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Fox Bravo
If your going to use the Fox for his SP refill service at all- you need to get his social link up. Otherwise- its a cash grenade- even on the best days.
The cost to refill SP is based on the amount you need refilled; the rank of the Hermit Social Link; and the particular mood of the fox on that particular day.
The in-game text implies that he's "healing you". This doesn't actually mean he'll refill your health- he'll just fill up your SP- at least at the low rank I have him at. You'll want to use an SP based healing spell to max out your health before talking to the fox to get your SP refilled.
The fox will also give you a free item- often a very useful one- if you visit it in the Entrance to The TV World and pat it on the head- in just about every mood except for angry.
Also- and Vinny noticed this- Fox has the worst voice acting in the game. Or at least text-to-voice conversion.

Answer me this Mr. Caravella and Mr. Gerstmann: Why do you have to turn everything into a dirty/subtext joke?

As the game goes on- you'll realize- everything that Yosuke says sounds creepy and wrong. Its a major theme.

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Hehe READY!! U guys got a bunch of mats to sell right now i think.

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Yay, time for Endurance run, Pepsi and some cookies :-)

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Endurance run time!

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Yummy coffee, yummy e-mails, yummy Endurance Run.  Ah, mornings in Corporate America.

Dude, JRPGs are weird, but this one is WEIRD.  I don't think I've laughed as hard as the part at the Shrine.  I'm a big fan of how the achy leg quest cut out the middleman and solved itself.

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Just noticed something, what's on top of the TV in the living room?

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Awesome as always!

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wtf funky student. Work harder

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Hahahah! Funky Student and Fox!!

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Just when I was starting to get bored of these endurance runs this epic episode comes along and revitalized my interest. It must be the leaves!!!!! Thank God I went to the shrine with my request!!

Edit: Picking this game up TODAY!! I need to have something is weirdly awesome in my collection. Is FES just as crazy as this? Someone let me know so I can pick that up as well.

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For once, I'd like to see one of the male characters fight back when assaulted by a female.

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That episode was simply awesome! 

I did not expect Dojima to suspect you truly astonishing. Even better was Fox's leaves one of the greatest comedic moment of the Endurance Run.
Keep churning them out!
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funky student and fox should get its own game

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"Ema" in Estonia means mother.

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is the next episode really tommorow? Its saturday tomorrow but I really hope that thats true

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Cuts at 28 minutes for me. =/

Does Funky Student eventually give out new quests or does he just have the one, people that have this?

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Hilarious, I like the cliffhanger ending!

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Funky Student has 2 more quizzes for you, one that unlocks in September, and one that unlocks in November.

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Tell Brad and Ryan to keep the damn noise down!

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That fox is AWESOME!

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Oh, next time you're free, check out the fox again at the shrine.  It doesn't take time and can even be done on rainy days, and then you can start a quest that doesn't take time either.  It only takes time when you finish the quest and then return to the fox to boost your social link, but you can do that on rainy days too, so that's another to spend those instead of the dungeons, drama club, or that restaurant.

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haha this episode was hilarious
"fox says: smoke the leaf"

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New book at the bookstore, only available on 5/7.  Visit the fox and do some of his quests.

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FES is alright. But I think Persona 4 is so much better. I think it's best to just skip 3 unless you have plenty of time on your hands. FES takes like 70-80 hours to beat the main game and 15 or so to beat the extra story. But FES has a bunch of issues like slow pacing and Tartarus is kinda meh/repetitive for a dungeon.

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@captainawesomo @Akel Actually- I'd say that the corridors themselves are more boring in Persona 4 than 3.
If there was one reason to play Persona 3 FES it would be Elizabeth- Margaret's sister (The lady who assists Igor with the Persona Fusion/Compendium). Want a character who's more funky than Funky Student? Who's crazier than Teddy? That babbles more philosophical/meta stuff than Mr. Morooka- God bless his soul.
That's Elizabeth.

(Note: A lot of what actually makes the characters and stories work in Persona is what you imagine them to be- your feelings and beliefs about who they are and what they're doing. Thus- you might not get the same kick out of Elizabeth- because your not me. This is the same principle that has been at work in video games since almost the beginning. Imagination- emotional attachement- guns and such. Things like video games and TV can help you imagine. There can be downsides- but you have to control those and over come them. I'd really like to see more depth and more awesomeness/control in future Persona games- but the current ones really are amazing.)

To be honest- I'd recommend playing Persona 3 first- both to see the growth- and the shortfalls of the changes between 3 and 4. Some parts of 4 kind of break things that worked in 3- but you'll only notice and demand  it from 5 if you've played both.

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I can't stop laughing...please stop haha!

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This is one of my favourite episodes so far. The mysterious fox, the leaf-loving old man, just about everything. Funky Student and Mysterious Fox need to have their own dedicated game.

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HAHAHAHA! Great one!

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Dojima: I'm not saying who you can and can't hang out with...

OOOH Foreshadowing!!! These clever writers went to school didn't they?

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@KevSlider Okay- here's the deal. I'm currently in November. I like predicting plots- and I'm right 99% of the time. In the case of Persona 4- they actually want you/expect you to at least have an idea/feeling of whats about to happen. This is both a gameplay mechanic- and a way to empathize and anticipate the characters- investing more and more into them.
The most obvious example of this is the Social Link conversations- where if you can't do a combination of "Guess what the character is thinking" and "What would I do in this situation?" you lose.

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Hehehe, this was a good episode. Relentless with the stoner jokes, thanks to Mr. fox.

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Make sure you talk to Yukiko soon (she's on the first floor). That'll start up her Social Link.
(always prioritize party member Social Links over others... they gain special abilities in battle at certain intervals: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 10)

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Oh word, Tater Long is my top draft pick.

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You guys didn't really have to work on your knowledge that much

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A mate and I had just about the same reaction the the fox. But it gets worse, lol.

Keep it up guys. The next dungeon is also very funny, hehe.

Dont fret too much about your knowledge stat for the tests, you basically just have to answer the questions you have been asked previously, plus a couple of new ones that you have been given the answer to as well.

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"You got the Dysfunctional Dad Social Link!"

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You see the fox is now starring at you looking interested, you see his mouth beginning to move and he says, "hey boy, wanna yiff?"

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Man i wanna be social with a fox like Charlie.

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I hope you guys keep playing this until the end(yeah I know it's like 70 hours!), these are too awesome to end.

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this was probably one of the funniest episodes in a long time.

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You get more popular the more you study? Talk about peer pressure!

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Not feeling any love for yukiko

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Always go for Yosuke.Expect bromance.

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Best episode ever!

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Your reaction to the fox literally made me cry with laughter. The fox does have some "good leaves"(you can restore SP without having to go home now!), but they're also EXPENSIVE leaves; they get cheaper as you raise its link, which involves QUESTS. Accepting a quest at the shrine uses no time(so you should go to the shrine to get your first fox quest ASAP), but turning in a quest you've completed DOES use up your afternoon time slot(so try to save that for rainy days). Most of the quests take multiple in-game days to finish(the quests themselves use up no time, but you often have to come back the next day for the next phase of each quest), and involve finding someone around Inaba(they're usually, but not always, in the shopping district or the flood plain) and helping them out.

The tater long is used out of battle to fully restore HP; unless I missed something in my playthrough, this is the
ONLY tater long you get, so save it for when it really counts!

Dojima's link is like Nanako's in that you NEED to get Expression up to get very far into it(although you only need level 4 expression to max his link, unlike nanako's where you need Lv.5(max) expression), access to it is cut off a couple months before the end of the game, and it's only available in the evening. His link is only available when there's nobody in need of saving(ie. between the time you beat a dungeon and when the next one opens up), and Nanako is only available when Dojima isn't. I highly recommend doing either of their links at night unless you have a night job to go to(both of them should be opening up shortly, although I don't think your social stats are high enough to take either one), and if you're prevented from progressing in their links because of low Expression, working on Translation.

Speaking of social stats!
Expression is THE hardest social stat to increase, and it's used in a few other s-links(mostly for dialogue options, if I remember right), so prioritize it when you can. Knowledge is needed for doing well on tests and one social link, and not much else(if I remember right). Diligence is basically useless(it gives you more pay from envelope-making and, once you unlock fishing, lets you fish more times in one timeslot) and is easy to raise so don't go out of your way to raise it. Understanding is used for several social links in some manner, but it's easier to raise than expression so you don't have to worry about it quite as much. Courage is mostly used for extra dialogue options and isn't too vital, and it's easy enough to raise so don't worry about it either.