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Posted by RedRoach

i think you guys forgot that jack frost can use zio

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Nice, you guys are returning to social links, I like those episodes better, I just wish they were longer

Also, you guys really need stronger personas, fuse some so you get some stronger ones

Posted by LordAndrew

Death randomizes the floors, but it doesn't force you to go through the same ones again. It only did that last time because you never made it past the first floor.

Posted by GamerGeek360

The best thing is that next week I'll be in Florida so when I come back I'll have 5 unwatched episodes! Yay!

Posted by LordAndrew

Yes, there is a skill that you can use to exit the dungeon. One of your party members will learn it eventually, plus you can get it on your own Personas. The limit on the number of skills isn't much of an issue there, because you don't even have to use that Persona in battle if you don't want to.

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

dont these kids have homework?

Posted by mgssnake

@ SinGulaR
If you want some love for Jim Henson then listen to this

Posted by Sawjabwhai


Posted by megalowho

Meh, poison. Just hit the motherfucker till it poofs. Light and dark spells on the other hand are mostly excellent, but they can really drain your SP if you start relying on them too much. And there's always a chance some random strong enemy can reflect those, and then..well..

Just listened to the latest Bombcast, spot on comments at the end. No spoilers here, I'll just mention the things Persona 4 does well get even better as the game advances. And the game is rarely *hard* so long as you keep a fresh stable of Personas handy for boss fights. Though I must say Kanji's shadow at the top of the bad, bad bathhouse is a real bitch. a-ha!

Posted by ddensel

Lighten up Yosuke, it's the 90s

Posted by Metroid545

principality persona looks like the statue of liberty man

Posted by bigall94

I feel so tempted to experience the next parts of the story by looking them up but experiencing them with this commentary is just too awesome.

Posted by Agent_Lost

yea, there going back to social link

Posted by kagekage

use eligor! u guys nvr use him and fuse some godam personas jesus!

Posted by Gregomasta

This end run is so damn good, I'm going to watch it again.

Posted by dagas
Sawjabwhai: They are playing a game, not doing brain surgery. It's not the end of mankind if they don't play the game according to your strategy.
Posted by coffeesash

If you collect all the Mitamas and fuse them....

Posted by RelentlessKnight

Stop using TOO much of your SP. Use your items, especially those steaks and also buy lots of cure aliment items.

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@Relentless knight
They just need to fuse a sarasvati, that would give em more then enough SP to ride through most of the dungeon. Also, steaks are rather wasteful, their efficiency in healing per yen is even worse then using your SP and recharging via the fox.

I won't complain if they don't run through the whole thing in a single day though. One of the things I didn't like about P4 was how the dungeons really pushed you into dungeoning for an hour or two then doing Slinks/jobs for another hour, instead of being able to mix it up and do some of each every day. P3 in this was a lot better since the dungeoning was at night instead of in your already crowded afternoon.

Posted by MikeLemmer

By the way, why are you only using one save slot? Is your memory card too full for another one? I know there's been a few issues with Persona 4 saves on the PS3 being corrupted; don't want the endurance run ending because a save slot got ruined.

Posted by MikeLemmer

BTW, don't know if anyone's said this yet, but you're on the verge of opening up more Persona slots. The # of Persona you can have at once increases to 8 at Lvl 20, 10 at Lvl 25, and 12 (max) at Lvl 30.

As for fusion, I would watch the Fusion Forecasts for Bonus S. Link XP days. Once you start fusing Personas with Rank 5+ SLinks, you can get an extra level or 2 on those days.
Posted by Keyser_Soze


How long does it last?

Should I play the game if I watched all the episodes till now, really enjoyed watching it, but if they've completed more than 25% of the game from what I've watched so far, I don't think I'll bother.

Posted by sofakingcool

"He's got a skill called ball sac" OMG best line yet!

Posted by Grillbar


Posted by CherokeeJack
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In game you can play up until the end of the year (and there is a hidden dungeon/boss even beyond that point). So they have tons of ingame time left, though there are a number of days in which game time speeds up quite a bit for certain special events. They are probably about 15%ish through.

Posted by LordAndrew

I don't think they're playing on the PS3, so that's not an issue. And I don't think they want to have to load up a previous save and play through the same parts again. They'll do fine as long as they don't wait too long to rescue people.

Posted by Keyser_Soze

@LEGENDARY1, Danke Schon, that's thankyou in German and I'm not even German.

I think I'll stop watching the vids, (I stopped at part 36 anyway) and get the game and complete that before watching the rest. Will probably take me about 6 months, what with other games to play as well.

Posted by G0rd0nFr33m4n

Common, where's the new episode, I'm sitting here listening to Tchaikovsky - 1812 Overture (John Williams conducts The Boston Pops Orchestra) ....  its very soothing but i need my fix !!!

Posted by Mars_Cleric

I want to see more runs of endurance.

Posted by papercut

Has the sickness from GDC reached the Endurance Run!

Posted by mgssnake

What the hell!? Is episode 39 gonna be posted or what?

Posted by papercut

I predict another gas leak...or  vinny has fallen and can't get up

Posted by CrazedJoker

I can bearly take you dumb Persona players talking shit! You're all so stupid! You bearly have any sense at all! Jesus!

Posted by PipeAndSlippers

Chie booting a fool into space is my idea of pleasure.

Posted by darkspirit138

I know this may seem really weird, but I just got it! Goho-M=GO HOME!!LOL!

Posted by strangeling

Go Vinny, Go!

(I need to catch up)
Posted by Media_Master

nicea nicea

Posted by raidingkvatch

people are surprisingly aggressive about how you guys are doing this wrong, but whatever, that's kinda funny too

Posted by Mikeymania

Team Investigation Team Go!

Posted by samjiman

I don't understand that when Teddie falls on the ground that and touches the floor, Vinny says that's "a little gross". I don't understand. Is it gross he fell on the floor or gross that a bear is trying it on with a human girl?

Posted by bartok
@samjiman: Let's think about this. Why would touching the floor of a bad bad bathhouse be considered gross? My guess is it has something to do with the fact that the dungeon is about bathhouses being a haven for illicit man on man behavior. So thus in a stroke of sophomoric wit Jeff made a joke about the lack of cleanliness of said bathhouse floors and bodily fluids conveying that Teddy is now covered in semen hence that is gross. 
Good brainstorming session let's try it again sometime. May I suggest we figure out the ending of F.E.A.R. 2 next ?
Posted by samjiman

@bartok I guess you would know about it being semen because you are a A-grade wanker! You don't have to rip on me just because I didn't understand something. Also I am aware of the ending of F.E.A.R 2. Because I misunderstood this, I must be a moron right? I'm sure you've never misunderstood something in your smarmy miserable life. 

Posted by buwchbach

Oh god I wish there is a second season of Endurance run!

Posted by Scrumdidlyumptious

The death card is the best thing you can get.

Posted by teekomeeko

Oh man, every time Vinny whiffs it I laugh out loud a little.

Posted by wrathofconn

I'm shocked that these Hulk Hogan dudes weren't referenced in the Deadly Premonition run.

Posted by LackLuster

how is Vinny playing this game and knowing nothing

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Wow, two full years, huh? Time flies.
25:26 - So says Mr. Stewart.

Posted by Hizang