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Posted by Nasar7

It Was A Good Day reference = win

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Dunno if someone already said this but here goes:

If you watch the animation during an all out attack, you'll notice that sometimes a party member gets thrown out of the cloud and has to run back in. This means that one or more of the enemies will survive.

Even though it's only a matter of seconds, it's nice to know if you've defeated the enemy in advance.

Posted by TheGamerGeek

hehe, great stuff. Better be back tomorrow!

Posted by MikeLemmer

Oof, that was definitely not bad luck. They had plenty of turns to realize they were gonna get royally screwed, they pressed their luck instead of escaping, they got royally screwed.  The Escape command & Vanish Balls are your friend when all of your teammates are dead. (Note: The Escape command just asks Teddie to tell you when he spots an opening; there's a delay before it succeeds. You can activate it, continue attacking, then run away if the battle doesn't go in your favor.)

They also need to get less picky about fusing. The whole point of the Compendium is so you can go nuts fusing with your best Persona, then regain the ones you constantly use. Even if the resulting Persona looks like crap ("Aahhh! It's a living raindrop!") it still goes in your Compendium and provides fodder for other, better fusions. The reason the Personas you grab from the cards in dungeons are 5-10 levels lower than the dungeon itself is so they can immediately be used as fusion fodder. You can grab them again in the dungeon; fuse them! FUSE THEM ALL!

*ahem* Oh, and my suggestion for next time? Poke your head into Floor 1 quick, level up to 19 (it took what, one battle to level up?), then head back out so you can fuse the Lvl. 19 Personas as well. (Hellooooo, Principality!)

P.S. Yukiko is Priestess arcana, not Empress.
Posted by ArbitraryWater

...Wow. That sucks. You guys should have run away when everyone except Charlie was obliterated. But keep on going! Even if I find the actual dungeon segments to be the most painful to watch ("Does this guy have Zio? Do we have Mazio?" every 5 minutes), I still want to see you guys finish this.

Posted by VWGTI

Haha, great video.

Posted by Karmann

fudge! you should have silenced that dude again as soon as it wore off, and you should have revived your dudes, but hey, foresight is 20/20

Posted by Hamst3r

The only thing missing from Persona 4 is the Mystery Machine. :D


Posted by GioVANNI

*revive Yoskue*

*Yoskue gets killed* 


Posted by ashogo

Today's golden line: "Don't evil touch Chie. That's my job."

Also, dunno if Vinny will read this, but if he does: you guys are IDIOTS.
...looking forward to tomorrow!

Posted by ratzombie

Ugh, what a waste of time. I hate grinding in a game and then dying and having to do it all over again.

And nice Ice Cube reference. :D

Posted by Winternet

Great episode guys. Never played P4 but for reading other people comments you should spend some time fusing. I know it would be boring to have a 30 min section of the episode just about you doing fuses, but hey: Why don't you spend all the time you need to make the right fusions and then include that sequence 32x faster, so for the viewer it would take just a minute or so. And then you could go back to the Bad Bad Bathouse..oohhh so naughty!

Oh, and for these tough enemies without any weaknesses the Hama spell seems really useful as the instant kill has good chances of happening.

I just hope you guys keep rocking, because Endurance Run is Awesome! Can't wait til tomorrow...

Posted by MikeLemmer

Fusing this early in the game shouldn't take 30 minutes; they don't have any vital skills (except Media, perhaps) they want to make sure are passed through the fusion. They can fuse the first result that pops up and do almost as well as if they spent a dozen tries getting optimal skills. It's not like they're trying to make sure a triad fusion inherits Absorb Wind, Growth 3, and Spirit Drain. (Late-game fusing can get aggravating if you insist on inheriting the best skills ever.)

They could fuse Personas madly for 10 minutes and get about a half-dozen new & useful ones to entertain us with. As long as they cover the skills their allies lack:

Zio (+Mazio, if they're lucky)
Hama (insta-kills are useful)
Mudo (see above; also, Mudo-using Persona are often immune to Mudo spells, which is handy for avoiding Bad Luck Deaths. If I remember right, the Mudo-using enemies start appearing around Floor 7...)
Media (Yukiko has it, but having two people with mass healing never hurt)
Rakunda (optional; kills bosses faster)

They should be golden.

And I'm still pushing for them to spend 1-2 fights hitting Level 19 before going on their fusing binge. Principality (Lvl 19) will cover the Hama skills and gain 2-3 levels from Nanako's S.Link.

Use the Wrath of God to smite the Bathhouse! Begone, foul den of perversion!
Posted by quicklii

Man you guys must be real tired. I could see that comin pretty much from the start. You should av got out!

oh well, at least we don't have to try Yukiko's cooking this time.

Posted by FLStyle

When in doubt, get the hell out.

Posted by trav3ler

Ahhh, the Wondrous Magi... I'm pretty sure they eff up everyone who goes into the bathhouse pretty hard.  At least you did better than my first time: Maragi + Agilao + having Jack Frost equipped = getting killed before I even had a chance to attack.  With anyone.  That was fun.

I highly recommend levelling and getting Yaksini if you can: she's an all-around useful persona that I used up through the next dungeon.  I forget if she learns Arm Chopper standard or if it was a fusion skill, but either way make sure she has it, cause it's a great high-damage skill that doesn't cost SP.

And good luck, and don't worry or listen to the people telling you how much you suck.  You're doing fine.
Posted by nick69

run away next time you meet the magi again, your not going to be able to beat them yet...so, yeah. You'll be able to handle the boss even without facing those guys..not worth the time, SP, Health, etc it takes away to face em

Posted by AndrewB

Man... I haven't watched this one yet, and I don't know if I want to. It's going to be too painful.

Posted by DannyJ

Jesus Christ. Why are you taking this so seriously? They're doing it for fun, not because it's some intensely serious quest. If you need to vent your disapproval over something that's not very serious at all, then maybe you need to be doing something else.

Posted by insane_shadowblade85

LOL The ending was hillarious. I think you guys should put Yosuke, Chie and Yukiko on Act Freely instead of direct command for regular battles. Battles go by a lot quicker that way and it allows you to see what element an enemy is weak to a lot faster since you two take so long on deciding what every party member will do for an attack.
When you get to a sub/ mini boss and boss battle, then you should take direct control.

Posted by Food

Heh, you guys should probably stay away from the super rainbow dudes I guess.  Also, I'm pretty sure the last element, which you guys think is darkness, is poison.  It would make sense.  You should check that.

Posted by guilherme

just a tip that i said the other time but was probably overlooked: you have to fuse personas to get stronger ones! You are level 20 but fighting with level 11 personas! Use a Goho-M once in a while to go back to the entrance and save.

And you should take advantage of tomorrow's forecast, fuse Ares and he'll gain Null Poison, which will be very useful. Ares is also strong against physical.

good luck and don't worry, I guess everyone that is playing got their ass kicked like that at some point in the game. Just learn from it ;)

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No, the last element is darkness. Poison is just an ailment type, AFAIK all non boss enemies are equally susceptible to ailments (only differences in chance to connect will be because of level and attributes.

Darkness and Light are both instant kill spells, generally if an enemy uses darkness skills they are weak to light and vise versa. If you can get two persona's, one with your best available target all dark + dark boost (IE, Mamudo, Mamudoon, or You Shall Die! + Dark boost) and the other with the light equivalent (Mahama, Mahamaon, or Samsara + Light Boost) you can instantly kill 90% of enemies. No joke. Especially the highest level skills, even enemies that resist go down very easily if you use them + the boosts.

Posted by endaround

Uh no its darkness.  As to the mages, rage works wonders with primarily magic based attackers.  They do weak physical attacks and get their defense haved.  The physical attack skills Skull Cracker (it cost more due to chance of confusion ie what made the tigers easy to kill), Arm Chopper (2X hit+Fear-enemies cower and may even run away), Hysterical Slap (2X hit+rage),and Muzzle shot (silence) all are very important at this stage.   Just try and avoid getting rage on the tigers, rage does double damage and they hurt enough already.

Posted by WholeFunShow

That intro pic/headline has me freeeeeeked.

Posted by El_Dom

Oh man yosuke caught a hot one. I don't understand why you guys didn't just bail.

Posted by SolidSnake35

I really want to get this now, even though I haven't touched a PS2 game in a couple of years. I need to know what happens when you have enough courage!

Anyways, keep up the good work with these videos.
Posted by Trnck


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This was bound to happen so time or another. They needed this lesson to be learned, next time they will be more cautious. And yes, they should of ran when all those mages were silenced, I mean senri was weak to electricity.

Posted by TheWorstPlayerEver

Well I guess I can skip tomorrow's video

Posted by KestrelPi

I think the reason that some people seem to be taking this overly seriously is that they don't want to see this series end, and I don't blame them in a way. I'm a ways ahead of the Endurance Run crew now (somewhere in July) and so much crazy stuff has happened between now and then that I really WANT to see how they will react to it.

My only advice is pretty general: experiment. Don't dismiss certain skills and attacks out of hand, like the Hama/Mudo ones and the buffs/debuffs. They can be very useful.
Posted by Dethfish

Oh man. I hope this doesn't discourage them from going forward in the game.

*Monster kills Yosuke*
Vinny: "Fuck you"

That was hilarious.

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More likely it will just be a bit of a wake up call for them and they will finally start fusing shit together to make better shit and then go hunting for revenge.


Funny enough, I can only remember them using the hama skill on archangel twice, and both times it worked. You would think they would be spamming it on every enemy they came across, but they gave him the finger and dropped him. At least they figured out that status ailments like mute are helpful, and they are definitely going to be figuring out how to debuff by the next boss.

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Funny enough, I can only remember them using the hama skill on archangel twice, and both times it worked. You would think they would be spamming it on every enemy they came across, but they gave him the finger and dropped him.
That's because they know better. Death effects only ever work when they're unnecessary.
Posted by Jack_Daniels

Call the Scooter store and get your power chair today!

Posted by coffeesash

Oberon is the King of the Fairies, it's from Midsummer Night's Dream

Posted by Sunjammer

Man, sorry guys. This game really needs more mid-dungeon save spots. Having one at the beginning and one at the end is just crazy, you spend so long just grinding those fuckers out between them. I guess it's supposed to make you want to leave the dungeon and save or whatever, but gah. More time wasted.

The boss is worth it though. Fun fight if you come prepared :D

Posted by CashBailey

I'm depressed...

Posted by Aaox


Posted by Media_Master

why not escape....

Posted by strangeling
These things happen.
Go Vinny, Go!
Posted by Fritzerbacon


Thats what i was totally thinking
Posted by CaptainTightPants

Thats why i get a bunch of goho-M, then when im like 4 or 5 levels through i go back and save it in the starting point and then i go back in and continue

Posted by Flushes

Sanwa reference! I've got six blue OBSF-30s in the mail right now!

Posted by fresh816

If funky student was there, thing would have gone differently...

Posted by BeefWaterfall

"Don't evil touch Chie. That's my job."

Posted by Olivaw

So when the first superwizard came unsilenced, you stuck around because WHY exactly.
I mean my first impulse was to beat it the fuck out of there, and I haven't even PLAYED this game.

Posted by Arrested_Developer

I can't believe they kept going after everyone was ko'd but Charlie, I guess they kinda had it coming to them.

Posted by teekomeeko

Vinny: "Oh crap, we should runaway - I don't like where this is going."
Jeff: "Let's just fight."
Vinny: "Oh, that didn't do anything, let's get outta here."
Jeff: "Let's just fight."
*Monster kills Charlie*
Jeff: "Well, that's Tuesday, see you all tomorrow."

Posted by Zicdab

It's times like that last battle where I wonder if Jeff and Vinny have ever played a game before.