the killer, or maybe that's what the game wants you to think. Who would suspect a police officer hmmmmmm??!

Edit: This game is so fucking weird...lol

Posted by Shabran

you know what

this was the funniest episode so far......XD
Posted by insane_shadowblade85

Discussion about scrambled porn? Let me join. Over here it was channel 99 and 98 for 24 hour scrambled porn. However, everyday at 10 pm MTV2 would switch to scrambled porn lol

Posted by Zripwud

The killer is the buttler!!!

It always is ¬¬

Posted by EndlessMike

More Young Detective. That's got to be the English voice actor of Vash the Stampede.

Posted by Gangstar

You guys should check out the shrine in town. You can get to it from the shopping district.

Posted by exfate

Shadow Yukiko was way cooler than regular Yukiko. Hottest girl in school, inheriting a hotel, saved from the TV -- girl needs to cheer the hell up.

Posted by insane_shadowblade85

EndlessMike> If you listen closely, the young detective (Adachi) and the main character have the same voice actor. Kind of weird lol

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Posted by spilledmilkfactory

that was just plain HILARIOUS

Posted by Solarc

Nice! Thanks for keepin' on... keepin' on.... just don't let go... :P

Posted by Henl3y

Great episode the ending is priceless!

Posted by Media_Master

best one yet


Posted by Krenor

damn this was a really funny one

Posted by Meteora

It lives!

Awesome episode.

Posted by MasonL87

Young Detective Getting smacked around like a bitch by Dojima.............CHECK
Nanako singing the Junes song multiple times...........................................CHECK
Yukiko hitting on you...........................................................................................CHECK
Learning about Olympus Mons that I knew already.....................................CHECK

Best. Episode. Evarrr!

Posted by Queequeg

I thought it was a translation error at first and they meant highest mountain on Earth.
Mt. Olmypus.  Good to know.  Knowledge +1

Posted by Win

Good to see the series is still going.

Keep it up!

Posted by Axersia

Om nom nom nom nom

Posted by MrRedwine

... I really don't want this to end.... even though in my heart I know it already has.

Posted by gryphon_gold

"Now, let me tell you 'bout one part of me."