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Posted by Wagrid

Jesus fucking Christ Yosuke.

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Posted by notdavid

If I could figure out what "Popularity leads to intimacy" is in Latin, I want that shit tattooed on my pecs.

Posted by Pop

I should probably stop reading the comments cause of "spoilers"

Posted by mloco

I've been enjoying this older endurance run.

Posted by Larsa

"Kill the kid, torch the house" Still the best ER moment.

Posted by thebunnyhunter

love all these sexual innuendos, makes the game a whole new experience

Posted by Tankhammer

Jesus FUCK Yosuke! what the hell is wrong with you!?

Posted by HelliSkelli

This was so funny I was almost brought to tears.

Posted by Ketchupp

Watching this ER a second time makes me want to play the game a second time as well, however I'm remembering the hours of doing nothing in the intro :(

Posted by TruthTellah

Whoa, you can cook?  Well, you do seem to be great with your hands...

  um... never mind.

Posted by Hizang

Tactless Student hits it out of the park!
Posted by Scribbly

This just gets better and better.
Posted by MormonWarrior

You know what? Popularity leads to intimacy.

Posted by RE_Player1

So far this is my favourite episode. Jeff talking to Vinny about how the vacation was never going to happen anyway lol. 

Posted by Gnome

God damnit tactless student

Posted by Undeadpool
@NiklasP said:
" man, the whole nanako sitch is just the worst. How many cringe moments can this game come up with surrounding that? Too many, probably. "
You ain't seen nothin' yet.
Posted by Maxtone

The "POPULARITY LEADS TO INTIMACY" line was my favorite.
Posted by Zicdab

"You need to know to grow."  King Moron impressions are the best.

Posted by gunningyoudown


Posted by Authun

man, the whole nanako sitch is just the worst. How many cringe moments can this game come up with surrounding that? Too many, probably.

Posted by TaylorPollock

"Cause the kids who get the good grades are the popular ones."
Probably true in Japan, said it isn't in the U.S.....

Posted by G0rd0nFr33m4n

Rewatching all episodes of this b/c its summer and I don't have a job :(
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"Pretty good with your hands, ah never mind." Yosuke's getting creepy. 

Posted by HaltIamReptar

Oh my great moogly googly.
This was the best one yet.

Posted by TatsurouXIII

contractor? aint that like a killer for hire?

Posted by elko84

popularity leads to intimacy

Posted by natetodamax

Jeff's reaction to Yosuke mentioning Nanako's mom was priceless.

Posted by Ivanetc

clearly the darkest persona episode yet
also i'm crying
i don't know whether it's from laughter or just because of poor nanako....

Posted by IceTrey87

Nada Surf reference

Posted by marlow83

I'm pretty certain high test scores don't lead to popularity.

Posted by BR4DL3I9H

These are so great. As it stands today, there are just under 50 more to watch. Fantastic.

Posted by dvorak

...I hate earth movers... ...sigh...

Posted by NinjaSquirrel

Poor Nanako.

Posted by Media_Master

Ain't she a little too young.

Posted by TripMasterMunky

Pink Cookies In A Plastic Bag...Gettin' Crushed By Buildings

Posted by kist

LMAO at you guys' commentary lol... so much jokes

Posted by strangeling

Go Vinny, Go!

Posted by Irishjohn

Pretty good with your hands, huh?

Posted by CashBailey

With a neglectful deadbeat Dad like that Nanako is totally gonna end up a stripper when she grows up.

Posted by RHCPfan24

Popularity leads to intimacy!! LOL, great episode.

Posted by Pomeroy

I actually cringed when Yosuke mentioned Nanako's mom

Posted by Karmann

man, funny episode, I knew it would get even better once you guys got to the social link stuff.

Posted by ElectricHaggis


Posted by Lies


Posted by Red

When the game says "you feel your relationship with ____ will be stronger soon" it means that the next time you hang out with them, they'll get a Social Link Rank Up.

Posted by sdauz

chie sucks lol

Posted by Jedted

When do you get to wrestle with Chie?