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Its like I'm watching someone backseat drive reading these comments sometimes.

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At about 14:00 Vinny and Jeff asked what else they could have done.  In future there's usually at least one S.Link available on Sundays, but if there isn't you can raise your stats by reading a book, or going to the Chinese restaurant near the job board.

You could also fish at the river, but that's a waste of a day until you raise your Diligence.

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Yeah guys if you do die then don't stop these endurance runs because they are really good. Only stop them if you have another good interesting game to take over.

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But there really isn't anything on 5/1.  Yeah they could have gone to the diner or fished but that's it (I think the game expects you to try out fishing on that day since thats the day it opens up). They haven't really wasted much time and really the combat dress for Yukiko probably made it worthwhile anyway.  If this saves a day later in the month it will be fine.

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Vinny was that a lonely island "LIke A Boss" reference with the puke on debrahs desk line?

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Guys, DO NOT GO THROUGH THAT DOOR.  Open up the next dungeon first.

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As to Arcana Chance, they are all a risk but you do not ever want to take a Death Card which always reboots the  entire dungeon and kicks you out if its a good or bad result.  Also you don't want the Fool because it can be anything  including Death.

Lies and more lies. Death is THE second-best arcana chance if it's upright - full SP refill for free is always incredible, and restoring your HP is trivial even though the card sets all party member's HP to 1; only Judgement is better and that's because it doesn't reduce your HP at all or kick you out of the dungeon. The re-randomization of the dungeon layout isn't really that bad, nor is getting kicked out since you can start again at the highest floor you've reached. Might be a bit annoying if you were almost to the stairs to the next floor, but hey. Free SP refill!

Reversed Death is about the worst arcana chance(SP set to 1, full HP restoration) though. No sp=your dungeon run is pretty much done unless you have an assload of soda/money on you(the next dungeon gives you a way to fully restore everyone's hp if you go out of the dungeon and back to the entrance of TV Land, but it's EXPENSIVE AS ALL HELL at first). At this point you're likely to get more upright cards than reversed cards, though.

Most Arcana chances other than Death and Judgement are fairly useless; the only other notable ones I can think of are Moon(EXP bonus when upright; reversed Moon gives you only 1 EXP from each battle, so if you get that backtrack to the first floor of the castle and fight things there until it wears off. That goes with most lingering reversed card effects, actually.), Temperence(money bonus from each battle; reversed makes you only get 1 yen from each battle), and Hierophant(when upright it guarantees that the next arcana chance will be upright; reversed hierophant makes the next chance be more likely to be reversed, so if that happens don't take any new arcana  chances until it wears off).

Magician(skill upgrade) should be useful, but I honestly haven't found it to be as useful as bonus EXP/money or SP refills.

ps. fuse your personasssssssss. Fusion is the key to having decent personas; even if you don't do everything like OCD players say you should(Getting the "best" personas with the "best" inherited skills takes FOREVER, and it's not really worth it unless you thoroughly enjoy spending hours in the Velvet Room pressing circle and X), simply getting higher level personas with some decent inherited skills(shown with a red background when you look at the fusion result before accepting a fusion) makes the game so much easier. At the very LEAST, you should fuse a persona once it's learned every skill it can ever learn, since it'll only  become more and more useless as time goes on since it's not getting any awesome new skills. If there's a skill you particularly want passed down, or if you're not impressed with the skills the new persona would be getting, back out of the fusion a few steps and go back to re-randomize the inherited skills list. But be warned - some skills are freaking hard to pass down to certain personas, and some skills are incredibly hard NOT to inherit. Trying to get 2+ specific skills passed down only increases the pain and agony.
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If the guys wait till they been thru a few (hilarious) levels in the next dungeon, they can come back directly to the 8th floor of the Castle and fight the boss where they are at a good level.

And hopefully, they will have fused some new personas that are at even a higher level than Charlie is.

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David Jaffe bought Persona 4.


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It's going to be hard to watch how hard they die when they go through that door.

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A couple of things:

Each Arcana card in the Arcana Chance minigame has a different effect, and the upright draw gives you a positive version of that effect, whereas a reversed draw will give you a negative one. For instance, if that Emperor card had come up negative, it would have given an increased chance of Enemy Advantage instead of Player Advantage. The Arcana Chance you should keep an eye out for is Judgment, because an upright Judgment draw will completely restore your SP, which obviously lets you keep going in a dungeon visit for much longer.

Resist Wind, unlike Red Wall, is a passive skill, which means you don't have to cast it. On the one hand, this means that you save a lot of SP since the Wall skills are pretty expensive. On the other hand, it will only affect Charlie himself while he has that Persona equipped, so you can't use it to cover up the weaknesses of other characters like you did with Red Wall and Chie.

Vinny was right: having a Persona of the correct Arcana will make an S-Link rank up faster. For instance, Chie's Social Link will raise faster right now since you have Slime, a Chariot Persona. However, Jeff was also right, since Fool is one of the exceptions because it ranks up based on events in the plot (like when you rescued Yukiko) rather than spending time with the people involved like most social links. There are a few other Social Links that won't benefit from compatible Personas, but we don't have any of them yet, so I'll point them out when it becomes relevant.

Buffs and debuffs are generally only necessary during boss fights, since most regular encounters will be too short for it to matter. Generally, I suggest using debuffs (spells that end in -nda) over buffs (spells that end in -kaja) early on, until you get the whole-party buffs much later on. For instance, it's more effective to lower an enemy's defense with Rakunda than to buff only one ally's attack with Tarukaja.

And you guys definitely shouldn't be afraid to fuse more often. Keep Senri around, since she'll learn Media and some other useful skills with more level ups, but the others are disposable and you can fuse much higher level Personas now. Fusion is the quickest way to get high level Persona with better abilities, experiment and don't be intimidated by it. Seeing what you can get by tinkering with fusion is a lot of the fun, at least for me.

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I can't believe this video had both of our porn names in it.

Nice to meet you Purple Persona, I'm the Upright Emperor.

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levelling persona is pretty much a losing strategy, the best way is to fuse a new one.

just few level of a social link will give you the same amount of experience of hours of levelling.

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Don't go in!!!!

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Go Vinny, Go!

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Vinny: "How about I just attack?"
Jeff: "How about you just attack?"
Jeff: "How about you stop attacking?"

LOL! Pure gold.

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that boss was crazy hard. I was at like lvl 15 when I fought it and got my ass handed to me. I hear it's best to be at least lvl 20 when fighting him. I eventually got through it though my whole team died like 3 times throughout the fight.

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no more grinding videos


How awesome whould it be if teddie was voiced by 50 cent


How awesome whould it be if teddie was voiced by 50 cent

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@ahoodedfigure: It's most likely that Charlie can hold multiple personas because he is a player character and multiple players means multiple personas. That also explains why he is "blank" at the beginning because he's controlled by the players, therefore he doesn't have a persona himself but is having personas imposed upon him. This imposing can be seen by the shuffle of the cards.

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Ha Vinny! I noticed you quoting The Lonely Island CD! And you puke your brains out, right? :P

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There gonna go all the way in there.

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I used to hate using buffs/de-buffs in JRPGs, too...but after Persona games they're not so bad.

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The funny thing is that I used that hair lady through all of Persona 3. She was so ownage. She looks like she sucks now though. Too bad.

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There no Yukiko love :(
guess well see the first game over next time

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I really like Yukiko, once she levels up she's awesome to have. Also, I always have everyone on Act Freely when fighting regular enemies, but I switch to direct command when I'm fighting a boss. Battles go by a lot quicker if you do that guys, however, I'm not telling you how to play though but, the A.I. is smart enough to figure out a weakness. And some times it allows faster trial and error when it comes to an enemies' elemental weakness.

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Beholders in BG used to really annoy me, on number 2 when you went into what can almost be called their lair, and had to fight about 6 it was terrible =(

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I just started playing this on my euro BC PS3. It works just fine but the description bar down in the left corner is just black. A bit annoying when trying to find the right room to enter, also it doesn't show what floor I'm on :(.

Posted by Shane

I have the same problem teoball

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Good rushing. Like I said, plain out attacking works just as well, and even sometimes better, than using them skills. And heck, imagine that you're casting Zio on one enemy twice. Imagine if you didn't, and let's assume that the enemy lands a hit on you. Likely, not that huge a hit, let's say ten damage. Let's imagine the only attacks done (not including against enemies that nullify/reflect physical damage), and eventually damage is accumulated to the players. Dia will need to be used perhaps 3-4 times for a full heal on one person. See how much MP that saves? Not only that, but rushing goes by WHOA fast, saving you time as well.

Physical attack rushes = saved MP and time

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Was it Flame? Let me show you how!

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you guys suck at this,is this your first RPG? You guys need to fucking USE the personas before you discard them!!!!!! maybe posion is good?

Posted by Jack_Daniels
Carl: We thought there might be a Brain Bug on 'P'.
Carmen: You knew and still you sent them?
Carl: We couldn't afford to launch an operation if there wasn't one.
[both Carmen and Johnny look at Carl with contempt]
Carl: You disapprove? Well, too bad! We're in this war for the species, boys and girls. It's simple numbers. They have more. And every day I have to make decisions that send hundreds of people like you to their deaths.
Johnny Rico: Didn't they tell you, Colonel? That's what the Mobile Infantry is good for.
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Damn bonafider, that was rude as hell. Do you like calling people out when it comes to video games or something? :S

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I am now going into my Persona 3 game to find the "Ice Cube" persona

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Actually, status effects generally aren't worth the turns you use to cast them in these games. Confusion is useful once in a while, but even that is hardly crucial. Nothing's nearly as useful as charm was in Persona 3.

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You probably won't need to go into this world again now until the next dungeon opens up - you get much more experience immediately there and will start leveling quickly again, so it's not worth it anymore IMO. New social links await!

Also, a whole goddamn bunch of stuff happens with Teddie.
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Fool, Star and Judgment S.Links automatically rank up as the story progresses. You don't need to keep a matching Persona.

Hermit (Fox in Shrine): It ranks up as you complete assigned quests at the Shrine at the Shopping District.

Empress (Margaret in Velvet Room): It ranks up as you have fused a required persona. Knowledge Rank 3 required for this Social Link.

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Are they playing until they die/get a gameover, or until the end of the game?

Posted by ashogo

They will keep playing until they get sick of it or can no longer keep going, hence "endurance run".

I have a feeling they're winding down, but I hope they stick with it because they're really close to some more story action, and the next dungeon is great.

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hells yeah The Lonely Island reference, Nice!

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deeper huh, right..

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Puke on debra's desk. Rofl.

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He had a candle, it wasn't his cloak, duh.

Just getting that out before someone who was actually SERIOUS said it.

Loving the series, you guys rock!

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I laughed pretty hard at the, "Lets get the manatee thing"... "thats doesnt look like a manatee".... knowing what a manatee is

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It's cheaper to keep her.