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I don't get where these comments about me caring too much or being angry are coming from? I'm not angry and only view the videos as a form of entertainment that's decent after playing through P4 recently. Pointing out that my kid brother could play the game better than Vinny, and that that's not a good thing when Vinny posts videos on a gaming website, is the truth - it's nothing to do with emotion. There's a difference between angry and calmly saying what's on my mind.

Anyway, back to lurking. I hope you guys are singing the same tune if Vinny/Jeff ignore comments until Friday and then quit because they can't handle the game. :)

Posted by Dolphin_Butter

Aww... Well, I hope this doesn't discourage you too much. Keep on it! :)

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Aion - if these dudes played the game as regimentally as you're saying, these videos wouldn't be fun at all. Chill out.

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While I fully agree that there's no need for them to look at guides, or go in-depth with all the under-the-hood stuff, it's also true that if they keep dying and feel like they have to grind to progress then they will probably quit.

There is some good, basic advice in these comments that will both help them progress and make things easier for them at the same time. The biggest one seems to be that they need to fuse more often. Most of the comments I've read are actually not bitching, but people who want this series to continue and are trying to make things easier for Jeff and Vinny.

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The problem that some people don't seem to get is that the ways of them getting out of this situation aren't "fun" to watch, and this is being done graciously from Jeff and Vinny's time for our entertainment.  Sure, they could grind Yukiko's castle getting their hands on lower level personas to fuse up and acquiring all the yen they need to pay the fox and slowly grind up the Bad Bad Bathhouse (tm) and kill off Kanji's shadow in one setting, but it'd take them some time.

Aion, you're saying that people who haven't played P4 don't get it.  Jeff's playing on his own now, but THEY haven't played P4 before this, so no, they don't get it, and part of the enjoyment is watching things click.  No walkthroughs, no gamefaqs, just a community of people trying to help them out. 

There's a synergy that's being ruined by people who think that they have to play perfectly, I don't expect perfection, and if I'm giving them advice which I have a few times, it's advice which is going to help them get through sections of the game faster (the S-link with matching persona thing is key, less time sitting and playing checkers with Nanako more story advancement, etc;)  I laughed when they used the capsule machine, it was HIGHLY imperfect, but also hilarious.

They're playing on one save file and living with the consequences.  They're doing this for our amusement.  To say that those who haven't played P4 wouldn't understand would be inaccurate, those who haven't played P4 with hundreds if not thousands of people watching your every move wouldn't understand.  A heavy two to four hour grind session through the weaker enemies to acquire weak personas and fuse up and spending a ton of yen on the fox would get them out in one day.  But would everyone want to watch that?

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GoleX, while I appreciate your sentiment about some people taking this too seriously, I have to point out that neither Vinny nor Jeff consider Persona 4 to be a "terrible game" as you declared.  If that's your opinion about the game, then I apologize, but it seemed that you were assuming the actual intent of the Endurance Run was to play a game neither of the guys WANTED to play, which is untrue as stated on the last Bombcast.

It's just a shame there isn't some way to vet potential comment suggestions in a forum and then submit a relatively simple and brief list of suggested strategies or tips.  I haven't played Persona 4, but I imagine it would be difficult to even find a real consensus on general things the guys should watch out for.

I just hope the run continues, but not with EVERY detail worked out for them in advance.

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^ Look at the very first comment to that video. I have tried to offer advice, spending time trying to help the duo, before my comments in this thread. I haven't just "bitched" or whatever.

I don't think they should use a guide for P4. The game isn't as hard as P3 and it takes away all the fun if you use a day-to-day planner to tell you what to do to max out everything. I've never used a guide for P3 or P4 aside from when I got stuck on a few of the hard as nails bosses. I do, however, think Vinny and Jeff need to do some serious comment reading if they hope to continue the run beyond this week.

All I really want the duo to do is A) make sure they have a persona of the same arcana as social links they're ranking up and B) fuse personas often, keeping most near to the level of the MC. That's it. There's nothing in-depth or difficult about doing those things - they're the basics of the game.

/seriously goes back to lurking

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I hope you guys are singing the same tune if Vinny/Jeff ignore comments until Friday and then quit because they can't handle the game. :)

Yeah, dude, I have no idea why anybody would think you're too emotional about Vinny and Jeff's playthrough.  You don't come across that way at all.  Certainly, that last sentence doesn't show that you're upset.
Posted by PosableActionFigure

Really, there's no grinding required here.

They have personas in their inventory. They have personas in their compendium.

All that's required is a session in the velvet room, fusing down all the useless personas into something a bit more useful.

Remember, they aren't going for specific personas with specific abilities at this point. What's most important right now is just getting a few personas up there around the MC's level, so he's not underpowered. Obviously you want to make sure you have the schools of magic covered, but that's something they already know and will likely happen naturally by fusing what they have now anyway.

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It almost never hurts to fuse. It can only either make you a bit more powerful, or make you god like.

I recommend a Sarasvati, she has a tons of nice abilities + she regenerates your SP while you fight. There are probably hundreds of combinations to get her, but I suggest Eligor + Omoikane + Slime. Hopefully she inherits resist physical from slime and maragi from eligor, and Tarunda would be really nice on her for the boss (if you guys ever use it).

Posted by Six

at least we now know what the game over screen looks like

Posted by SinGulaR

Nice move silencing those mages. But you should've escaped after that.

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ProTip:  Escaping from battle is a good thing sometimes.

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No worries guys...you will be victorious!! (some day)
Here´s a music piece to keep you in the right mood.

Posted by Seroth

lol @ comment drama

I think it's cool how you guys give advice ('cause Vinny says he reads them), but there's no need to be elitist about it. If you want them to look at a guide or whatever, and decide to give them advice, then write as if you're writing the guide yourself. You know, in some kinda crazy professional tone.

But whatever.

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Love the comments and I haven't even watched the video. Anger! Frustration!

I guess my only suggestion without seeing what happened yet would be that escape is your friend, it's always on the table. Vanish Ball is an instant escape item, I always keep plenty on hand. There's no shame in running away, the enemy disappears from the map and you are still alive! Works like a charm.

Posted by MackGyver

Pro tip: When you're facing death, ESCAPE. When you succeed in escaping you go back to where you were in the dungeon WITHOUT the enemy that just completely kicked your ass. That should give you a chance to heal up or back out or whatever, WITHOUT DYING.

Posted by BenderUnit22

Lol, haven't watched it yet, but the picture is effin' brilliant.

Get an intern, have him grind levels off camera for an hour and go back in :P

Posted by Rain_1

Aion sounds like an annoying WoW guild member.

"WHAT? You only have a 14% crit rate? It should be 16! You're kicked from the guild!"

Do you think they care they're doing badly? Most of the people watching certainly don't. If i wanted to play Persona 4, i'd play it myself. I'm not watching for the game, i'm watching for the commentary and situations.

I personally would cringe every time they would go past the tempe in the shopping area and they would say "I wonder if we can go back to the temple", even tho they're right in front of it - and that's the funny part.

I don't mind if they stop doing an endurance run of persona. There's a reason why i never liked perosna games - they look too complicated, with too much stuff to follow. I wouldn't blame them if they stopped playing it. I would blame them if they stopped the endurance run segment altogether.

Changing games is not only not a problem, but also the natural course of things.

Posted by MasterSquirrel

XD Nice video guys. I must say that you put up a better fight than I did the first time I ran into those magi.

My only suggestion is run whenever you find those guys again. I did that through the whole dungeon and beat the boss without a problem.

Anyway, you're getting plenty of suggestions from others so I won't provide anymore. I'm really enjoying watching you guys play through it and I hope you're having as much fun as we are. ^_^

Posted by Inuzagi

LOL, I saw that ending a mile away(the moment you decided to use senri was all I needed to know how would this vid end). Better luck next time guys.

Posted by Azteck

Everyone should just chill out. Geez, it's a game. They do it for fun. It's not a walkthrough. Get over it and laugh along 'cause lets face it, this series is hilarious.

If you read this Vinny or Jeff, keep playing and ignore the negativity.

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Please please please check the status of equipment before equipping.

P.S. Run or use a Vanish Ball in situations like that.

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Monster- "No Yosuke, you get the fuck back down." That was pretty good you guys, ha ha.

Posted by MeierTheRed

In the glorified name of Satan, calm the fuck down people! its a game and they are playing it for fun. And its their first game over screen.

So takes those calming pills or lobotomize your selves and have a lie down.

Posted by nekoNari

Let's get reminded how dumb we are!

Posted by HatKing

Urf...how is it always on days I need to go to work that they have the 50min episodes and on my days off when I'm sitting around bored they have the 17min episodes!  ACK!  Oh well.

Posted by kainen

the sheer nerd-herdery of this lot is pretty impressive

Posted by Origina1Penguin

Vinny: "How about we split.  I don't have a good feeling about this, man."

Famous last words, lol.

It always sucks when that happens.  On the bright side, at least you know the weaknesses for a bunch of enemies, so it will go by faster next time.  The buff spells are good too.  Chie's boost attack is useful for me, especially when fighting shadows with no weaknesses or a bunch of health.  I think enemies with no weaknesses are easier to confuse / silence / etc as well.  Hopefully that helps.

Posted by AllanIceman

Wow, that screen shot is amazing!

Posted by trimon

Jeff and Vinny are listening to us and we should be grateful for the long episodes. :) I hope noone spoiled anything for them :(

Oh Jeff and Vinny, you can press SQUARE to see the bonuses of equipments.
Posted by KevSlider

Ryan's a killjoy.

Posted by AaronP

Woah, well i think its time to give up on this one guys 40days is enough, time for a fresh endurance run.

To be honest i don't know why you didn't try and escape as obviously you wouldn't have been able to take all 3 down just doing 30 damage each time.

Oh well i guess I'll checkout how tomorrow is and hope you fuse some awesome personas or something.

Posted by LordAndrew

You're counting on them remembering those weaknesses. ;)

Posted by HatKing

They kept their cool a lot better than I would have...I know if I lost an hours worth of progress I'd be throwing my controller or something.

Posted by papercut

Aw man, that just pains me to see...even though it was hilarious.

Better luck tomorrow

Posted by FoxMulder

Seriously!  Why are all of you guys complaining and telling them how to play??? This is just for FUN they aren't actually putting this out as a walkthrough for the game.  Geeze...

Posted by dagas

Even if you have grinded like crazy a random instant death spell on the main character can ruin everything...no amount of HP or defense will help, if it hits, you are dead. Wouldn't be that much of a problem if there were some more save points, at least P4 have one in school as well. P3 only had the one in Tartarus and in the dorm.

Posted by nekoNari

Think you should make use of NEXT button (whatever that is) more often, as tactics really decides the outcome of each battle in this game. It may come in handy. :)

Posted by mgssnake

That was pathetic! That's what you get when you don't use or don't know how to use buffs and debuffs. Also confusion, fear and silencing is an option. It worked with the tigers, could've worked in the end as well.
I would've revived and healed everyone and kept the enemies mouth shut by silencing. Although i'm sure i saw them having spells for confusion somewhere or even confuse all, which would be great. They'd just attack each other and you have to attack the WEAKEST of them all, NOT the strongest like Jeff and Vinny did with the tigers.

Posted by FuzzYLemoN

Oh geez, I just watched the entire thing without checking how long it was first. o_O
Oh well, Yosuke getting revived and immediately dying again near the end was worth it. :D

Posted by redgauss

This is the funniest series on the internet!

Posted by Gwendle

That suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks

Posted by mgssnake

@ Aion
I understand your frustration and i have no idea why jeff isn't better at his cause he's playing P4 on his free time, but when they do the Endurance Run they try to make it entertaining, not just a typical play through. Although sucking in battles DEFINITELY isn't entertaining.
As for looking at a guide - this has pros but cons as well. It will take time, make things boring (you know, take the fun out of the game) and stuff like that. They might be better off by just reading the comments and using the advice the viewers are giving but i suspect they almost newer read them or they have very short memories. I suspect it might be cause they record 1 or 2 hours at one time and can rarely use the comment advice.

Posted by Draco9898

That was silly guys...Come on!

Posted by Konanda

Need to buy yourselves some Vanish Balls. Also for next time if you're facing an enemy that isn't taking alot of damage from your attacks, doesn't have a weakness you can exploit and takes down most of your party in a turn or two from relatively full health probably don't want to chance seeing if you can edge it out especially if there is multiple enemies. You should probably do some of the fox's quests as well since they up his social link and also make SP recovery from him cheaper.

*add obligatory fuse some persona closer to Charlie's level

Posted by Scooper

Do an endurance run of something else please that's more like 10 hours and burn through games abit faster instead of staying on 1 for ever and having to give up.

Prehaps play through an RPG like Fable 2 or something like that, that would be cool.

Posted by Dirk_P_Ho

my god i was yelling at this video.