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Posted by sneakysnake128

They're funny but it always frustrates me at how terrible they are at combat.

Posted by ChrisTaran

What's worse, people complaining about the video, or people complaining about the people complaining about the video?

Posted by mgssnake

@ Mistral
That was a very good persona and fusing tip. I wish we had more of these.

Posted by PeasForFees

Vinny for Future Reference Here is your lover

Hi, Ryan Davis here!

Love this pic anyway

Posted by EsN_Fish

Ah the first death of losing some actual work... good times. You guys are lucky to only lose like half an hour of work, I've died a few times after grinding for like 2 hours straight. Good times playing 2 hours of the game a second time around...

As for you guys complaining about how they play, just stop. Let them play how they want to, they are doing just fine. Plus in all honesty playing under leveled is actually more fun then being over leveled, its more challenging. I found that out my first play through of P3, which is a lot harder than P4. 

Posted by mgssnake

@ GoleX
"play a terrible game"
WTF does that mean?! Are you saying P4 is crap? If so, why are you watching these vids and commenting on them?

Posted by GoleX

Because Vinny and Jeff are hilarious? Don't worry about my personal opinions on the game, no need to get up in arms sir.

Posted by Delta_Ass

"WTF does that mean?! Are you saying P4 is crap? If so, why are you watching these vids and commenting on them?"

Ummm... people watch MST3K. It doesn't mean they think those movies are quality.

Posted by IzzyGraze

Yeah...they don't seem to be very forgiving in the Persona world. I'm playing Persona 3 right now and once I made a mistake my first move and that was it. I was weak to their attacks and it was game over.

For those guys I'm not really sure what you could have done. Maybe revive your party, except for Chie, and have Yukiko on heal duty and you on silence/attack duty, then have Yosuke just attack them. In tough situations like those it's usually best to have 1 designated healer instead of doing it on a turn by turn basis. But also those guys might have just been too high of a level for ya, they rank in difficulty by floor and the npcs often tell you to grind out a previous floor if you're having trouble.

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I'm feeling the carelessness creeping in... ;D

Oh and come ON guys, Oberon is KING of the fairies.

And finally- ESCAPPPPPPE!

Posted by Sheldon

Guys oughta be looking at your equipment info. There is more to certain weapons and armor besides more damage and stuff like that.

Posted by Flipyap

Oh, dudes, dudes, dudes...
That ESCAPE command is fun and useful. Try it some time!

I have to say - I never get so stressed out when I do badly at games, as I do watching Endurance Run episodes like this. Exciting!

Posted by DualFayte

Hilarious video.. the ending - not so much lol

A lot of great moments in this video, keep it up guys! :)

Edited by skilzlost

unlucky guys... i just started persona 4 cos of these vids. but im still very much enjoying the show i dont think 40 days is to long and i like many other ppl are finding all this extremley amusing (chie giggles in background)

i think you were unluky here so gl.. maybe using revival beads aint a bad idea.. i bought loads of them and use them all the time.. i also managed to beat that king thing .. on only level 14.. so persistance is a vitue after all it took me about 4 loads to work out how to kill it..
hope you carry on with the show. i come on everyday hoping for a new episode.. im sure itl get better as well once you bring in new carachters and shizzle.. anywho been great see youz soon..

Edited by darkspirit138

Hey, I havent seen it all yet, but u might wanna keep your strength strong guy.

Do not evil touch chie. Best line in this episode.

Awwww, they sounded so SAD when they died...

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

aw nuts. you guys should've tried to escape. so i think you should start the next video from approximately where you left off if possible (obviously you're all busy so maybe you don't have time for that much persona in a day), cuz it's not going to be much fun to watch otherwise.

Posted by SlayerNoMercy

u guys should have ran when u had the chance :(

Posted by Kraznor

Wow, no pity at all. When three of your party members are down you RUN! And you use a Vanish Ball, which I know you have. Bravo guys, geez.

Posted by Aion

I don't think they should switch to a different game. In terms of making a lengthy 30-60 minute video series that will keep the viewers coming back, Persona 4 is near perfect. Some videos will focus on social links, others on dungeon crawling and switching between those two will keep the vides interesting until the end.

If they switch to a different, less interesting and difficult game, there wouldn't be as many viewers. They'd be foolish to stop this run when the videos get over 100 comments and God only knows how many views.

It's just too bad the guys didn't pick P3: FES instead. P3, although harder, would've suited their play style better because the game allows you to go dungeon crawling at night; when you can do very little. In the case of P3 you're urged to take your time, going up the dungeon a bit each day...but in P4 the player is urged to complete dungeons in as few days as possible.

Posted by PeasForFees

I was just thiniing that HAMA spell would have been useful if you didnt dump ARCHANGEl. dont worry though

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i dont necersarily agree i think the voice acting and comedy of the persona franchise makes this endurance run even more comical although im sure id still find it amusing no matter what the game is ..

@aion someone mentioned fable 2 that whould b ace too although i also think this is a perfect match.. so im hopeing they will follow this threw ..

def enjoying the series ty guys..

Posted by twillfast

I have advice for y'all. Stop giving advice.
If anyone here thinks this is all about beating the game in the most effective way, then you've misunderstood.

I mean, if that's all you want then it'll probably be more entertaining for you to go read a game guide.

What's most awesome about this endurance run is that some people would never play this game, based on the time and energy you have to put into it. I'm one of them. Although, with the help of Jeff and Vinny I get to enjoy this game as I would enjoy a daily comedy show on tv.

Keep up the awesoneness brothas!

Edited by skilzlost

I have advice for y'all. Stop giving advice.. lol

 ppl contradicting  themselfs.. pawns... but yes def agree.. although i coudnt resist trying it myslef due to the frustration i felt sometimes ^ but tis all good and very enjoyable to watch

roll on tomoro .. i cant wait to see what happens.. i kinda secretly want them to go kik them majicains a+++s tho

Posted by empire_man

You should have escaped! Curse your manly pride...

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"That's not appropriate!"

Ryan Davis ladies and gentlemen!  LOL  =D

Posted by DualFayte

I would suggest hanging out with Yukiko more, Chie is supposed to be Yosuke's lady. YUKIKO 4 WIN

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ah that was ryan wicked :) im hoping hell sit with them next week :P

Posted by Gregomasta

Yay, lesson's learned.

Posted by BrickRoad

Yes! My fight money! This isn't referenced enough! My only grumble about this game is that I wish the different floors in the dungeons were at least a little bit different, but I suppose that's what you get for having dungeons that are totally unique.

Posted by Aion

I don't know why so many people are calling them unlucky? They had a crapload of chances to hit 'escape' before the MC got hit with Zionga. It isn't as if they encountered an enemy that cast Hama or Mudo on the MC - that would've been unlucky.

Here's hoping that, when I tune in tomorrow, the first thing I see is some fusing going on. The pattern of lost time will continue if they don't stop using a level 11 Senri to fight with.

Posted by Shadowsquire

BTW Good job on finally using Jack Frost for zio guys! :P

Posted by darkspirit138



Posted by ToxicFruit

lol "That's not appropriate"  god i love this show !

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Do you seriously think anyone playing this game for the first time had an entire fanbase telling them what to do? Do you think they ended up beating the game anyway? Most likely. So if it's not constructive or useful in any way, then just keep to yourself! If a normal uninformed person can beat it without studying and grinding, then so can Jeff and Vinny! Jeez! And Aion? They can't handle the game? What the heck, dude?! This is for entertainment, this ain't power gaming, son!

Anyway, hilarious episode! Nanako is the biggest cockblock!

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Hey, I woulda died too, I never knew mute could wear off enemies. It definitely doesn't wear off your own party.

BTW: there is really no trick to not getting spotted by enemies. The distance at which they detect you depends on how their level is related to yours. Enemies with higher levels then you are much more aggressive and aware, while those below your level become much more docile.

Posted by DickDarlington

Yeah, Vinnie should have run when it didn't feel right to him.

Most battles are pretty easy once you exploit their weaknesses (if they have a weakness), so the game balances that out by having strong enemies that can mess you up if you don't take them out quick.

I agree that people need to calm down, but I think most people are coming from a good place and just don't want to see Jeff and Vinnie get their butt kicked. To get ahead in the game you either need to grind a lot or fuse more powerful Persona and I think it's frustrating to people who've played Persona 4 that they aren't doing either right now and running into battle with underpowered Persona. (I might have been yelling at the screen a couple eps ago when Vinnie passed up fusing a level 18 Yaksini from two Persona they weren't even using.)

It seemed like they were afraid of making some kind of mistake when fusing Persona, but they should just jump in and fuse whatever they can from the Persona they hardly use. This was the point in the game where I got the hang of fusions and how skills get inherited.

On the plus side, Vinnie isn't getting ambushed anymore.

Posted by Codariocalyx

"Hey, I woulda died too, I never knew mute could wear off enemies. It definitely doesn't wear off your own party."

umm yeah it does :)

Posted by DavidSnakes

You guys must've gotten Down's Syndrome in that last fight.  No escape attempts at all?

Posted by Derios


Posted by Milkman

Jesus Christ, these videos bring out the STUPIDEST commenters. For the love of god, please, all of you, shut the hell up. Between the "OMG! I AM PERSONA 4 MASTA! YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEA!" and the dumbasses telling them to do shorter games, the level of stupidity in these comments are amazing. Why the fuck would do a shorter game? It's called ENDURANCE RUN! As in, it takes a long time, dumbass.

And all you people who still have the default icons and were obviously just lurking before this, please go back to doing so. 
Posted by legendary1


Really? Never knew that. It definitely does not in nocturne, guess I assumed it was the same.

Posted by Agent_Lost


Posted by trimon

I got a feelin this would happen and the more you guys progressed today the more nervous I got :( Well at least we know whats what now.

Posted by AleeN634

I enjoy Endurance Run because they move at their own pace. There are tons to exact strategy videos on youtube but the fact that this is part blog, part commentary and part gameplay is what makes it fun. I'm sure they'll return to looking at the user comments eventually (maybe if they do a grinding episode they can warn us in advance and then all the masters can leave comments to help) but if they did everything perfectly the first time it would make this series boring.

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OK OK! don't Zio me bro!

It just annoys me when they don't listen to anyone on the comments anymore. Why won't they just fuse their Personas so they're up to the same level as their character?

Posted by Helmetz

why wouldn't u run???  or revive your party members when the enemy is silenced???  bad finish in my opinion...also, save often...it is an rpg after all...

Posted by Curufinwe
Agreed, I'd super appreciate if you could never post again Aion. You are the one who "doesn't get it". These videos aren't about beating Persona 4, or even power gaming it, they are about testing the will of these two guys while they play a terrible game.

LOL!  To miss the point this badly must take some kind of serious idiot-training.
Posted by endaround

The game gives you outs, you just need to know them.  Shadows with no weaknesses tend to be vulnerable to status attacks.

As to why people give advice, because they aren't palying Persona 4 like most would.  They play about 2 hours or so twice a week.  There is a lot of knowledge you need to remember and playing sporadically for short periods (2 hours at a time is short for P4) makes it difficult.  There are two basica things they need to do to keep the game from becoming a grind fest. match persona and fuse.  And since no on wants to see a grind fest [people are going to keep harping on it.
Posted by Aion

Yes, despite P4 having an average of over 9/10 in terms of pro reviews, it's clearly an awful game. Even I must admit to being at a loss when it comes to this point.

Posted by ThaMilkMan

If you guys are ever in that type of situation again may I suggest using the VANISH BALLS, they REALLY are life savers and I know you guys had at least one, not sure why you guys stayed in that fight to begin with though....especially when YOSUKE GOT ZIONGA'D that was sadly hilarious lol