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Posted by John

Yeah I miss my 30 min episodes. But this works well too.

Posted by CleverLoginName

I mixed Pepsi blue and Surge when they still had those, the color was really cool but tasted like garbage.

Posted by Aaox

Or Tree Juice!

Posted by Milkman

That Chie "Yah!" thing was the hardest I laughed in a long time.

"Hey, remember when we died from the king?!"
Posted by avecess

Jeff's such a pervert haha!

Posted by Mistral

Swapping out Yosuke? Yesssss. I don't care what people say about him being "the best character" or "the only wind user", NOBODY is strictly necessary on your team so you might as well just use the cool people(aka "not Yosuke").  Besides, I'd say that physical attacks are more useful than magic in this game(aside from a select few enemies with high physical defense) since they do comparible damage without burning through as much SP(healing HP used up by physical skills takes less SP than casting magic!), and the next character you get ties with Chie as the best physical attacker, soooo...
The only exception to this is Yukiko, because of how INSANE her magic abilities get later on as she gets Fire Boost/Amp combined with her high magic stat in general and her MASSIVE SP pool.

I even kept using Yosuke for a while in my game and never really saw him be *that* useful(everything he can do, whether it be magic attacks(ok, he IS the only wind user other than you, but that's not all that important in P4), physical attacks, or healing/buff skills, someone else can do a LOT better), so it's not just my personal dislike for the little loser talking here. ;) His follow-up attack is pretty generic too(knocking down exactly one additional enemy is nice...if his follow-up happens to trigger when you have exactly one enemy left to knock down. Yukiko's follow-up has the same problem, but at least she's a GREAT magic user and healer). In short, Yosuke's fast and an okay magic user, but that's about it. I suspect all the shouting about keeping him on your team forever is coming from people who froth at the mouth when people use anything less than the 100% logical optimal strategy in any game ever.
If nothing else...as a bonus for not using Yosuke, you don't have to sit through his s-link of him...well, I think you can imagine what it's like since you've dealt with Yosuke for a while already. >> It involves him being a loser. A lot.

As for the actual vid...pretty short one this time. I know most of these are longer, but you really should try to spend more time in each vid where you're not in TV land since those usually have the most interesting parts of the game in them. Like storyline. And DUUUUDE, MR. FOX! At the rate you're going it'll seriously take a year to finish this run(even factoring in the fact that you don't really have to grind in TV land much/at all anymore), so some longer eps couldn't hurt. :P Especially now that the REALLY bizarre parts of the game start showing up.

Edited by Curufinwe

Not buying any items to cure status ailments is almost guaranteed to come back to haunt you guys.

When Charlie gets confused and kills the rest of your party, or gets enraged and dies on the next physical attack due to double damage, you'll be sad pandas.

And on rainy days when you're not in the TV, go to the Chinese diner in the North shopping district to raise 3 stats at once.

Posted by Binman88

I don't know if its been said already but don't forget you guys can use the shoulder buttons to browse through menus faster than you are now - like the inventory menus and personas etc. I know its small but it speeds things up so you can fit more in :)

Posted by WUNDABAR

While this episode was on the short side, it is still way above and beyond any content in terms of quality and length that any other gaming website has out (read: Gametrailer's Bonus Round)

Posted by LifeByDegrees

@Curufinwe I'm at least 90% through the game and I've never seen Charlie kill the party by getting confused- let alone deal significant damage.

Posted by AnEternalEnigma

Can we please ban the people who don't feel like adding anything other to the conversation than what number their message is? Shit is really stupid.

Edited by Gwendle

blah blah blah too short blah blah blah you should have at least stopped it after talking to her blah blah blah go phillies

Posted by endaround

Its very simple.  Yosuke's weakness goes away Yukkio's does not.  That said there is never a reason to drop anyone.  Switch in and out party members to save on SP costs.

Posted by AleeN634

A little short but still fun. Don't forget that you can visit the Shrine in the North Side of town to get a new mission from the Fox (this action will not pass time from After school  to Evening). And yes, don't forget to take the rainy day challenge at Aiya (really helps early game since you raise multiple stats).

Posted by TehPickle

I hereby decree that all P4 Endurance Run videos must hereforce be of at least 25 minutes in duration.

That is all.

Posted by Curufinwe

@ LFD: ... so?  The point is that items that cure status ailments are a must.

Posted by SketchyBrown


Posted by Agent_Lost

You get Yukiko Social Link after the mid-term.

Posted by GamerGeek360

Oh my God! Look at the size of that exclamation point on Nanako's head!!

Posted by Nasar7


Agreed, I too dislike Yosuke and didn't use him in my party after the second dungeon. My guess is these guys are gonna drop Yukiko when the time comes,  which would be a mistake until you get the other support character, who I preferred Yukiko to anyway. In any case, you can beat the game with any team, especially on normal.
Posted by Dolphin_Butter

This episode is only short because they're at GDC this week? Maybe?

Posted by Crispain

Come on 16 min? I need MOOOOOOOOOORE!

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

awesome but short. i mix sodas in weird ways to kill time at work. i'm partial to the mountain dew/lemonade/orange soda combo.

Posted by stephengotlost

They got preoccupied with thoughts of eating steak so they ended the Endurance Run early.

Posted by Ptolemaios


Posted by Kohe321


Posted by Sabata

Who loves orange soda?

Jeff loves orange soda!

Is it true?


He do he do he Do-ooooooooo!
Edited by BishopSummers

I'm glad you guys are keeping up the Endurance Run.  I don't know of any other gaming website that would do something this cool let alone keep this series going for a long as you guys have.  Here's hoping you guys keep up the videos until the game is won :)

Posted by Metroid545

*Yip*! XD

Posted by nick69

damn, cutting us short?

Posted by Daroki

Yip! is right.  Like everyone else is saying, spending time with Ms. Yip! is good. 

Definately been appreciating watching the series so far and I'm glad that the ill fated battle with Super Special K didn't derail the series.  Like everyone's saying, the battle with Contrarian King is rough at this level and there's really four ways to deal with it and it'll tell you how you'll progress through the game.  (Either you ignore it, hope to get lucky and that he doesn't flap his hands and kill everyone, overpower it by holding off, or fight it using your -nda and -kaja spells which allows you to kill it earlier.) 

By the way, advice is good (and there's been more good advice on the threads than I can catalog), but putting crap in here that they haven't seen yet and will HAVE to see (take for instance, the next dungeon) is bad.  Unless they call the thing off, they're GOING to see the next dungeon (and I can't wait to see the reaction too), but they might not know (even though we're telling them) about the use of personas of the same arcana accelerating the social link advancement (which means less "hanging out" and more "story" when you engage a social link).

Or that the capsule machine is a waste of time on a rainy day... oops.  :)

Posted by HT101

Nooooo!!!!  Why do you make us wait?  I guess that's why I can't quit this Endurance Run.  There is always some new and awesome around the corner.

Posted by Kman

This would be like the perfect daily video podcast, but i'm sure rendering it and all that crazy tech jazz idk about would be a pain....damn

Posted by President_Evil

Posted by pawsoffury

While I love this endurance run, reading the comments has completely ruined my own playthrough of the game. That guy who posted who the killer was the otherday, I seriously hope he get's hung drawn and quartered.  The more and more I tried to forget what I had accidentally read the more vivid it just became.

As Vinny often mentions the comments for this endurance run on tape (e.g. they're being read by staff) It's sad that greater moderation wasn't used on this feature to prevent idiots posting unhidden spoilers. I love Giant Bomb and I love this endurance run but this has really dampened my opinion of the website as a whole.

Posted by iAmJohn


Posted by mgssnake

@ headwound
Totally agree with You!

@ pawsoffury
Man that's awful! I'm lucky I didn't read that idiot's spoiler about who the killer is because usually I read them all. Yeah someone has got to moderate these comments at least to some extent to prevent such shit and to generally clean things up. If Jeff and Vinny want to read these They have to sort through a lot of stuff that isn't very useful to them. But then again there has to be a place for opinions regarding each episode.
I actually had an idea of making a dedicated article/blog/wiki of some sort which would only contain useful tips for the Endurance Run. Since I started my blog and started writing about it, I might just try it!

Posted by Alphazero

I'm worried that Vinny is going to cock block Charlie Tuna and Chie.

* Yukiko, high maintainance
* Drama Girl, has *drama* in her name. Trust me, bad sign.
* Chie likes kung fu movies and you just know she's not as repressed as the other two. That equals big time fun.

Chie equals big time fun. I thank you.

Posted by DickDarlington

If you ever get a chance to team up with someone on the Investigation Team, pick Yukiko. It should bring her and Charlie closer together. She's much prettier than Chie anyway.

It was raining today so I was really hoping they'd go to Chinese Diner Aiya and get the beef bowl. It really does help a lot.

Posted by Yzzerdd

Please starting banning morons that post "first".

Posted by ashogo

Yup, got to have some Sedatives and Royal Jellies to hang with Chie!

Posted by trav3ler

Screw Yukiko, she's way too high-maitenance and fragile.  Chie is both cute and can take care of herself.

Posted by gryphon_gold

Please start banning posters who call others "morons".

Posted by insane_shadowblade85

Let me just say that I'm almost towards the end of the game, not to say that I'm farther than you two, but to say that I have no idea where this hate or dislike of certain characters is coming from. I honestly like all the characters, but then again, I tend to be in the minority when it comes to something like this.

Posted by Benjamimmy

who loves orange soda? Jeff loves orange soda! Is it true? mm mmm! He does, he does, he do-es!

Posted by strangeling

Go Vinny, Go!

Posted by Media_Master

what will she do...

Posted by animathias


Posted by Urmean

Me and my friend Zach...

Posted by Venatio
@Urmean said:
" Me and my friend Zach... "
Oh my god!
Dude, just noticed this, what a twist!
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