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Posted by Cloneslayer

best one yet

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Maybe Funky Student will come up with some new riddles if you hook him up with some leaves! YAY YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!

Posted by Xymox

Man if I had a social link with a fox that could bring me "healing" leaves ...

Posted by Meteora

Possibly one of the best episode yet. Keep it up!

Posted by nail1080

*sigh* - I wish they did an endurance run of a proper JRPG like Lost Odyssey - this game is so old, the graphics are starting to make my eyes bleed and the combat is very repetitive with the same old dull enemies and dungeons - please play something else, please

Posted by Kombat

I hear Brad talking to someone in the background!

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Knowledge needs to be at 3 for Empress and at 5 for Fortune.  So after they get it to lvl 3 they could focus instead of getting expression up, which means the Drama club SL.

Dilligence need to be at 3 to open up the Devil SL but that can be easily done by doign the Basketball SL to the end.

So unlike most people here, I'd recommend doing the Drama and Basketball SLs above party SLs at this point since you get many ooportunities (Sundays) to raise party links.
Posted by GodlyOne

I like Ryan and Brad's chatter at the end, "*mumble mumble* F$%&faces *mumble mumble*".

Posted by TheHBK

Man love watching this, makes me wonder how the hell people can actually go out to play this other than to see all the retarded characters and crappy gameplay, its like watching someone play Big Rigs!

Posted by Loveisabadday

@ nail1080

This game actually came out december last year. It's only a few months old..lol

Posted by TheBladechild

Make sure you guys level up the fox social link as fast as possible, the higher the social link level with the fox the cheaper the cost to restore your SP. Make sure to heal all your HP first then use the fox to heal your SP.

More on the Fox Social link:

This social link isnt a normal one(where you just hang out with the person). The fox will give you side quests to complete, and the social link will only increase after you have completed one of his requests.

Posted by BenderUnit22

Woohoo, I got the game today. Let's see how long it'll take me to catch up.

Posted by darkjester74

A drug dealing fox...what will they think of next?

Good job guys!  =D

Posted by Warihay

Haha one of the best yet. Diddn't think you would be able to top yesterday but you did.

Posted by GunRunner304

my theory on funky student is toast...thought for sure he'd have something new after a major boss...but at least you guys tried!  i really appreciate that. peace!!

Posted by John

lol @ the drug dealing fox. XD

Posted by Geno

Fox: "My name is Kojima"


Posted by TobyD81

Lesse, what can you make with some Tater Longs and a dried pickle...?

Posted by ArbitraryWater

That Fox has some good leaves.

Posted by Renegade

Great episode guys, really loved it

Posted by exfate

*yip* Lol. Even though I knew what craziness was coming up in this episode it was way funnier than I expected.

By the way, there is another quest available in your home room that you missed picking up. Other quests are also available now.

Posted by AleeN634

Quick note about the Fox, accepting quests from him/her will not pass time (so always have an active quest from the Fox) but when reporting a completed quest to the Fox it will pass time. As several people mentioned leveling the Fox will make its services cheaper (at higher levels you will never need to leave the TV world except to buy near gear).

Posted by Agent_Lost

Fox got the good stuff, but it expensive.

Posted by insane_shadowblade85

Loveisabadday> Actually, this game came out on July 10, 2008 in Japan, so it's a bit more than a few months old :).

Posted by GamerGeek360

Man, a whole weekend of looking at that?! Charlie's got a good weekend ahead of him!

Posted by MetalGearSunny

This made my day.

Posted by insane_shadowblade85

Dude, next week you should meet the sparrow that gives you heroine. Totally trippy man, I felt things and tasted air.

Posted by Helmetz

Jeff has an aweful lot of "puffin trees" anecdotes....it's all good....we should burn up sometime Jeff...holla!!!  ha ha ha....

Posted by mudkip9000

Can I just say this was the most hilarious one yet? That was so funny I couldn't stop laughing.

Posted by Sheldon

Nice plaque joke, Jeff

Posted by Crispain

God, this was just too funny! Keep em coming :D

Posted by TheKidNixon

Did y'all really mean "tomorrow?" Is Endurance Run gonna make a weekend appearance?! Or did you just forget what day this was gonna be whenever you recorded it?

Posted by Vinny
"Or did you just forget what day this was gonna be whenever you recorded it?"
haha...this. No Endurance Run on the weekends yet, but maybe in the future. Some kind of Endurance Run Rock Block.
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Holy $#!T!  Best.  Episode. Yet!

I laughed so hard at the fox and Dojima's gifts and your reactions to them!  

I had kind of a crappy week, and I know there's a good chance that you guys will never actually see this comment, but thank you.  Seriously.  Thank you so much!
Posted by Lilarcor

OK, so the Hermit link is a little special. Each time, you get a request from the ema and you have to go track down the person who made the request and solve their problem before you can rank up the Link. Sometimes the Links take multiple days, but they usually just consist of talking to NPCs so you don't waste time by working on them, just do whatever step in the quest you're on before you do the S-Link/dungeon exploration for the day. Accepting the ema's request doesn't take up time either, the only thing that does use up your day is spending time with the fox AFTER you've fulfilled the request. The Hermit Link is one of the very few that you can do while it's raining, so I generally suggest saving turning in the emas until a rainy day when you aren't already going to the dungeon. Ranking up the Hermit Link is good, though, because the fox is who you buy SP restoration from, and it'll give you a discount as the rank of the link gets higher. The Hermit Personas are a little lackluster, but you can't have it all I guess.

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Best episode ever made, is more like it!

Oh man, the look on Dojima's face when he said "i thought you might need one soon"

Posted by DickDarlington

Great episode.

To make things a little easier, when you get a quest talk to that person again immediately after you get it. Their dialogue changes a little and they give you a hint about where to find the quest item.

Posted by trimon

Nice long and funny episode to make my day pretty nice :)

Posted by idiotic_genius1

Jeff: "Social link with the fox! This is the greatest game ever made dude!"

Haha! Hilarious!
Awesome episode

Posted by sdauz

omg omg what a game, or is it just these 2 guys who make it soo fun

Posted by FrostyHerpiez

Hmmm no wonder he doesnt like you. You should stop hanging out with foxs who sells sweet sticky leaves to kids

Posted by KillerRabbit

Heeh.. still loving these.. Fox is da shitz...

Posted by Jost1

this is the funniest one yet

also i just started playing the game myself!

Posted by ANDYx0WNEDxU


Posted by DJJoeJoe

Someone needs to abduct you two and put you into a room where all you do is play persona 4 and comment on it, all day every day...

I see no reason this isn't possible.

Posted by cipri

ahh dangg too bad it's saturday i wanna see more!! cant wait till monday

Posted by Carlos1408

Awesome guys, just awesome!

Posted by Kohe321

Yeah the plaque joke was awesome XD

Posted by Llyr

Apply leaves directly to the legs
Apply leaves directly to the legs
Apply leaves directly to the legs