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Posted by namesonkel

King Frost isn't your persona, he's more like your pimp.

Posted by Duffyside
Posted by thebunnyhunter

damn my last week has just been a blur thanks to this endurance run

Posted by buft

Boss fight time i hope, these guys are rocking this, its persuaded me to play P3P which is awesome, im almost at a similar level to what im watching here

Posted by HubrisRanger


Posted by Rox360

Of course no one's out when it's raining, don't you know about the purple fog?!
Man, this is kinda eerie...

Posted by LackLuster

My first Endurance run continues to truck along

Posted by gave1

i love the angry apostrophe

Edited by Marokai

Watching the Endurance run a second time makes me realize more and more things. Losing Jack Frost and fusing an un-bonused King Frost without passing on Resist Fire is painful to watch. It's funny to see how they were at fusing toward the beginning of the run, since they got much better at fusing later, but early on they went from not fusing at all to fusing everyone for the sake of fusing more people.

Posted by Undeadpool

"How can you play this game without a walk-through your first time?!!! How do you know you're playing the game right?!!!!!" 
"Uh...we're having fun?" 
Seriously, looking back on these comments I'm surprised they didn't blame Vinny for the inverted Empress card.

Posted by Talon64

I wish I'd known about this when they first started. I've spent the past month watching the episodes up until now and it's been awesome. 
My favorite moment so far's the trip getting cancelled.  "Charlie listen to me, kill the kid, torch the house, we gotta get outta here!"  It literally had me in tears.

Posted by IrishCoffee

I don't understand why I love watching this Endurance run so much. I also have a terrible urge to buy the game...if only I had a PS2...

Posted by Blueblur1

I lost it when Jeff made fun of Anzu. I really enjoyed this episode because you can see that they've caught onto a lot of things or at least Jeff has. And there's only one post in the comments by Aion instead of seven posts in the Ep. 45 comments. Crazy!

Posted by Ramone

YES! CCR reference in the caption. Best Caption EVA

Posted by Arrested_Developer
@Olivaw: I'm the same way, if something goes bad right after I've saved I have no problem hitting reset.
Posted by buwchbach

Oh! King Frost is a BADASS!

Posted by Olivaw

So I'd probably just reload after the tremendous amount of bullshit the game just threw at you, and try that floor again.
But that's me. I'm kind of a conservative at jRPGs because I hate the way they are designed.

Posted by Aarny91

I love the King Frost "Heyyyyy...."

Posted by Fritzerbacon

lol, SUUUPER!!!

Posted by strangeling

Go Vinny, Go!

Posted by piropeople13


Posted by Media_Master

Jack Frost

Edited by fox01313

Skip the romance angle & getting courage, after all popularity leads to intimacy which is all you need, so get popular! Yip:) 

Posted by flamingbananas

those were the wrong stakes.
they are just below at ayias.

Posted by Hobbitgoth

That's what she said Gryphon!

Posted by CommodoreGroovy

If you're stressing about the way they play the game, take a chill pill, everyone plays differently. If they want to purchase steaks, then there's nothing you can say to stop them. Even if they are playing the game wrong, it doesn't matter we viewers are along for the ride, and nobody likes a backseat driver.

Posted by ashogo

wow, I think the number of comments bitching about people who bitch about how jeff and vinny play has actually surpassed the number of comments that are doing the bitching.

...yeah. You guys did a lot of stuff right today, but I hope you don't waste all that sp by going home right away. Take down shadow Kanji!

Posted by beeryayghost

-enter bitchy rant about how these guys are playing the game all wrong-

Posted by Krast


Hah, didn't know that. In my defense, I never leveled any of my personae on my first run besides maybe a couple. S'all good.

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

the suspense is building. will they beat the boss???

Posted by SpoonyBard

Still Awesome guys!

Hopefully you guys will be leveling up a bit more before charging in there right!?  Kanji wants an experienced man to tango with!

It's a bad, bad bathouse!

Posted by King9999

@Krast:  Nope, Jack Frost learns Mind Charge.  It's the last skill he learns, but it takes him five levels to learn it.  Check a FAQ and see for yourself.

Posted by ezdude

Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Hey Hey Hey. Beat that king!

Posted by Delta_Ass

I <3 Eion. Please make sweet sweet love to me.

Posted by insane_shadowblade85

Vinny's indecisiveness makes for funny commentary, for me at least lol.

Posted by Krast


Nah, Jack Frost doesn't learn Mind Charge unless you fuse it into him. Black Frost is the persona that gets Mind Charge. (He's a pretty dandy persona, too.)

Anyway.... Can't wait for tomorrow, dudes!

Posted by Sarumarine

I was secretly hoping that you’d get King Frost. After seeing his silhouette I was curious just how big he really was.

Posted by Renegade


Posted by King9999

You guys should keep Jack Frost around.  He learns Mind Boost, which powers up the next spell you use.  Very useful to have throughout the entire game.

Posted by gryphon_gold

Seriously guys, don't feed the troll.

Posted by SpunkyHePanda

Very subtle, Eion.

Posted by Eion

They are buying STEAK? STEAK!?!? Oh BULLSHIT, they need to be dragged out to the street and SHOT for this blasphemy against persona!  It made me so mad I ripped off one of the ears from my Teddie plushie.  Thanks Vinny and Jeff, I paid ¥60,000 for that!  This wouldn't have happened if you would stop being IDIOTS and read Aions comments! 

Posted by gakon


Posted by MikeLemmer

You have one more day of rain to finish this, but I think you have enough SP to attempt the boss today.

At least go back to the Castle and kick that King's ass today, now that you have another 8 levels on him. It'll raise your Courage and you can search the room for a +SP weapon for Yukiko.
Posted by dagas

I hope there is a song about Persona 4 in the next Midnight Brown album ^^

Posted by endaround

Nope order doesn't matter, its always random (well sort of, the resulting persona tends to prefer certain skills ie Ice personas love ice and hate fire)

Posted by SpunkyHePanda

I... don't think that's true.

Posted by TriangleHard

Here's a hint.

The order you pick persona changes what might show up in fused persona.

So don't just roll it, but roll it in different order.

Posted by GamerGeek360

What?! No end to the Chie dream!! This is an OUTRAGE!

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