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Posted by AndrewB

Awesomeness. This game has the most ridiculous boss design ever. I love it.

Posted by Food

I'm thinking drop Yosuke.  He is the LVP after all.

Posted by Peter

the 45 minute + eps are awsome. Waiting for one thats an hour

Posted by RockinKemosabe

Victory Lap! Victory Lap! Haha. I was scared that you guys wouldn't be able to pull it out of the hat, but you did! So congrats you beat Persona 4, now only 5 more dungeons to get through.

Posted by Ziaxool

Good episode.

Great job guys, Kanji gave me some trouble, you handled it nicely I think.

Posted by Mistral

You guys did a great job with that boss(although I'll admit I was thinking "YOU FOOLS! USE DEKAJA TO CANCEL OUT HEAT WAVE OR ELSE YOU WILL BE DOOOOOOOMED!" several times throughout the fight :P), and I hope this satisfies those people who go "waaaah they're not doing everything optimally waaaah". Vinny/Jeff do seem to realize that stat-altering spells are worth it(at least in boss fights) and that Yukiko, as awesome as her fire magic is, will (and or at least should) often be dedicated to healbot duty.

Now they should be able to take on the Contrarian King so that they can get Yukiko's best weapon in the entire game. Hopefully they realize that the +SP is infinitely better than anything the buyable weapons can give her, especially since Yukiko never physically attacks anything anyway.

Posted by ScriptKitty

and this is why we don't hide our gay feelings.

Posted by SuperfluousMoniker

How about Dragon Quest VIII for the next endurance run? :)

Posted by Delta_Ass

"Too bad half of it is your amnesiac inability to remember skills for like 2 minutes (which guy has the debuff?, Who has Media?)"

It's kinda hard to remember skills when they're called really bizarre things like "Gularaga" and "Rakajulababa" instead of sensible names like "Heal" or "Increase Attack Power."

Posted by Meltbrain


Posted by sdauz


Posted by zityz

Right on! great work on fighting that boss. I hate fighting bosses that have two lackeys beside them always annoying.

Posted by SonicFire

Way to go guys!!

Posted by Agent_Lost

nice and Yukiko is awesome

Posted by TheMagicalTurtle
It's kinda hard to remember skills when they're called really bizarre things like "Gularaga" and "Rakajulababa" instead of sensible names like "Heal" or "Increase Attack Power."

The trick is to break them down into prefixes and suffixes.
Ma- All enemies
Me- All Allies
-ula - Medium elemental spell (except for Agilao)
-dyne - High elemental spell
-unda - Debuff on enemy
-aja - Buff Allies
Ta- Attack
Ra- Defense
Suk- Hit/Evade
Posted by megalowho

awesome fight, that guy fucked me up first time around. you guys are really doing this, and it's been great to watch unfold

Posted by Junpei

great work. Surprised how smoothly it went for you. Looking forward to the story segments continuing... even though I know what's coming I love hearing the comments.

Posted by TheClap

Hanging out at textile shops leads to popularity.

Posted by Metroid545

nice work that seemed tougher than the yukiko boss which is weird since alot of people were saying it was down hill from there...

Posted by Frodo86

hey guys Dekaja worked because it completley took off his HIT Bonus and it lowered his ATTACK but it couldnt lower his attack enough because it was through the roof!.

Remeber that next time

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles

Good job on the boss guys.

Posted by snakefry

Are you guys going to review this game when you finish?

Posted by flamingbananas

by the way u are going to the wrong stake place,
it is Ayias just below the place you were going.

Edited by Aion

About the next boss being harder: I don't remember that. If memory serves me, the next dungeon is R's and the next 'real' boss is a fight against the 'head' of someone. It was very easy and straightforward, for me at least.

Persona 4 is an easy game. I was only worried early on because Vinny wasn't fusing and they weren't going to debuff/buff. Now that they are fusing and buffing/debuffing, there's nothing to worry about on the boss front unless they screw up badly on the fusion side, keeping shite skills or not fusing for awhile.

And there are 8 dungeons in P4; not 7. There are only 7 if you don't get the proper ending.

Posted by SketchyBrown

Hell yeah! Great work kickin' his un-ambiguously gay shadow-ass!

Posted by kagekage

u guys hav the memory of a 90 year old with alzehiemers.

Posted by Bakaneko

I swear though guys, you have GOT to start investing in memory enhancing products. And I'm not talking about what you forget day to day, because that's understandable. No what kills me is what you guys forget minute to minute. :D

Posted by trimon

Poor Kanji :(

His voice actor rocks
Posted by manathirst

They don't seem to know how to play this game.

Posted by Media_Master

strangest boss I've seen

Posted by strangeling

Go Vinny, Go!

Posted by CashBailey

Shadow Kanji = Subtle...

Posted by CaptainTightPants

lol i dont want to be on of those guys but its exasperating watching you guys play sometimes :P

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

Seems to me like the best thing to do would be, take out the tough guy, then the buff guy, then the main guy.

Posted by Kou_Leifoh

That was great.

Posted by Benjamimmy

I got my Persona 4 today and just checked here to see what level you where at this point, which is where I am now. We both are on 23, so I will hopefully have a chance.

Posted by BeefWaterfall

Would've thought that Shadow Kanji was weak to physical attacks from the girls. :)

Posted by ThePantheon

I love the fact I'm only up to 47 in ER and thats NOT EVEN CLOSE TO HALFWAY.
Giant Bomb: keepin' it awesome.

Posted by natetodamax
@strangeling said:
" Go Vinny, Go! "
Why do you write that on every single Endurance Run?
Posted by Griddler

That was an awesome episode :D

Posted by Olivaw

Man, I don't even play this game. In fact, based on what I'm seeing, I don't even really LIKE this game.
And yet it brings me such terrible pain to watch you play because damn son, from one RPG player to another, you kinda suck.

Posted by Zereta

I spend my time watching this screaming at my computer screen to tell you what to do. :P

Posted by Korne

Man, Vinny is slooooowwwwww. Seriously, instead of talking your way through the bad moves, just do the right ones, like casting defense down and then wailing the shit out of them.  
And stop bashing Yukiko, she'll save your ass more than anyone else. 

Posted by Blueblur1

That was good. The battle took a little longer than I expected though. They should have kept casting Tarukaja on Charlie instead of Chie and focused on using Garula and Agilao more often. Regardless, I hop they continue to get better.

Posted by IrishCoffee

I need to realize you guys can't hear me through space and time and stop yelling at my computer. 
But dam is it addicting to watch this

Posted by gamermatt8

Too bad they didn't realize that his power wasn't flashing. Dekaja got rid of tarukaja, can't get rid of power charge.
Posted by TheLawnWrangler

just beat this boss (while watching the video, but doing a different strategy. Kill nice guy, then tough, then kanji), and I must say, I got really lucky. Yukiko essentially dodged every single hit directed toward only her, I had a good thing going with me and chie fighting, yosuke and yukiko healing (mainly because my guy got poisoned, and i ran out of tea).
word up to your mother, Skull-o-Mania.

Posted by Maxtone

"It's like calling a bald guy curly, tough guy's the one you need to look out for."
"Hello Skullmania"

Posted by Undeadpool

Haters must get SO mad that Jeff and Vinny keep winning.

Posted by Sinkwater
@Maxtone said:
"  "It's like calling a bald guy curly, tough guy's the one you need to look out for.""Hello Skullmania" "
You mean nice guy
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