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Posted by Alphazero

Chie... so hot right now. If only she'd wear more shirts. I don't think four at once is quite enough.

Posted by FoxMulder

awwwww poor Nanako, her hopes for some travel time were crushed yet again by her deadbeat father.  I'm probably gonna hook up with Chie when I get the game.  As weird as it sounds she seems like my type! haha

Posted by nekoNari

Popularity leads to intimacy!!!!!

Posted by captainawesomo

Dude. Nanako = epic bummer.

Posted by cipri

LOL im so tiny and helpless

Posted by Hike77

Watching you guys play this makes me wish I still had a PS2 though I don't think I would have the time to finish a game like this any more. Stupid Working Life.

Thanks for doing this run. It's great to watch. Keep it Up.
Posted by Meteora

"Kill the kid, torch the house."

Hell yes.

Posted by glowgos

This is the bread and butter to a good afternoon, golden shower week lol

Posted by FoolInjection

Maybe I'm reading too much into this but... when Nanako got told she was cute... and she was all "I'm not cute" was it just me or did her eyes go red like the alter-ego people in the TV world... and she does watch a lot of TV...


Posted by Queequeg

I agree.  You need to make these episodes longer!

Posted by MassiveDuck

Best one yet.  Poor Nanako indeed. 

Posted by ashogo

This was a freaking awesome episode, nice change after all the grinding. Popularity leads to intimacy!

Posted by Gregomasta

LOL, poor nanako.

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Awww, poor Nanako.

I felt bad for Yosuke, sometimes that shit is unavoidable!

Posted by endaround


Her face turned red because she was embarrassed
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Nanako's Social Link is done at night (and so will Dojima's, when you open that one soon). What makes their links special is that you need a specific Expression score to progress their links beyond a certain rank. For instance, you need your Expression to be at rank 3 to raise Nanako's link to the 4th rank. So when you get the Justice link to rank 3, don't spend any more time with Nanako until you get your Expression to rank 3, or it'll just spend the night and not get you anything when you could be studying/doing jobs/reading books instead. Expression is raised by going to the drama club and doing the translation job, by the way.

Secondly, keep studying as much as possible, because you get a better reward from Dojima and the Egyptian teacher if you score well. If you rank the first in your class (which is really hard to do on the first test but easier on the later ones), Nanako will give you a special Accessory that you can't get anywhere else, and they're all really good. Dojima's reward is money, and it's pretty large if you score high so it can be a big help. What the game means by "popularity leads to intimacy" is that all your school-related Social Links (which right now is Yosuke, Chie, and both clubs, but later on it will be even more) will get a boost if you score well. The better you score, the bigger the boost will be. Obviously, doing well on the tests gets you a LOT of stuff, so it's good to keep raising your Knowledge as much as possible.

Posted by Agent_Lost

Still no Yukiko love, for the midterm do what smart people do, CHEAT! and the cooking joke has started.

Posted by Xero560

Charlie! Kill the kid and torch the place! We gotta go!

Posted by sdauz

omg omg omg JPRG developer should employ u guys to write game stories lol or at least voice overs dubs

Edited by Mistral

re. longer eps: I'd sort of like that too(especially since this run will take a good chunk of a year at the rate they're going, even if they grind less(since they really don't need to now that they're out of the castle) and start having memories(and/or using the square button) instead of wasting time going "uh, which thing's the thing that has THIS effect?"), but 45 minutes or so is really the max for what I'd want to watch in one sitting, at least for the eps that involve lots of fighting. Perhaps multiple eps a day/eps on the weekends(I wish :P)? I'm guessing the current length is easiest for the guys to handle in each sitting, though.

As for the boxed lunch thing...I think in Japan they put actual cooked food into those instead of sandwiches and stuff. You'll see once Nanako finally goes to the store and buys ingredients so you CAN make lunch. (she'll say something about the fridge being full of food on days you can make a lunch to share with someone the next day, which boosts your relationship with them. Certain people like certain foods and hate others, but it's usually obvious what they'll like(ex: Chie talks a lot about loving steak, so she loves it when you share a beef-based lunch with her))

Also! You won't be able to get too far into Nanako's link until you get your Expression up(you can raise it with translating at the work desk at night or by going to drama club), but you should try to prioritize it anyway since a)it's in the evening, so it doesn't conflict with much else, b)Access to her link is cut off at a point when you still have a month or two left to go in the game, and c)it has an adorable yet sad storyline.

Posted by Aeterna


Posted by endaround

Yeah to fully finish the Nabako SL you need an expression of 5 by Septmeber or so

Posted by Curufinwe
"Obviously, doing well on the tests gets you a LOT of stuff, so it's good to keep raising your Knowledge as much as possible."

Isn't getting a good score on the tests mainly down to answering the questions correctly, not your Knowledge stat?
Posted by endaround

No, you need to answer the questions correctly and have high knowledge to get the highest score. 

Posted by Crispain

I laughed so hard on this one :D

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I think Chie can wear as many shirts as she wants as long as she continues to go out without pants or a skirt.

Posted by GamerGeek360

Pretty good episode. The constants battles got a little tedious so it's nice to unwind with this kinda thing.

Posted by Sabata

Damnit, I didn't think it was possible to make me laugh at someone's mom dying, but by god you guys did it.

Posted by Gwendle

The game is totally building up to kill the little girl. It's a rule that if you're too sympathetic and cute you have to die.

Posted by ZmillA

Great episode

Posted by The_Alba

Oh, don't know if you guys ever got it but i remember you guys misinterpreting the weather one episode. If the weather forecast for the day has a slash through it, that means that in the morning during school it will be the firt weather, then later on that weather will stop and it will be the next weather.

While nothing it happening and you don't have very many social links, its a good idea to raise stats on rainy days at Aiya's in the shopping district beside the bulliten board since it pumps up 3 stats at once

Posted by youstolemykill

Good episode. Boxed lunches FTW

Posted by Standing_Gopher

Ohhhh! You went there, homie! Aw, jeez!

Posted by WholeFunShow

I was so happy for Nanako, I was convinced that the last we'd hear about her would be some absent comment about her suicide.

Posted by El33tPanda

Laughed all the way through

Posted by Moridin

Knowledge leads to intimacy, Vinny.

Posted by FlappyHands

Hahaha, this was a great episode.

Posted by insane_shadowblade85

*Charlie hears a gunshot from the room next door. He rushes over to what is Nanako's room and finds her dead with a bullet hole on the side of her head. As he walks over to her lifeless form he finds a note and reads it*
"We could've gone to Junes....but now...all hope is lost."

Posted by Curufinwe

They need to get into the habit of checking for new TaP sodas at least once a week.

Posted by Warihay

HAHA. Charlie...kill the kid torch the house, we gotta get out of here. Some bad shit happened.

So funny

Posted by ddensel

Man, these social link days are way funnier than the combat days.

Keep it up guys!

Posted by ivanlacan

Guys, you need to have the persona associated to the people you are meeting to have a bigger social link,, so if you meet with chie you must have a chariot for better results, i found out this pretty late in the game and it cost me lost of nonsense encounters. Also Key meetings will happen after the people  meets you at the begging of the day in school (at least with school friends) and the "maybe you should do this....) text will only appear the first time you endure a new activity, so dont spect it to happen every day. And finnay acepting every invitation won´t allways lead to better social link status results, like this time you spended the day with your sport club friends, nanako and yosuke, maybe it was better to stay home and study....
Keep going and study hard for those midterms even on sundays till you get to level 3 knowledge! 

Posted by gryphon_gold

;( Nanako

Posted by GiantFuse

It's okay, she's hella dead.

Posted by Cieluscian

When you get a Fusion Forecast that grants you bonuses, try to fuse as much as you can.
Here's the entire list of Fusion Forecast days, so you can choose whichever day that seems best for you.

Posted by endaround

In general its beneficial to take "date" calls from non-party charcaters while for party characters it isn't as important or helpful (Tanaka's can be more useful and in gerenal all that happens is a normal SL encounter).

You guys should ake sure to take Angel out of the compendium (or fuse an Archangel) to match up with Nanako.

Also you haven't checked the SL menu from the main menu you can bring up.  It has all the days scheduled SLs are available for you.
Posted by TheKidNixon


Posted by Ptolemaios

focus on the Social Links of the investigation team members so you can have their Personas upgraded later in the game.

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i blew orange snot out my nose cause i was eatting an orange when jeff had to say "Kill the kid, torch the place and we got to get out of here".

Now my nose burns. Couldn't hold it.

Posted by ZombiePie

Yup this is way better than the grinding episodes.