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Edited by HudsonFromAliens

"Uhhh... Ohhh... Blue Wall...."

Posted by Duffyside
Posted by Pop

long ass dungeon!

Posted by evanbower

Weak against peanuts, strong against forgetting things.

Someone engrave that in something!

Posted by vorpalparasite

Oh man, amazing episode! Made my sides hurt with laughter.

Posted by Talon64

What... What are we doing!? Oh my god....


Posted by Ratfoot

The bit about Andra being a naked Birdman impersonator for Eyes Wide Shut was great.

Posted by TruthTellah

Oh my gosh, this was the most stressful episode of P4ER. 

They got so near to death so many times...

Posted by Olivaw

Man I forgot how they never use Rampage even though it's the best attack! Frustration abounds watching other people play RPGs.

Posted by LackLuster


Posted by Thundernoob

I like how they say " we should probably save the main chars SP" and than proceed to waste it casting wind attacks even though yosuke has wind lol

Posted by ObsideonDarman

If only they knew at this point that this Dungeon was 11 Floors long.

Edited by ominousbedroom

Yukiko: Have I gotten a little stronger?
Jeff: NO! God....
I love watching random episodes of the ER time and time again.

Posted by afrofools

Oh wow, just realized "goho-m" is meant to sound like "go home".

Posted by Undeadpool

"Is that Aquaman with an elephant head?!" I totally missed that the first time. Great comment.

Edited by FelixLighter

 Classic episode.    Dad's wearing his Owl Head again.
 They got sooo lucky.  
Jeff loses it at 40:34.  Hilarious. 
"OH SHIT!    

Posted by Blueblur1

Wow, they got really lucky in the end. When I get back to my save I gotta remember the stuff about ailments. I've been avoiding them all this time!

Posted by Slax

The "walk" animation in the dungeons is bothering me... But this ER is soooo addicting!

Posted by Yummylee

Dayum. This dungeon is a real grind.
Posted by Urmean


Posted by MarcoRodriguez

tho its too late the rush is an almighty attack they 're resistant to almighty 
other news you guys are funny as hell keep up the good work!

Posted by Zereta

Funniest one so far. I couldn't stop laughing during the Owl Man and Vanish Ball segments. Jeff and Vinny combo is damn hilarious. 
Oh and you took that boss out good.

Posted by ThePantheon


Posted by IceTrey87

STOP BEING SUCH PANSIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Fight the glowing monsters.
Posted by AlexB

Wow you guys actually handled that boss battle perfectly. Way to put the debuffs to use. Love these episodes they are so entertaining.

Posted by MordeaniisChaos



I love how Charlie dogded twice when he would have died. Luck was with you.

Posted by DarkEnzanArikado

Yeah, good luck with that Aion, you can barely even remove yourself out of your own home. Good luck removing the staff off their own website.

Posted by freakydude20



oh my god i about died laughing

Posted by strangeling

Go Vinny, Go!

Posted by The_Soviet

Jeff dropped more than a few F bombs in this endurance run.

Posted by Media_Master


Posted by Creamypies

Your guys Andra reaction was priceless! BIRRRRRRDMAAAAAN!

Posted by sdauz

this is awesome.....ppl no spoliers pls

Posted by John


Posted by Darknaut

Persona 4 is serious business, as are all video games, and thus having fun is unacceptable when playing it.

Posted by guilherme

Hey Jeff and Vinny, just finished the game yesterday! Took 80 hours, and IS worth it ;) Keep going!

Posted by Kman


Posted by IceColdGamer

Another excellent episode =) Thanks for the entertainment guys. It's nice to just chill the hell out and just watch a couple of guys have fun playing a game.

Posted by legendary1

Yo guys, when you aren't really doing anything special and are just waiting around to use yousuke to nail those rocks with wind, switch to sarasvati and start regenerating SP.

Posted by FrankCanada97

My brain imploded into itself when I read the last post.

Edited by Aion

I now have a devoted follower called 'Eion'. My plan to remove all Americans, Halo players and people without a 'D' at the start of their names is clearly going well. Soon there be only good people and skilled P4 players remaining on this website.

As a rule, each of my followers names must contain 4 letters, the last being I, O and N. And my followers must have an image of an eye.

Posted by Sabata

When Yosuke gets Tentarafoo you guys can use that on the dudes that keeping kicking your ass; they seem to be susceptable to confusion.   Once they're confused you'll get a few free hits at 'em.

Posted by Slaneesh

I give up. Aion you woundt be able to pass a simple iq test. Your anwsers are those of a simple liar whos bin busted and then yells out "I knew it all along! Im super smart and played you all"
You meant every single word. Don´t worry i wont be arguing with you any longer, since theres nothing to argue against. I hope you are smarter in real life.

Posted by SpunkyHePanda

I'm not sure whether it's impressive or embarrassing that you put so much effort into that. I'm leaning towards embarrassing.

Posted by Eion

God, I really just can't take this anymore.  It is just so clear that Vinny is just some Halo Xbot who wouldn't understand the DEPTH and COMPLEXITY of games from such an amazing country as Japan.  They suck at Persona 4, and I should know, I have beaten it 6 times already, I can max out all the social links with my eyes closed, one handed.  And they can't even grasp the increidble drama of it all!  How Funky Student is a commentary on the brown person in modern japan, yet they just laugh at him! Disgusting!  If they had half a brain they would be doing everything Aion is telling them to, he is CLEARLY the only person on this website that knows what he is talking about.  I wouold give them advice too, but this Chie hentai won't jerk off to itself.

Posted by Meltbrain

Can someone kindly destroy Aion? Seriously, the guy isn't even leaving constructive advice anymore, he's just trolling for the sake of trolling.

Posted by Kbm600


I find your answers disgusting to this. These videos are incredibly entertaining to watch. Am I a Halo-loving American? I am an an American, yes. Do I love Halo? Nah, but I enjoy playing it. This doesn't make me any less intelligent than you, nor does it give you the right to rag on an enjoyable series simply because they're not playing it the correct way. Honestly, if they were playing one of my favorite game series completely wrong and doing it the way they're doing now, I would be extremely happy as such. I can't understand why you want to berate and completely try to tear down what they're doing. Just enjoy it. I like seeing them succeed and mess up on their own, they're hilarious and they make extremely entertaining videos. I can't understand why people can't just let it go.

It's not such a big deal, it's just a run through the game. They're not looking to "achieve your level of expertise" or anything. Just let it go.

Posted by King9999

Haha.  I love how these guys play with their lives against the mages.  Let this be a lesson...never fight the mages.

Edited by SpunkyHePanda

That's true, I guess I just don't like the way it's set up in P3. I think it's too easy to get a player advantage, and in Hard mode, it's pretty much required that you do it every time or you will die. It gives combat a different feel, where you're basically racing to kill every enemy before they get a turn.

Also, you could always avoid every enemy to get the checkpoint, warp back to the previous checkpoint and start bashing some enemies. You get your experience and you can warp out without consequence whenever you find a teleporter.

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