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Posted by Supermarius

In case you guys were wondering, the fourth is the last day you have to save Kanji, or else. Good luck!

Posted by Reverseface

Use the fucking ball!! go up the fucking stairs!! HAHahAHAH that was great xD

Posted by DualFayte

Lol Jeff, you're the man

Awesome episode guys!

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Sweet episode guys!  Those close calls make an exciting show.  :)

I thought, man, they just lost an hour of progress and will have to fight the mid-boss again.  *chuckle*

Posted by DickDarlington

@MagicGimp: The question marks under the ability to be learned next on each Persona tell you how many more skills that Persona can learn. When you run out of question marks, that Persona can not learn any new skills.

Cool job with the mini-boss and all the dodging at the end. I guess it was lucky that they put the Volt Supressor on Charlie instead of Yosuke. It'd still probably be more useful on Yosuke, though.

I think the chests and enemies respawn if you leave the dungeon you're in, enter another dungeon, and then come back. I don't remember if the floor layout reshuffles.

Looking at the shadow of the monster and timing your sword swing works even on the ground monsters. You can kind of see the shadow under them and it's usually near the back if you approach from behind. I usually have to get real close and then wack them from behind. If you just run up behind them quickly, they'll notice you but they pause for a split second for the "Huh"-animation which should be enough for you to close the distance and wack them from behind.

If it's still giving Vinnie trouble then I'd suggest you stop trying to surprise them. If they notice you and they run straight at you it's easier to time the swing to hit them. Even if you "miss" they'll usually run right into your sword.

If you guys go to Yukiko's castle to fight the Contrarian King, look around the room after you defeat it. You do get a cool weapon for Yukiko, but it's not part of the loot from defeating it. You have to look around the room where you fought the king to find it.

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Also hitting the shadow in the back only increases the chance of surprise, the relative level diffrence matters as well.  On the first time through a dungeon its better to try to avoid being surprised than trying to surprise since even if you hit them in the back there's still a decent chance that ti will just be a normal encounter while Enemy Advantage could mean game over if you're weak to their attacks.

Second time through your chance for Advantage goes way up allowing you to kill many enemies while saving SPs and getting through the entire dungeon in one day.
Posted by Aion

If you hit an enemy directly on the back, no matter what level you are, you'll get the jump on them. The problem is, shadows have a sixth sense in P4, and their reaction speeds are very, very fast if you're around the same level as them or lower. Because of the size and speed of higher level shadows, it isn't worth trying to hit them on the back until they're smaller and slower.

Posted by CleverLoginName

Wondrous Magus has a present for you friend.

Posted by TripMasterMunky

I thought those magicians were gonna get you again. Charlie's lucky he dodged twice.

Posted by Carlos1408

I laughed so much when that showed up!!! lol

Edited by Slaneesh

@i agree with something someone was saying
@i also agree with my previous sentence that i agree with something someone was saying. Just saying

Oh and whats up with the AION hating? Just because hes a DickFace who thinks hes a persona 4 personal lifestyle coach doesn´t mean hes 100% retarded.

Edit: @Carlos1408  i agree the owl man was awsome and 1 more epic moment for this endurance run

Posted by Aion

Slaneesh, since you're American AND a Halo fan, I thought I'd help you out by re-typing your sentence for you:

"Oh, and why do you guys constantly throw childish insults in the direction of the one known as Aion? Just because he knows more about Persona 4 than Vinny and actually offers helpful advice, instead of comments like '*yip*', doesn't give you the right to attack him. Bow to him instead of trying and failing to offend him."


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Vinny gets extra points for the Piers Anthony reference.  =D

ROFL at the owl man!  XD

Posted by lukusluke

The fact of the endurance run sang in on Jeff and he got scared. Awesome episode, I wasn't looking forward to the non social stuff but this episode brought it back strong!

Posted by Aion

Y'know, if they ever get through Persona 4, I'd love to see them do a P3 run. By the time they beat P4, they'll probably be pretty good at the game; ready for more of a challenge in the form of P3. It's just too bad they won't do a P3 run because A) they'd be going backwards, B) they'll probably be sick of Persona by the time this run is over and C) it'll interest more people if they go with a different type of a game.

I'd LOVE to see their reactions to the Hermit social link in P3. A teacher who talks in text speak and REALLY lets her hair down - easily the best link in P3. Their reactions during the student with a crush on his teavher would probably be amusing, too.

Posted by Peanut

I've watched all of these, but it's starting to get to me how difficult they make the game for themselves, and the looong amounts of hesitation there is between each choice made. All of the jackasses on here who give super elaborate advice on simple matters don't help any. The game isn't that difficult, kids, and Jeff and Vinny aren't retarded.

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Awesome episode, the owl man thing and the: USE THE FUCKING BALL thing were hilarious

Posted by KnifeySpoony

Great job guys, making a lot of progress. Crap, I was going to say can't wait for more tomorrow but I forgot it's Friday :(

Posted by Wildfire570

I love the battle theme of this game, its so catchy. Now I want to buy P4 not only for the game but for the soundtrack as well

Posted by BenderUnit22

Good episode. Getting some debuffs on for the first time and then they even equipped Sarasvati.

Btw, if I remember correctly, the boss will be on the next floor (although you probably already recorded that segment anyway)

Posted by License_To_Bill

Aion: Vinny already went through most of P3:FES, so he probably wouldn't want to do it all again.

Posted by Aion

...Seriously? I don't believe that. There's no way someone could play through most of P3 and be so bad at P4 - P4 was built on the gameplay of P3. I know Vinny has a bad memory but SURELY he'd be better at P4 had he put some hours into P3? :|

Posted by Nasar7


The game only comes with half of the soundtrack, so you'll have to buy it separately for all the tracks.
Posted by skilzlost

mysterious gershman .. yip!

Posted by Liquid306

Dude I fuckin' love this Endurance Run! Hope it never ends! Persona 4 DLC, for the love of god!

Posted by ZmillA

yeah you guys are loosing me. Watching someone grind an rpg for days, wtf is my problem.

Posted by ChrisTaran

Oh man, nice cliffhanger!  I hope you guys focus on Chie for the dating part of the social link, she's pretty damn awesome.

Can't wait for Monday!

(also that close call with the vanish ball was hilarious!)

Posted by Intrepid

Loving these endurance runs! That was an incredibly lucky break.  Just to note, that the GUARD option is there for you to negate a characters weakness on the FIRST hit, but it makes all the difference between getting hit once or getting caught in a "weak" chain.

Posted by Lilarcor

The Wonderous Magi are one of the worst random encounters in the game, for the record. I've wiped to them more than once at that point in the game.

For the boss, you may want to equip Yukiko with those Cool Beads, because the boss can cause Rage and she has Me Patra which can cure it. Also, focus on his Nice Guy minion first, because it will heal and buff him and that's a huge pain. But most importantly: have Yosuke cast Dekaja WHENEVER Nice Guy uses Heat Riser. Heat Riser raises all 3 stats at once, so it will make Shadow Kanji waaaaay harder if you don't get rid of it immediately. Nice Guy absorbs Ice, and Tough Guy absorbs Fire and Physical, so Magaru is the best choice for an attack that hits all three enemies. There's no single Persona that you need like Senri last time, but most of this boss's attacks will be either lightning-based or physical, so having a Persona that resists one or both is a good idea.

Also, Yosuke's weakness is lightning, so that Volt Supressor you found yesterday would be better on him than on Charlie.

Posted by darkspirit138

These guys put Solid Snake to shame with their tactical espionage against rare and strong monsters.

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HAH Vinny and Jeff.

I TOLD you to be nice to be Fox. That's what you get for not listening to me lol.

and I TOLD you to level slime to 7 to get Resist Physical. Why won't you listen to me!!! lol

Well that's part of the fun in endurance run. You guys make me scream at the screen everytime you do fusion, and that's just pure entertainment lol.

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God is watching this Endurance Run and really wants it to continue.  That's the only explanation for the staggering amount of good luck shown in the double-dodge.

Y'know, if they ever get through Persona 4, I'd love to see them do a P3 run

I'd like them to at least see the Devil S.Link in P3.

Posted by RocketFacepalm

I think Vinny needs to invert the camera controls. I had a bit of problems with the camera too but that disappeared once I inverted the camera since I always invert the controls if the game gives that option. So, Vinny, you could try inverting the camera and see if that would help.

Posted by Meptron

oh man, i really want to know what was in that chest!!! Now I'll never know! Arrgh!!!!

Edited by Aion

What Vinny really needs is to be locked in a room with no windows, a TV, a PS2 and a PS2 game. He needs to hold the PS2 pad until he's one with it; until he can move without looking at the pad to see where the buttons. He must train himself.

It's quite painful watching him open a door and not go through it because he can't move the camera fast enough to see what's inside. He even needs Jeff to tell him when chests/red dots appear on the map because he seems unable to see these things. ;___;

The Devil social link is quite good. The Hermit one is my favourite because of the text speak and amusing content, but Tanaka wasn't too bad. His rants about how he deserves to be where he is and how donating his hard-earned money to slackers wouldn't be right would likely allow for some decent comments. I actually finished maxing out that link today - I'm replaying P3 at the mo.

Posted by Sawjabwhai

the game IS that difficult when these guys play it

Posted by starrjack1

When I play Left4Dead with my friends on our own server, we figure there are two ways to win.  Play legit and when or make the other team ragequit.  Now I only wish there was someway to make Aion Ragequit the internet, because then I feel like I will have won the internet in the best way possible.  Oh a guy can dream...

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use the f+++++ ball .. go up the f++++++ stairs

>< them dudes r seriosuly hard ><

n1 guys

Posted by AaronP

Real good episode guys, so glad you didn't die with those lucky 2 misses on you.

Posted by gakon

"Funny quote from today's episode"


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Between the naked owl persona & the stupidly placed lvl2 pixie, you just got to wonder sometimes about the developers on this game.

BTW what happens if you take the yin/yang teardrop personas & fuse them together/

Posted by deerpoob

Ice, ICe, ICE, ICE!! ICE!!!!!
Posted by Renegade

LOL, when King Frost came up, was I the only one that said 'woohhh' at exactly the same time as Jeff and Vinny? DAMN! lol

Posted by MikeLemmer

Nice run, guys. Skilled and entertaining. Be sure to slap whichever one of you suggested avoiding the Wealth Hand, though; it's massive yen and a Chest Key, so you get yen and an item in exchange for no XP. Tomorrow's the big day, so don't forget to prep properly!

1. Go to the Artsy Armorsmith and turn in all your materials; get any new gear that catches your eye.
2. Go to the Item Shop & stock up on Goho-Ms, Vanish Balls, and a couple (+100 HP to all party members) Kits.
3. Go to the Velvet Room & see what new fuses you can make. You're Lvl 22 now, so you can make King Frost.
4. Kick ass & take names.

Oh, and if you finish the dungeon with a rainy day still left, you should definitely try the Beef Bowl Challenge. Great for raising stats and the description is a hoot.
Posted by MikeLemmer

@Fox: It depends on their class. The result of fusions depends on the classes & levels of the Personas; there's actually a grid in the manual that details how fusing X & Y results in Z.

The Lvl. 2 Pixie was because they would've fused 2 Magician personas. Fusing 2 personas of the same class creates the next lowest persona in that class; it's mostly useless, but you can get obscenely useful high-level abilities onto lower personas using it. (And then fuse those lower persona to get it onto something completely different.)

The naked owl man... yeah, no explanation for that. That is not the weirdest persona you can summon, by far.
Posted by Wright

haha pretty awesome one. just bugged me that you didn't get that chest when you could of easily ran past lol.

Posted by JackiJinx

Keep on fighting the good fight, fellas.

Posted by AndrewB

What a terrible place to leave off on a Friday eve. "You may have a good dream!"

Posted by ep_driver

One of the best episodes EVER. Watching the battle where they were all about to die and charlie dodged two attacks and they used the ball was like watching the final minute of a tied super bowl game for me. "Use the fucking ball!" Hahaha, had me rollin. Keep it goin Jeff and Vinny

Posted by SolidSnake35

Leave Vinny alone. You're such a meanie, Aion! *sob sob*