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Man, watching this ER for my very first time finally. I've seriously been enjoying every single part so far, I think it might be the apex of this site's content, but I finally got here and I'm starting to get a little emotional. Still laughing my ass off of course. Rest in peace, Ryan. There will never be another.

Also, I don't want to break the chain here either, so:


Posted by Lightningproof

Well this is sure bumming me out.

RIP Ryan Davis, starting and ending with a bang.

Posted by Duffyside
Posted by ashogo

Oh man, Jeff and Vinny are being such dicks to Ryan about his pronunciation of Sartre, even though he's pretty much right.

Posted by Emiel

Great episode with Ryan. I hope they get more "guests" on the "show" later on.

Posted by Chibithor

Jeff know his business when it comes to anime girls. Screw drama club, should've gone to the roof and ranked up Chariot

Posted by helmit

There is something intrinsically hilarious about fat people bustin' up sitting apparatuses. Especially when they are laying in the wreckage of it, like I imagined Ryan and the exploded bean bag.

Posted by WolfmanJenkins

It's hilarious yet disturbing how much Jeff becomes attached to Chie.

Posted by Talon64

thank you CT ER for tempting me to re-watch the P4 one.

18:46 of this video is the moment that the drama club social link goes to terrible. And the band one isn't any better because the girl looks like she's 11.

Posted by ThisKidInNorway

@skrutop no, you're just dyslexic. Read his post again, "The perfect number was 6 since 2 x 3 = 6 and a perfect number can't be odd..."

Posted by VoshiNova

@Chadster said:

"They're not at all alike, okay? Chie's special, this girl's a whore!"


Posted by sungahymn

Awesome beginning. XD

Posted by ValiantGrizzly

"Do you guys like Endo?"

Whoa, Jeff. Obscure reference, there.

Posted by MariachiMacabre

I laughed so goddamn hard at "Will you be my new daddy?". Oh man that made my sides hurt.

Posted by Gerhabio

Jeff's blatant Chie favoritism is hilarious

Posted by Chadster

"They're not at all alike, okay? Chie's special, this girl's a whore!"

Posted by Fripplebubby

GAH IT WAS 6!!!!

Posted by doublezeroduck

Ryan, you're ruining it. 

Posted by Undeadpool

I totally forgot about this and I really wish Ryan were on the episode with the nurse.

Posted by whatisdelicious

After Vinny pointed out the school has curtains in the classroom, I cannot unsee them.

Posted by Dtat

I love Jeff and Vinny trying to explain the game in a couple of sentences.
Posted by Max_Cherry

Call  it.

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Posted by ptys

Celebrity Special Guest!

Posted by Tesson

The origination of "GET BENT!"

Posted by ThrustMuscle

definitely go that drama chick, chie is alriiight...

Posted by Butters

hahah lmao the beanbag chair exploded!

Posted by Blair

This is still my favorite episode, no doubt.  Bring Ryan along more often.

Posted by Media_Master

*BOOM* Huh, WHAT?!!!

Posted by natetodamax

lol, exploding bean bag chairs.

Posted by Venatio

Great episode, Ryan is funny to have around in the videos

But I hope you guys dont give up on Yumi because her sidestory got a little sad, her Arcana is very useful and she really is a great character

Posted by Kazona

I think drama girl looks freaky. She scares me.

Posted by strangeling

Go Vinny, Go!

Posted by BatmanBatman


Posted by prinny_god

they are all hung over from the harmonix party that's it's not up

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Posted by BatmanBatman

guys where's 33 :(

Posted by Teaspoon83
Got home from work and now I stayed up waaaaay to late to see this, thank you for the 40 minutes of laughing my ass off.  And guest star Ryan, I hope he shows up more often.  Everybody, all of you guys! Get Brad in there to do more of the trivia questions.  Thank you GB, was a great episode.

And by the way, the Box lunch comment.... tears and shortness of breath from all the laughing followed after that.
Posted by ashogo

I think the endurance run was made for Jeff and Vinny specifically, but occasional cameos can't hurt.

Vinny seems the most on top of things though. You should listen to him.

Posted by Meteora

Ryan adds a whole new dynamic to the Endurance Run, in my opinion. I hope he'll be a permanent member of the Endurance Run or come around once in a while.

Posted by PitifullPete

"Sart" with a barely audible 'r' at the end is actually a legitimate way to prounouce Sartre's name/

Posted by DickDarlington

Vinnie, don't listen to Jeff. Take the Amagi Challenge!

Charlie's shoe locker is the one with the star in that middle row of lockers. It's pretty easy to miss. Make sure you face the locker and not out the door. Make sure to get the next ema wish from Fox when you get a chance.

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How many more episodes will go before Brad and his mighty beard joins in too.

Posted by John

Yeah that drama chick seems like a handfull. Chie is were it's at really.

Posted by chogi

btw, where is the curly haired chick i see on the background? you guys should hook up with her instead of chie

Posted by chogi

any chance for videos on iTunes for GB ever? I would love to watch endurance run marathons at work through my ipod if I had the chance

Posted by LiquidPrince

You could've eaten the grass.