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Posted by AllThatBacon

Christ... what were you guys thinking during that last battle??
*whole party is dead*

Posted by yogetoutdaway

That was pretty retarded lol. I've never played this but if you prevent those dudes from casting for like 3 turns then I assume it's a good time to revive your other dudes and have them be the attackers while you keep the enemies locked down?

Posted by bkbroiler

I love how everyone in the comments is freaking out over them losing and Jeff and Vinny are so nonplussed. 

Posted by Sayishere


Posted by Scribbly


Posted by Gerhabio

That was really painful to watch, I was screaming at my screen "No, guys! Run! Escape while you still can! THE HUBRIS!!"

Posted by Hizang

Man, shoulda gone with the death card
Posted by PerfidiousSinn

Escaping is for pansies.

Posted by Tankhammer

Jesus, how ADD are these dudes? They talk about wanting to get their diligence up by going to B-ball practice and then 5 minutes later they agree to go hang out with Yukiko instead.

Posted by TheHakku

Hahaha. "Ask him!" ...Awesome, Jeff.

Posted by vorpalparasite

wtf!? lol dammit, as soon as the first silence wore off I begged for them to run. can't help but shake my head haha. sheesh! :P


'that's what happens when you roll the dice' :D Or you know keep fighting when you are clearly outgunned. After all these years its still fun to watch the Persona 4 Endurance Run.

Posted by LikeaSsur

I love the comments from the background crew of Ryan and Drew.

Posted by bloodsoul5

This is the hardest episode to watch.. such bad decision making skills.

Posted by Pop

that was pretty funny, they didn't notice that jack frost was weak to zio.

Posted by Duffyside
Posted by posh

"so deep put her boxed lunch to sleep" oh god

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True Gamers never flee.

Posted by drew327

The quest for Ghoul continues