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Posted by legendary1

Mamudo is low chance of instant kill all - dark. Just the same as mahama. Mamudoon is the medium chance of instant kill all, mahamoan being the light equivilent.

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Haha, Empress  Arcana says hello! You know, I think these Endurance Runs would have been less fun if they played Persona 3 instead. HP and SP recovery in-dungeon was a lot easier in that game...

Edit: This is probably already obvious and previously said, but exploit enemy weaknesses. Do it as often as possible and don't forget the buffs and debuffs!

Posted by Curufinwe

6:18, hehe.

Posted by broqz

i can see how some people are getting worked up about how they are playing the game but really, do we want them to have fun with it or play it with a FAQ? 
i for one am really into it at this point to see how it's gonna end.  i doubt they will continue this game all the way to the end.  in fact i hope they don't and move on to some other game that will afford them the chance to entertain us on daily.

Posted by deerpoob

people dont seem to realize that they are not playing this game, trying to do everything perfectly, I hate people who play games trying to set up the perfect team, reading guides and doing these incredibly specific things, there having fun with this game, if they follow all your guys instructuions chances are they wont have as much fun, and guess what that means? the endurance run will end.

Posted by El_Braka

The day they play P4 perfectly and efficiently and withseriousness is the day noone will be watching because all the funny's gone.  Those who're crying butthurt because "They're so bad" are missing the point.  Ironically, those attempting to suck the fun out of the Endurance Run tells me alot about of why they have a lot of time to scrutanize a virtual life instead of cultivating a real one.  Games is games.  If you're butthurt, stop watching.

Awesome playthrough as always, Vinny and Jeff.

Posted by RockinKemosabe

When I was playing Persona 4 first time, I despised the Bathhouse level, I wasted two hours worth of playtime because I died twice without exiting the dungeon and saving. After I think I exited and saved after every 2 levels just to be on the safe side so I wouldn't get frakked with after dying and starting all over again.

Posted by CleverLoginName

Hey Yosuke you look like your low on health, eat these steaks I keep in my pockets.

Posted by Hamst3r
legendary1: Mamudo is low chance of instant kill all - dark. Just the same as mahama. Mamudoon is the medium chance of instant kill all, mahamoan being the light equivilent

legendary1 totally didn't get the joke. Google search: Menudo.
Posted by KillaMaStA

A tip for the boss: You need to debuff him as soon as his buddies cast their stuff on him otherwise he will destroy you exactly like the bonus boss in the castle.

Posted by Sheldon

Hey Aion, lets say you were playing a game, this game is going to be called Real Life. Now lets say I'm older than you, in fact I am so much older than you, I know everything about everything, I know what's best because I am more experienced. Now say you just started Real Life. I'm going to decide everything you are going to do throughout your Real Life experience because I know what it takes to be perfect in every way possible. I am going to schedual every single day out for you, they may be things you may not want to do. Maybe there will be some things you will want to try that aren't on the list, but too bad I know what's best and you're going to do it. I'm sure you'll want to find things out for your own, try new things, experiment, but as you know, you are going to do what I say and if you don't, boy am I going to be angry. So as our first task, I want you to go outside, get a job at the local super market, no where else but there, and once you got that job I want you to go to the gym and start working out immediatly. I don't want you to not be in peak physical condition or be a poor slob. Trust me, I know what's best. So get to it.

Posted by SpunkyHePanda

What is more annoying? A couple of annoying comments from Aion OR fifty-or-so annoying comments from people insulting Aion? Let's get back on track here. Ignore it and move on.

Posted by sixpin

Yeah, we should be talking about naked owl-head parties and Hulk Hogan look-a-likes.

Posted by SpunkyHePanda

Sixpin knows what's up.

Posted by GioVANNI

I think it's funny how Aion is getting mad about them playing an RPG wrong.  That... that doesn't make much sense.

Posted by Intrepid

LOL, I love how Vinny just goes silent after seeing the mages...at least you guys got some revenge on them.

Posted by mudkip9000

It's gotten to the point where I look forward more to this than my other favorite show, The Daily Show. Keep it up!

Posted by mgssnake

@ Hamst3r
Are you referring to Mystery Food X or the fact that Menudo is "often thought of as a cure for a hangover"?

Posted by mgssnake

Oh yeah! I forgot all about the daily show. Gonna watch a few episodes.

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I believe he's referring to the popular Puerto Rican boy band.

Yo V - I - V - O por ti!

Posted by Curufinwe
A tip for the boss: You need to debuff him as soon as his buddies cast their stuff on him otherwise he will destroy you exactly like the bonus boss in the castle.

It sounded like Jeff knows the usefulness of Dekaja, so I think they'll do alright.
Posted by RelentlessKnight

Unless you want to go back a week or so. Try replenishing SPs for the Kanji boss because that boss will be ALOT harder than the Yukiko boss, you have encountered. Shadow Kanji has two helpers with him(Nice/Tough Guy). You need to wipe out the Nice Guy first, since he will buff the hell out of Shadow Kanji. Which you are required to use Yosuke's dekaja spell or Charlie's. Also try to debuff the boss also with that slime thingy dude. The Tough Guy resists physical attacks so I suggested you should stay clear of physical attacks. Just try off the Nice Guy and then Shadow Kanji.

Note that Shadow Kanji doesn't have any weaknessess.

Posted by guilherme

Hey, just because they started playing it everyone decided to play the game as well (I think I'm not the only one who became interested in the game because of this Endurance Run). So we played the game, and we try to give tips to them because of this and that but it's really up to them to consider these tips or not.

I think Jeff and Vinny don't even read the comments too much anymore because what was supposed to be something fun already became a war here in the comments. So calm down people.

They don't play this game all day, they have other work to do. Being all serious about it will only ruin the fun for everyone.

But if they decide to read this, I'll finish my comment saying that Curufinwe is right, you really must have Dekaja to debuff the enemy because it will make the battle much easier. A persona resistant to Phys attacks also is recommended.

Posted by Spiritof


Posted by Jost1

this is one of the best things on the internet, for real

Posted by Doubt

These Endurance vids are the greatest evar!

My only concern is if they do decide to actually finish the game, itd probably done by next year lol.

Keep at it guys your doing awesomely. GL
Posted by cmpLtNOOb

If you guys end up fighting those mages again (and they aren't from a glowing shadow), you should try to find their weakness you can finally figure out what it is and have a chance at the glowing ones who give much better exp.

And Aion...CALM THE HELL DOWN!!!!!  How about you yourself just stop watching if you are so annoyed with how they played.  This is for entertainment.  All you are doing to yourself is making you look like the guy who fits that "Revenge of the Nerds"-hardcore Trekkie-I'm fluent in Elvish stereotype.

Its just a game, pull the stick out of your ass.

Posted by HT101

Great episode and I also can't wait until the epic battle of tomorrow happens.

Posted by endaround


They are the same.  Glowing enemies are just enemies from higher floors.  They give more EXP when glowing because EXP scales and you're at a lower level when 1st facing them.  And they have no weakness except status attacks.
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A glowing shadow just means that it's more powerful than the other enemies on the same floor. The magi they fought today and the ones from the glowing shadow are the same, they just weren't glowing because they were on a higher floor. Also, they don't have any weaknesses.

Okay, endaround beat me. Great minds.

Posted by TwoLines

I loooove them endurance runs!

Posted by GamerGeek360

What?! No end to the Chie dream!! This is an OUTRAGE!

Posted by TriangleHard

Here's a hint.

The order you pick persona changes what might show up in fused persona.

So don't just roll it, but roll it in different order.

Posted by SpunkyHePanda

I... don't think that's true.

Posted by endaround

Nope order doesn't matter, its always random (well sort of, the resulting persona tends to prefer certain skills ie Ice personas love ice and hate fire)

Posted by dagas

I hope there is a song about Persona 4 in the next Midnight Brown album ^^

Posted by MikeLemmer

You have one more day of rain to finish this, but I think you have enough SP to attempt the boss today.

At least go back to the Castle and kick that King's ass today, now that you have another 8 levels on him. It'll raise your Courage and you can search the room for a +SP weapon for Yukiko.
Posted by gakon


Posted by Eion

They are buying STEAK? STEAK!?!? Oh BULLSHIT, they need to be dragged out to the street and SHOT for this blasphemy against persona!  It made me so mad I ripped off one of the ears from my Teddie plushie.  Thanks Vinny and Jeff, I paid ¥60,000 for that!  This wouldn't have happened if you would stop being IDIOTS and read Aions comments! 

Posted by SpunkyHePanda

Very subtle, Eion.

Posted by gryphon_gold

Seriously guys, don't feed the troll.

Posted by King9999

You guys should keep Jack Frost around.  He learns Mind Boost, which powers up the next spell you use.  Very useful to have throughout the entire game.

Posted by Renegade


Posted by Sarumarine

I was secretly hoping that you’d get King Frost. After seeing his silhouette I was curious just how big he really was.

Posted by Krast


Nah, Jack Frost doesn't learn Mind Charge unless you fuse it into him. Black Frost is the persona that gets Mind Charge. (He's a pretty dandy persona, too.)

Anyway.... Can't wait for tomorrow, dudes!

Posted by insane_shadowblade85

Vinny's indecisiveness makes for funny commentary, for me at least lol.

Posted by Delta_Ass

I <3 Eion. Please make sweet sweet love to me.

Posted by ezdude

Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Yukiko's castle Hey Hey Hey. Beat that king!

Posted by King9999

@Krast:  Nope, Jack Frost learns Mind Charge.  It's the last skill he learns, but it takes him five levels to learn it.  Check a FAQ and see for yourself.

Posted by SpoonyBard

Still Awesome guys!

Hopefully you guys will be leveling up a bit more before charging in there right!?  Kanji wants an experienced man to tango with!

It's a bad, bad bathouse!