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Posted by makari

Junes song is sung, and all is right with the world

Posted by Dudacles

Your knowledge of mountains is scandalous.

Posted by insane_shadowblade85

ahoodedfigure> Exactly, it's only normal for someone to feel like that if you didn't have a say in what you wanted to do in life. Having everything planned for you to the point where you couldn't choose to do something else because it's expected of you, I doubt I'd be fine with it.

Posted by Canberra

Dojima soc'kd that dude!

Posted by stuus

I bet young detective loves them balls too.

Posted by SketchyBrown

Consider this post as a demand from a fan that the endurance run continues through the end of P4 (or until the end of the 2nd dungeon)!

-A Fan

P.S. Consider this post script as a demand that other endurance runs featuring quirky and interesting games continue to flood GiantBomb's server space!

That is all. I should probably watch this (late!) installment now...
Posted by FLStyle

That was hilarious, I'm so glad this is continuing, thanks guys!

Posted by Hairydutchman

Worth the wait. One of the best episodes yet!

Posted by Grillbar

brad is maaad smart

Posted by FlipperDesert

"Well, at least this game can't get any crazie- Wait."

Seriously, that's taking a bite? Charlie's such a dick. :l

Posted by nekoNari

Luv you guys.

Posted by mgssnake

Thank god the endurance run continues! After Jeff's hint during the Bombcast and because they delayed posting the next episode I was sure they had stopped doing it. And now that the griding and boss battle is over we can get back to the funny stuff, social links and funky student, girls and creepy teachers making weird comments about girls. Good times...

Posted by Xymox

om nom nom

Posted by Moridin

Best ending yet.

Thanks for the laughs, guys.

Posted by ElectricHaggis

I think that if I were to buy this game now, I would be disappointed with the lack of running commentary.

Posted by Chewii101

Phew....the Endurance Run continues!!! Woot!

Posted by DondonIcon

Those are some damn tasty noodles.

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these endurance runs and Lost on the internet has been my source of entertainment in this recession.  thank you. 

but IMO you're going to need to plan on a season finale maybe around mid-April.  you duders need to relax, pace yourselves, be refreshed and prep for pretty much the industry's biggest event E3.

Posted by strangeling

Go Vinny, Go!

Posted by Mjolnir

The Mt. Olympus discussion is now one of my favorite Endurance Run moments. I love when Ryan went "That fucker's huge!"

Posted by Vandersveldt

Oh man. One of the most entertaining episodes yet. Thank you so much for making me laugh.

Also, mad props for ending on a nom nom moment.

Posted by KillerRabbit

Still loving these. And finally have the game on my shelf.. think i'll go with Persona 3:FES first though (european).

Posted by NickNorman

Yup, Mount Olympus. That fucker's huge. Investigation TEAM GO! I love you guys.

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EDIT:  You assholes made me laugh so hard that now I have the hiccups!  /shakefist...hic

Posted by Inuzagi


Posted by NinjaSquirrel

Investigation team GO!

Posted by CabbageHands

Love the end of the episode.

Posted by Zereta

Can't stop laughing, you Giant Bomb assholes! That was epic. I take back what I said about the 23rd Part. THIS was the best episode so far.

Posted by jt1080

Two amazing episodes back to back. This was the funniest one yet. My side hurts from laughing.

Posted by RedCricketChase

How did Jeff and Vinnie do so many gay jokes without any homophobia? I love this site!

Posted by Urmean


Posted by Dtat

I love when dojima hits Adachi! "OOOOOOHH!" great reaction! XD
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Hey, hey, easy there Yosuke. Maybe the killer is a wet end, not an asshole. Big difference you know.

Posted by rjayb89

Scrambled porn discussion.  One of my favorite kinds of discussions.

Posted by Authun

I was screaming 'Mount Olympus damni!' in my head. Oh god

Posted by Zicdab

At 17:17 Vinny sounds like a special person.

Posted by jorbear

YES! The Junes theme song is back!

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Wait, isn't Mt. Olympus usually referred to as Olympus Mons? Maybe they would have recognized it then.  
Edit: Never mind. The teacher acknowledged this. 

Posted by takua108

"If by 'soba' you mean 'blunts,' getting high on the roof!"

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Amazing innuendo in this episode, Jeff is the best when it comes to making innocent things sound dirty... 
Also: "If by soba you mean BLUNTS!"    Persona 4 ER, a legendary event.

Posted by Inferno100

They were on TV, the 's the connection.

Posted by Abendlaender

"Now we just need a talking dog"

Well.....how about a yipping fox?

Posted by elko84