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Game of the Year contender for sure, 5/5 just perfect. Played through in 1 night and 1 day with a buddy on Veteran (12.5 hours total) and absolutely loved it. Probably has been the quickest play through of a console game for me in a long time if not ever as we didn't  take any breaks longer than a few minutes to eat or poop.

And for the love of god stop comparing EVERY 3rd person shooter to GEARS OF BORE.

Most video reviews will contain spoilers from cut scenes and junk, recommendation is to read reviews :p

Posted by TwoOneFive

i don't believe the cut scenes were real-time at all. ever notice all the gear you are carrying suddenly disapears durings the cut scenes?

mgs4 had a great way of indicating if it was in fact not real time by just allowing you to control the camera, so when you couldnt you knew okay this isn't entirely real time. 
Posted by VilhelmNielsen

I hate spiders!

Posted by F1

Nice review. Loved the bit at the end!

Posted by Reverseface

Gonna get this, my friend got no time recently so looks like i'll be playing this HAN SOLO STYLE.

Posted by Nakirendral
Thanks for the review, Bradley.  :D

Hmm still unsure of which version to get. I have both PS3 and XB360, and would love to expand my PS3 library, (I am slowly becoming a big PS3 fan over XB360, after years of hating the PS3). I know that the Review stated that the XB360 SKU is better than the PS3 version due to a bit of slowdown in the PS3 type, but is it substantial? Because, I would love to play it smoothly, and have the game be as responsive as possible. 

Then a second question is, do would-be co-op players on the XB360 SKU have to play for Gold account acces to online co-op play with others, or can we just connect without worrying about that? I beleive PS3 has no such differentiation. 
Posted by Spiritof

Realtime Spider Physics!

Posted by LiveOrDie1212

meh, i still have a distaste for this game

Posted by eduardo

Spiders... why does it have to be spiders!

Posted by Annev0

Nice review Brad
AHAhahah the ending!

Posted by Matt_H

Great review Brad.  Almost done with the game now, been playing it co-op with my brother.  It has been awesome so far, great gameplay and tense action.

As an RE fan from the beginning on the PS1, you can't go wrong with this game if you've liked RE in the past. It sucks that so many seem to hate it without giving it a chance.  Not every game needs to control like Gears of War, and I'm glad they didn't cave in and change it to play like it.
Posted by Psykhophear

Awesome review, but I find it to be quite a spoiler with some of the gameplay footage and cutscenes since I haven't played RE5 yet.

Posted by konatachan

Great review, Execeller game.

It's a damn shame Jeff doesn't respect what a truly great and groundbreaking game Resident Evil 4 was. I like how they tie up loose ends with this one.

Posted by kaigo

i cant wait to buy this

Posted by GeekDown

Looks amazing and it seems to be  a really great game, but I won't pick it up since I haven't played any Resident Evil game from start to finish..

Posted by Khann


It just means it's recommended to anyone without reservation.  And it is so, because it is a great game. Whether or not you like this game has nothing to do with it.

Games like BioShock, Halo 3, GTA IV etc all get perfect scores. That doesn't mean everyone is going to like the game. It means that it is a fantastic game and if you are atleast somewhat interested in the type of game that it is, you are likely to greatly enjoy it.

Hope that makes some amount of sense.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

WTF moment: 2:48

Posted by StickyMicky

Hated the demo, but had a free game voucher so i picked it up as i could see nothing better in the local games shop, and i have now ended up addicted to it!

completed it yesterday, we did the full game in co-op.

Posted by TomA

This video just reminded me of how much Brad pisses me off.

Posted by Drebin_893

Great review, and really well edited video.

Posted by JJOR64

Awesome video and SCARY ending.

Posted by Pazy

Looks like im going to be buying this soon, but I still need to finish RE4 lol

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Posted by hazelnutman


Posted by TheFrostedGamer

Looks solid. I just don't agree with games like this being given a 5/5. 5/5 means it's so good and so much replay value that it's recommended to anyone without reservation. This game offers limited replay value to those who want to play this type of third person shooter. Straight up. That's closer to a 4/5. It's like if you watched a pretty good movie that took 10 hours to watch, but you probably wouldn't watch it again. Most of what you were going to get out of it was from the first time around. And the DVD extras added almost nothing. That ain't a 5/5 movie.

This game's a rental.

Posted by welshy023

0:26 testipop lol.
But back on the topic, I think Dead Space is the new Resident Evil.

Posted by AV_Gamer

Sorry, but Dead Space surpassed Resident Evil 4 and 5 in every way. I'll play it, when it hits the PC.

Posted by Johanz

Am I the only one who loves this game because you can't run and shoot? It's so much fun that there are shooters that play differently. I play alot and alot of shooters, probably most of the good ones that hit the market, and I must say that RE5 was like a wind of fresh air into my action experience, it plays different and feels different from other shooters, and that's awesome. It feels unique and special, since the AI and such is tweaked to fit the stand-shoot style, it doesn't matter if you could run or not, but it gives the game a special feel, and I just love it.

Posted by Gwendle

I still can't believe people aren't giving this a shot. It just goes to show that if you want to dislike a game enough, you will.

Posted by troyx

great review brad i agree 100% with evrething u said

Posted by spiceninja

Got the game day one and beat it in two sittings (7 hours) and really loved it. There's so much to do after you finish the game as well. I don't think I've ever played what it mainly a single player game with so much content. I really like it but RE4 is still the better game.

Posted by Crono

Review rocked and the game looks awesome.  I doubt I'll play it more than once so looks like it could be a fun rental.

Posted by TekZero

I wasn't sold on RE 4 either.  Even though I still own a copy, I couldn't even get through the game.  This is a pass for me.

Posted by William

I killed the spiders too.

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on March 15, 2009
"Still not sold ... pass"
yup im the same... not at all interested in this game..
Posted by JunkanooPunch

im currently playing though this game, and I def recommend it, so much fun co-op.

Edited by chuckimus

I was semi interested until I played the demo... this is a pass for me.  Wonky controls.  

Look at the boss near the end of the review... seriously... just chug away on the gun and... what?  The character movements are stiff stiff stiff.  
Posted by MeatSim

Capcom better make up for the lack of mysterious merchant in this game with a mysterious merchant business simulation game.

Posted by sneakysnake128

hahaha good ending

Posted by Alphazero

My wife overhead Brad talking as I watched the video review and said, "That sounds like Tom Brokaw."

There you go, Brad. The voice of the greatest generation.

So you got that going for you. Which is nice.

Posted by Matfei90

Great review as always.

Posted by Afroman269

@ dcpc10

You look boring.

Posted by giyanks22

Nice ending...

Good review...

The controls just felt way too awkward for me in the demo, and I just can't see myself getting into it.

Posted by MrBump

I creamed my pants... JUST FOR YOU BRAD!!!

Posted by LordGiggle18

I can't believe Brad came! Bring back Kevin, Rich, and Alex, and I will die for this site.

Posted by Shabran


that ending was hilarious
Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

The last spiders bit must've been at Jeff's request!

Posted by AndrewB

What're you buyin'?

Posted by Death_Burnout

The beard still lives!

Posted by Lassegp

LOL that spider stuff scared the heebee jeebees out of me :D

I wonder: Is Brad the coolest reviewer IN THE WORLD wOOOOt!!!!

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