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Posted by onkel

Adachi has the worst fucking haircut.

Posted by therms
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I lost it when ryan laughed

Posted by MiniPato

lol, Vinny and Jeff must be really tired when they recorded this episode cause they sound wasted.

Posted by joshth

good god. Their Dojima impressions are the funniest impressions I've heard in a long time...

Posted by kmg90
@Ratfoot said:
I love Ryan's background laugh during the "Liquor in the front, poker in the rear."
I'm surprised it took this long to appear in the comments, one of the best lines in the ER so far (on my first "run").
Posted by PerfidiousSinn

"What am I even looking at?" is the funniest line in this entire game.

Posted by Ratfoot

I love Ryan's background laugh during the "Liquor in the front, poker in the rear."

Posted by DarkbeatDK

"Yeah if HE was on the investigation team he'd get things done". You have no idea Jeff.

Posted by Olivaw

Watching this again. Foreshadowing in this episode! The whole "mystery" angle of this game is handled surprisingly well, all things considered!

Posted by Zicdab

5:39 is classy.

Posted by Ramone

'You know what happens when i'm bored, babies happen'

Posted by ChrisTaran
@Ramyun: I'm doing the same!  Just as good the second time around :)
Posted by BulletproofMonk
@Ramyun: Same here. But it just doesn't feel right for some reason. Oh, well...
Posted by Kefkaesque
As am I.
It's amazing how all the pieces fit together once you know how it ends.
Posted by Ramyun

 I can't believe I'm watching this a second time. And it's still freaking awesome.

Posted by fisher81

Chie looks like Ringo Starr with the funny glasses on. Hahaha

Posted by MjHealy

Yukkio is such a downer.

Posted by Media_Master

nicely done

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Well, you guys have gone and done it.  I am now playing Persona 3 as a direct result of these videos.  I've always liked JRPG's, and had heard all of the hype on P3, but didn't think I'd ever play it.  I have to say, though, I am really enjoying it, and I have you guys to thank for that.

I love this website and all of the features that you guys do.  Keep up the great work!
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All the bosses after yukiko you have access to the fox, so its pretty much impossible to be up against a wall like they were with Yukiko. Furthermore, your access to persona's and skills goes up exponentially. I mean, its probably possible to have a reflect all persona by the time you get to the 3rd dungeon if you really exploit fusions.

I played on Expert, and IMO yukiko was by far the hardest, with only 3 characters  (2 of which know almost nothing), the hardest thing is that you just have no time to buff/debuff in between healing your characters, protecting chie's weakness, AND your SP reserves are so low. For later bosses you have the 4th character, and the individual party members are much more able to contribute to the battle. Though its certainly possible that if you play on normal or easy that the other bosses would be much harder, as on those difficulties Yukiko appears to be soundly beaten just by having a decent level and DPS'ing her out. But for me vs yukiko every character was literally in the single digits of SP and 1 or 2 rounds away from dieing as the end, whereas the other bosses fell fairly easily (except the 2nd boss, but that was because I fought him WAY WAY WAY underleveled).

Posted by ToxicFruit

anyone knows when the next one is out ?

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Oh thats understandable. But that becomes less of a worry when you revisit those dungeons at higher levels. Especially for quests. Mainly because even the spells cost one damage at some point.

Posted by Darthdarkness

The main problem with Yukiko (speaking from personal experience), is going into the battle under-leveled. I agree there are definitely harder bosses in the game.

Plus the thing about Persona4 is that you can bite it in any  random battle if you don't have the right persona equipped.

Posted by Eros

This is coming a few episodes late but I just got caught up. Whoever told you that Yukiko's shadow is the hardest in the game is speaking from their own experience(s.) In my personal experience the hardest boss in the game is the final boss of void quest, followed by the boss of the next dungeon for you guys. Yukiko's shadow barely ranks in difficulty, maybe 5th... maybe.

Posted by LifeByDegrees

Usually the show comes out around 6 AM Pacific Coast Time.

Posted by AnEternalEnigma



Posted by gryphon_gold

So, how long 'til episode 26?

Posted by strangeling

Go Vinny, Go!

Posted by Etaber

I hope Atlus is sending you guys a lifetime supply of catgirls for doing this. After watching this series I'm buying the game and the last JRPG I played was Phantasy Star II.

Posted by insane_shadowblade85

I agree, mattsen just wants attention from the staff. Please, someone who's not Jeff or Vinny, please delete his post.

Posted by endaround

Seriously, someone delete mattysen's post.

Posted by trimon

LOL Teddie knows exactly what Jeff and Vinny are thinking!!! 

Posted by dprabon

( :

Posted by iSylence

Nanako is actually Alma in disguise. That explains everything.

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Okay guys, don't fight the Coronation King unless you have some items that raise the whole party's evade/hit. Rampage will rape you.

Thats because you don't have any spells that do it for all characters right now.

And Yukiko is on the first floor near the announcements.

Posted by LeadNinja

Lol.  Nanako is so easily pleased.

Posted by Mistral

Even though P4's party members are all better than the ones in P3(other than Junpei. He was pretty cool.), Yukiko manages to be completely forgettable. Oh sure, she's the best healer/magic caster by far, but she has no personality and a dull s-link. The laughing fit thing is literally the only way the writers tried to give her any personality beyond "that one chick who hangs around Chie." Luckily the game doesn't shove her non-personality in your face as much once you get more team members.

And yes, the TVland booze shop is finally accessible. Yosuke gets an okay weapon out of it, although you'll get better fairly quickly...then again, having the best weapons is extremely negligible, especially if you like having money.

Posted by trimon
I hope you guys know that if Charlie dies it's a game over :(
Posted by Gregomasta

Go ninja go ninja go!

Posted by Llyr

These stupid glasses are useless for investigating!
Remeber kids, always bring glasses when investigating.

Posted by Guyzea
Bear-y unfortunate that it was a short one this time.
Posted by FlappyHands

Haha, poor Teddie. Yosuke is not a fan of those finger movements.

Posted by Pedro

Who wrote the script for this! Must have been on some sort of drugs, the whole classes scene was pointless and far to long! Makes for great commentary tho.

Posted by ElectricHaggis

It's good to be back to a dialogue heavy section of the game.  They tend to make for funnier shows.

Posted by sneakysnake128

sheesh count +1