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Posted by ddensel

If by "Sobas", you mean BLUNTS!

Posted by TheGremp

Vinny - "Tune in next time to find out what the hell we're doing!" I lol'd.

Awesome episode guys.

Posted by Pedro

Great videos, I like these ones better than the fighting ones lots of great moments. Keep up the good work guyes looks like you will need to finish the game or fear the wrath of the fans!!!

Posted by F1

It never ends....
Don't you understand???
IT NEVER ENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Jake

Another amazing episode, please keep them coming. Always a bright note to my day. 

Posted by YetiAntics


Posted by dannyodwyer

Is mount Olypus in Greece? haha, sorry, made me lullz

Posted by Shane


Mount Olympus is in Greece. There's also a Mount Olympus on Mars. Trick Question!

Posted by Hausdog

Don't worry about the delay Vinny, it was clear something was up from the lack of any other videos. This episode was well worth the wait anyway. I think I'm gonna have to pick this game up because of you guys. Well done!

Posted by EmperorSeth

See what we would have missed if it ended yesterday?  I'm so glad it's still going on.  The second dungeon will be great through their eyes.

Posted by AndrewB

There totally can't be enough of that stuff in the bowl for them to be chowing down for that long.

Posted by LordAndrew

If you think that's crazy, wait till you see the portal to the meat dimension.

Posted by GTCknight

Yes! Nanako sang the Junes song not once, but twice in one episode. My day is now complete.

Posted by AleM

Great episode, and from now on, it just gets better.

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

ROFL! awesome episode! loved it!

Posted by Mistral

OM NOM NOM NOM NOM indeed. Apparently Charlie is powerless before the power of noodles.

The best part of this is that the most hilarious parts of the game are still to come. We'll all end up dying of laughter if we're not careful!

Posted by Renegade

Oh man, I'm kinda glad you guys couldn't release this till later.  It gave me alot of great laughs after a slightly rough day =) Keep it up!

Posted by HT101

I bet Yukiko put crack into those noodle bowls so she could control Yosuke and Charlie.

Posted by JoblessTerence


Posted by El_Dom

These are great. The social parts between dungeons and fights are the best

Posted by John

I'm sticking with this till the end. yo.

Posted by Meltbrain

Man I nearly shouted at the monitor when you guys were answering the question about the tallest mountain in the solar system, I thought quite a lot of people knew about Olympus Mons, which is on Mars.

Edited by LifeByDegrees

"Maybe he's a nice guy?"
"Maybe he's just misunderstood?"
Also- the ramen and rapid eating sequences is one of the best in the game!!!

Posted by RedSox8933

oh thank god, i was getting really worried.

Posted by DeadMonkeys


Edited by ThaMilkMan

...Honestly I CAN NOT WAIT until the next dungeon...I just got through it...all I have to say is Hulk F'ing Hogan hahaha

Posted by Jack_Daniels

Thank god you got the question right.


Jeff's scoffing noises made me laugh so much. XD

Please don't end this series! :(

Posted by EmperorSeth

I won't spoil anything specifically, but is anyone else who played the game impressed about how often they get things right about the plot, even when joking?

Posted by okuzy

I would never choose playing this game over seeing you guys play AND commentate on the entire thing. KEEP IT UP!

Posted by CashBailey

Awesome ending!

Cracked me up.

Edited by sneakysnake128

"Let me tell you about one part of me." haha


Posted by PhilESkyline

Great ep. I forgot that Jeff mentioned something about the office being flooded with paint/turpentine fumes. No love lost. Hope it all worked out for you guys.

Posted by endaround

Hopefully they realized they haven't saved since beatiing Yukiko's shadow....

Posted by Spiritof

If someone told me a year ago that I would be laughing at an "All in the Family" reference during a video game endurance run, after saying "Wha'?", I would have to call them a liar.

Posted by Naoto

Hilarious! I found this site because of the Endurance Run ;)

Posted by Jih

om nom nom
Posted by Killroycantkill

LOL Nice All in the Family refence. LOL

Posted by Jnal

Best one so far and thats saying alot. Keep up the good work guys.

Posted by ashogo

damn, way to keep us in suspense-glad episode 24 is up! And yeah the characters are really redundant, but once you get past those recap parts they are all pretty likable.

Keep going, Jeff, Vinny-ENDURE!

Posted by Teaspoon83

Bad idea.... drinking a soda, watched this video.  It took a huge effort not to dress my monitor with the sugary goodness during the classroom scene where Chie was called haggard. Good stuff and ready for the next episode.

Posted by AllanIceman

Ahhhh... another hit taken.  I was starting to get the shakes!

Posted by ev_rowe

Dudes, isn't it obvious? The killer is Funky Student! WATCH OUT FOR THAT DUDE.

Posted by dagas

Thank you! I was afraid the previous episode would be the last.

Posted by megalowho

I want that ramen. I also want some steak skewers and a Dr. Salt Neo. Persona 4 makes me hungry.

Edited by ivanlacan

Well I liked this "endurance run" so much that I bought the game, and i have to tell you this is going to take a loooooong loooooong time, for me i have gone through 32 hours and I´m at middle of June. I recommend next rainy day that Yukiko call´s you redo Yukiko´s Castle, and fight the bonus boss, cause next dungeon it´s a lot tougher than this one. Also stop talking to the funky student and look for other quest before going back to the castle cause people will be asking for things you´ll find there. Rise Yosuke link to 5 and Chie and basket to 7, forget about drama club at the moment. Not every social link will rise at an encounter, but there are key moments for rising. Finally at the time if you redo yukikos castle (it will be a lot easier this time with Yukiko) don't forget getting her ULTIMATE weapon in the throne room after defeating the bonus boss (I died 2 times in that fight fortunately I was playing on beginner mode).  Also midterm are coming soon, so try rising knowledge to lvl 3 "expert". And try eating at Aiya during rainy days a 3000 yen dish that raises 3 of your status. Good look and keep going!

Posted by ZoRzEr

Hahaha, thanks for the awesome episode. Good to know it's not finished. Keep it up guys!

Edited by Aaox

Aaox casts ENDURE!

Jeff and Vinny's ENDURANCE has skyrocketed!
Jeff and Vinny casts PERSONA 4!
Aaox casts THANKS!
Posted by samcotts

Hilarious episode. Couldn't stop laughing throughout. So glad it's being continued, this is getting better and better.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

That translation was misleading, it should have said Olympus Mons.

I don't know why you guys are so down on Yukiko :P 

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