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Found it. 

Did it ever establish what Charlie Tuna's conflicts were, or will it explain why he's so special that he has multiple personas?  I guess I should wait and see.

Wait...  multiple personas? Did I just figure something out?  Er, don't answer that. 

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Just a few more days in-game, and my favorite character gets introduced in a kick-ass way.

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Nice vid, keep it going guys.

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Holy cow, you guys do a TON of damage during your rushes.

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@ahoodedfigure They bring the multiple Personas bit up early on- and it was the same case- if a bit later- in Persona 3.
Don't get too caught up in that. Things probably won't be explained at all about the main character until the end- if at all. He's really a very silent protagonist type- with an occasional acting on his own moments.

All Out Attacks- don't always kill the target. More like- 70% of the time. You can usually tell when they won't- due to high health or defense.

Most Social Links do increase faster if you interact with them while having a Persona of their type in tow.
Fool, however, is not one of them. Nor Star. Basically any arcana that automatically levels.

The Arcade Card Flip Game- Lots of different results- often pointless or devastating- or really good. Early on- right side up does show up more often- but this seems to move closer to 50/50 later on. It might be based on your Luck stat- but I'm not sure. The thing to remember is- if your in a precarious position- or just about to do something important- don't play with the cards unless your really desperate.

The way you avoid getting tired of fighting is A: Not Grinding in old dungeons B: Spending your free-days building social links and stuff like Knowledge and Understanding.

Also- No going after bosses without at least your main character having full SP or health. Even if the boss isn't ridiculously hard- most of them will drag on for a while- forcing you to use a lot of SP. Most bosses also have at least one way to take almost- if not all- your HP in one hit- which is a very bad thing if your main isn't at full. If he is- usually he can survive any attack thrown at him- unless he's weak to it- and then everything is irrelevant.

Might I clarify in regards to people saying that they shouldn't do something because they'll die- or they're too low level wise:

This game is incredibly well built. Its designed- for the most part- to not not require lots of grinding.
When people say that they'll die- its referring to a high possibility of death more often not.
Death is not an option- as the semi-general-consensus is that these videos will probably end if they actually do die- or come up against any real frustration.
I'm not entirely sure that's the case at this point- now that they've taken the first real step into the game- but I would also be happy if they never died- even if's just for entertainment sake.

I wish Vinny and Jeff the best of luck in their Persona 4 experience- as well as everyone else who is currently playing. Its a great game! I'm currently in September. Have fun!

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Oh yes :)

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boring ass grinding video

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Also, please don't quit if you die during this next fight (which I gather is really likely from all the doomsayers). This series of videos is absolutely fascinating to watch.

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Lonely Island reference by Vinny. Automatically makes this video great.

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If you can't use the stick to control the camera and attack at the same time, try the shoulder buttons.

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Nice video again.

Just a little tip: the level of your Personas doesn't actually matter when you are fusing. The level of the persona you will fuse is set, so there's no real point in leveling up Personas you won't use in combat.

Also: go in. These guys are grinding fools. They're the guys that grind for fun. Don't listen to them, run in, and kill some King.
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You guys are so dead if you go in there at your current  level.

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Don't go in! From what I've heard you need to  be at LEAST level 20. DONT DIE.

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Tap and go with the Brain sponge!

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You know, watching someone play an RPG is like watching someone watching paint dry.  But somehow I can't stop watching.  Watching. 

Maybe it's the fact that you can tell that Jeff totally doesn't give a rat's ass about this game, yet still comments on it.

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" Let's get some tactics... Kill them !"

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The more snarky they get, the better these vids are.

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Yeah Life by Degrees is right, If you have a persona of the matching type for the Social Link with you the social link will level faster. The only times you don't need a matching persona are Fool, Star, Judgment, and Death. Also, once you get a persona it is automatically registered in the compendium as it was when you got it from a shuffle. The only time you need to register in the compendium is when you level up a persona.

The last two elements on the persona thing are light (hama) and dark (mudo) which are both instant kill attacks. It's really good to have personas that nul that later on in the game so that Charlie doesn't die right away for a game over.

Also, you're probably not gonna make it out of that room alive cause the boss in there is a high attack, high hp beast

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Supple Metal....

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Is it me or in every Endurance Run either Vinny or Jeff always mention Funky Student?

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Wow I also at the movies

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boring ass grinding video
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Whilst rushing through you should seriously just use the regular attack command on all enemies.

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Yeah guys, you don't want to screw with that boss at this point. He's got a move that killed my entire party at almost full health in one shot, and I was level 22 at the time.

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Tip: higher floors=more difficult enemies= more EXP. No need to start from the bottum every time and get like 2 EXP for a fight.

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man i'd say since you've already made it here that you should teleport out, hook up with funky student and do the out of castle stuff, then (im merely speculating) go back in the castle at a later level since I guess maybe possibly you can go straight to the boss?? am i wrong with that idea?  man i just have to hear some more funky student commentary !!! im still stickin to what i said before about his dialog changing after big boss battles.

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Lonely Island!  Yes, thank you Vinny

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Man.  You guys are gonna get WIPED by that boss.  If you can get him down before he uses Rampage then you're all good.  Just build S Links and stuff until then.

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Argh... at least show us what's behind the door before calling it! That'd be a total teaser... I think.

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As to Arcana Chance, they are all a risk but you do not ever want to take a Death Card which always reboots the  entire dungeon and kicks you out if its a good or bad result.  Also you don't want the Fool because it can be anything  including Death.

The 6 Arcanas you don't need personas for are Fool, Star, Judgement (all go up by progessing in the game), Hermit, Empress (Hermit goes up by completeing quests, Empress by fusing certain Persona), and Death which goes up every time you meet with the person no matter what you do.
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Resist Wind is a passive skill that makes you resistant to wind attacks. When you're resisting something, you'll take less damage from those attacks, and the enemy will no longer be able to exploit that weakness.
Dodge Ice is a passive skill that increases your ability to dodge Ice attacks. If the attack hits, it can still knock you down if you're week to that element.
Red Wall is used to give someone fire resistance. It has no effect unless it's cast on someone.

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  • Having an appropriate persona can have that social link increase more quickly when you spend time with the characters. Not all of the social links need to have matching persona, because some level up automatically according to the plot, or maybe if they're based on special requirements.
  • Empress for example requires that you fuse customized persona. Hermit requires that you complete sidequests, etc.. Fool doesn't need a matching persona.
  • Revisiting a dungeon usually reduces the amount of EXP you gain from battles, but it's still good for making a load of cash for equipment or buying personas out of the compendium after fusing new things.
  • You should get yourself persona with at least one spell of each element. The Angel persona has Hama, which is an insta-kill light element spell that a lot of the physical enemies are vulnerable against.
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Is it over yet? I am waiting for the last episode. Make the hurting stop.

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You should level-up. Don't go in yet.

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Del tha Funkee Homosapien reference?!? Whaaaaaat?? Hollaaaa!

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Great video and Funky student is referenced because he is the shit.  Yay Yaaaay.

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You have been touched by the noodly appendage of the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

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Yawn.  Two days of grinding =boring

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If I remember correctly, you guys are playing in beginner mode, right? If so... the boss fight is not nearly as fatal as everyone is saying... mostly because you have an item that revives the party/ heal everyone if Charlie kicks the bucket (however you only get 10 of them). If I'm wrong about playing in beginner... disregard what I just said~ =)

Though I do recommending killing it some time soon... because after you kill it, you can search the room for Yukiko's super awsome weapon. and it also boosts your courage a little bit. (This kinda also applies to the other dungeons extra bosses).

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I think they're playing on Normal difficulty.

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Grinding has never been so much fun!

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Judging from the tagline you guys probably got to the boss and got killed in one attack. I guess I should have joined the chorus of people saying "THIS BOSS WILL DESTROY YOU AT YOUR CURRENT LEVEL". I beat that guy after getting through the next dungeon after trying what you guys are about to do and failing miserably.

At least the save point is right there.

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Awesome lol

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No, it's a bad thing that the save point's there. Because they used it, and now they've wasted their day that they could have spent doing something useful.

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They might have a decent chance against the boss keeping both sukunda and tarunda up on him. Rampage already has a fairly bad accuracy, and once you put sukunda on the chance of 3 hits of rampage all landing become really low, and tarunda helps with what gets past. Keep yukiko spamming Media and it could work. Omoikane has both of those buffs, and you can change to slime which has physical resistance for extra insurance.

The next boss is best dealt with through physical attacks so you are going to want either yosuke (better weapon atm, think his attack skill is also slightly better) or chie (probably better strength at the moment). I would probably choose chie as my offense so that yosuke can help heal too, but its up to you guys. Have chie cast tarukaja (increase attack) on whoever is attacking most and then have Charlie cast Rakunda (decrese defense, senri has it) on the boss.  Its definitely going to be a hard fight and even if you play it perfectly there is probably a high chance of dieing, but you are right ontop of the save point so there isn't anything to lose. Most dangerous part of the battle is that the boss gets the first attack i believe and can use rampage , which could insta wipe you without him being debuffed.

My bet is on them forgetting about the buffs/debuffs again and getting raped by the boss though.

BTW: Never decline the shuffles. Just pick up blank cards if you want. Some of the Arcana chances are seriously awesome, the best being Magician, which levels up your skills. IE weak dia -> weak dia AoE, weak dia AoE -> medium dia. Sometimes they can mess you up, but I have found that they turn upright more often then not, and getting Diarama upgraded to mediarama is what saved my ass 100x during the 3rd dungeon.

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If you guys want the endurance run to continue at all you people need to stop complaining about grinding. Unfortunately its a necessary evil and if they dont then they will not make any progress. If you dont wanna watch the grinding, then dont, dont whine about it.

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Actually there really is no reason for them to have been grinding. If they had just worked on their stats and waited till the next dungeon was open, they would be able to fight stronger enemies and gain levels 10x faster. Then come back at level 20 or 25 or something and just make a joke out of that boss. But since they went in, they might as well use the day to its fullest and give the boss their best shot.

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Oh and guys, fuse!  You're 10 levels above most of your personas.