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Posted by super2j
Posted by Duffyside
Posted by GuardianKnux

The first appearance of Slender man! He's been stalking me for years before I even knew he existedOH CHRIST HE'S RIGHT AROUND THE CORNE..................

Posted by Stimpack

@Nottle: lol, ew.

Posted by Nottle

This game should have ended with Chie imitating Sleepaway Camp.

Posted by PerfidiousSinn

Charlie danced crazy!

Posted by Ketchupp

"Urine is streaming under the table."   FANTASTIC    

Posted by Hellmouth

Nice catch there, Vinny. That slender young man is certainly not a man.

Posted by smcn

It occurs to me that Yukiko and Chie are wearing Cami Secrets.

Posted by MithrilMojo

You can make Yosuke pause if you say you like Chie, then later say you like Yukiko. Keep Junes Boy guessing!

Posted by warfather

How do they not consume everything they find in the fridge?

Posted by ShadowKing7

Call me crazy, but at the beginning of the video, does Charlie have a 40 sitting on the table?
Posted by Venatio

Man, the part with the crazy dance is still hilarious to watch xD

Posted by CharAznable

"That's the Japanese equivalent of 'Alphabet  Jones.'"

Posted by natetodamax

Does Vinny ever pay attention during the game? He didn't even remember if Yukiko was there when they rescued her....

Posted by DrBobUK

You guys shoulda chose Yukiko, in my opinion.
Chie is too much of a tomboy.

Posted by fresh816

These are awesome

Posted by raidingkvatch

Personally I would have opted for both, cuz Charlie is way cooler than Yosuke, maybe you'd let him watch though

Posted by raidingkvatch

I like how Vinny basically just forgot the most important thing thath happened in the game

Posted by Media_Master

and it continues.

Edited by CashBailey

I don't care what anyone says; Chie is one tasty lesbian just RIPE for turning.

And Nanako WILL be a stripper in her later life.

Posted by natural_deadhead

looks like a game i could enjoy while im high

Posted by Cult_of_Cthulhu

Just wanted you guys to know that my wife and I watch this each morning to get us laughing for the day ahead, I really hope that you try this with another game once this is over because it has been so much fun to tune in to you two guys 

Edited by Venatio

So no episode today? GDC got in the way? But the end of this video did say to tune in tommorow so Im kinda dissapointed but I hope you guys have a new episode up soon

EDIT: Oh I just read what Vinny wrote down below my post, Im glad that an episode will be up today

Posted by BenderUnit22

Thanks for the update, Vinny. I was worried GDC would get in the way of the endurance run.

Posted by Derachi

I'm glad GDC isn't getting in the way of the run. Good on ya fellas!

Posted by iAmJohn

Translate, guys!  You'll raise your expression and be able to rap with Dojima!!

Posted by neek

thanks for the update Vinny

Posted by Vinny

Today's episode will probably be up later in the day, maybe around 1pm PST. With GDC, things have shifted around a bit, but we should be back on track soon.


Posted by Egge
A Persona 4 Endurance Run? And here I've been playing the game all by myself for 75 hours. ;) I'm a bit late to the party, but watching the rest of these videos will sure be fun...
Posted by viklanderviking

Well Vinny said: "Seeya guys tomorrow" at the end of the video and i think im going to trust him on that...

Posted by papercut

I guess there is no endurance run because of gdc?

Posted by viklanderviking

Get bent! Aaaargh, get bent you kids!

Posted by gryphon_gold

I hope tomorrow's episode is large.  I expect epic lols from the investigation of Kanji.

Posted by Kraznor

Pretty sure tomorrow is going to be pretty entertaining, provided they get to Kanji's program.

Posted by m1k3

It would be a good idea to keep Yukiko in the party since, to me, she is the best support character cuz she has the most MP and all the buff, debuff, and healing spells (or as far as i am in the game she is)

Posted by PitifullPete

I kinda can't get over that I use my lifetime to watch other people play videogames. Hmm...But I really like your vids.

Edited by BishopSummers

You guys are hilarious yet again :)  And I can't wait for the next episode.

Posted by kagekage

i wonder how much longer you guys can last in this....
and if there is, wats gnna b the nxt game u guys do an Endurance Run on?

Edited by endaround

Yeah in P3 you could easily reverse SLs by dating other girls, not seeing the SL for a period of time, or saying the wrong thing.  In P4 only 2 can even be reversed.  Apparently originally there was going to be more ways to reverse and break links in P4 but they were dropped.  You can tell because in dungeon dialog was written about it.  This guy basically ripped the dialog from the disk :

(Something not seen yet is that after the first run in a dungeon party members not in your immediate party plus the fox show up in pairs in random rooms when you go back into a cleared dungeon.  When you talk to them they'll give you items and also will have unique (nonvoiced) dialog based upon their partner and their SL level.  The above link shows the possible dialogs.  I bring this up because there are special dialogs for having multiple girlfirends.)
Edited by legendary1

You have to keep in mind that they are high schoolers and that they aren't supposed to play out as if you were playing a game.  There is a reason you guys automatically can tell that the person on the TV was kanji, its because hes the only character the game showed you. Whereas if it was the real world you would have seen and heard about 100 different guys that day. Thats also why the game often takes its time as if the characters don't quite understand everything the first time around, its because they wouldn't and you probably wouldn't if it happened to you either. Unless you encounter magical foxes that give out leaves that miraculously cure people daily and stuff.

@ insane_shadowbladeYou can kind of be caught cheating in a way if you are going out with multiple girls, but it won't happen on the Slink itself, only on the special events when you get invited out by friends. Even then, the most that happens AFAIK is that you just don't raise your Slink for the day, its no lasting concern. It was much harder to have a harem back in Persona 3.

Posted by PhilESkyline

You guys are going to make me buy this game.

Posted by insane_shadowblade85

FrankCanada97> I've been wondering about that. If you date all the girls, will you get caught cheating or something?

Edited by FrankCanada97

Yukiko isn't weird, she's uhh.. conflicted. And why settle for one when you can have it all?

Posted by ddensel

Youske can have Yukiko's weird ass. Chie's cooler, she likes Kung-Fu!

Posted by Jost1

Chie owns, you guys own, this game owns

Just wait till you see what happens next

Posted by insane_shadowblade85

People tend to forget, especially Jeff and Vinny, that the characters in this game are all high schoolers. Frickin' teenagers, of course some of them will be depressed and have problems. A majority of teenagers are exactly like this.

Posted by endaround

Try to have 6000 yen availble by Sun 5/22-you get to watch the shopping network and the shoes they sell for Chie are really good.

Posted by Vorbis

Great epsisode.

Hey those words sound great together!

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