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Posted by BlazeHedgehog

Do buffs stack? I kept wishing you guys would triple de-buff Kanji.

Posted by Inertia

Vinny and Jeff flat out RULE! We should give them money ... lots of money.

Posted by toadstule

All these recent 45min+ videos are just....AWESOME!!!

Posted by MagikGimp

I have to say you both make the best team, so loving this run.

Posted by rargy

Good to see it's not going to end in the bathhouse.

Posted by iAmJohn

Don't forget to try and find the girl who left the note in your locker tomorrow so you can raise your social link with Mysterious Fox!!

Posted by The_A_Drain

Finally remember my GB password haha! Been waiting to say this for weeks, keep this the hell up! This is one of the best features ever. I'm glad you guys started using buffs and paying more attention to magic though, you'd die a helluva lot more without it, but dont worry cos after the bathhouse the game gets a bit easier for a while.

For some reason the first few bosses in megaten games are always ridiculously hard :\

Posted by RagingLion

Well done with the battle - really solid play.

I'm looking forward to seeing some more s. link based episodes since we've been a bit short of laughs lately - but that's kind of natural for the dungeon parts.  For the record I haven't played Persona 4 and won't - I watch these for the straight-up entertainment value.  I hope the viewing segment with those same motivations is still strong.  I don't think ERs should be appealing just to the segment of people that has already played the particular game.

Posted by PositivelyGreg

To iAmJohn you should listen.  Wise he is.  The fox must you confront.  It is your destiny.

Posted by Vorbis

Grats on the kill, the debuffs worked great.

And you can't kick out the original Investigation Team members!

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Do buffs stack? I kept wishing you guys would triple de-buff Kanji.

Buffs and debuffs don't stack.
Posted by Nasar7

Well, there's Mind/Power Charge which buffs your attack up x2....so kinda.

Posted by Sarumarine

"You're Still Alive?"
-Survived Fatal End and Kill Rush back to back.

Yukiko should get an award or something. Plus you totally dropped that boss. No problem right? Heh. I love Endurance Run.

Posted by ChrisTaran

Epic win guys!

Posted by Catolf

SWEET you guys beat him!

I'm going to be fighting him soon enough and I might use this as a guide because you guys did this with style ^^

Great fight guys!

Posted by AllanIceman

Boot Party!!!

Posted by FLStyle

Great job! I felt a lot more comfortable this time around than with Shadow Yukiko, onward to the castle!

Posted by Doubt


no go de-throne that mr pringles king
Posted by Venatio

Excellent work guys, keep up the awesome Endurance Run, there is still so much left to see

Posted by trimon

Wow! This was a good one! :) Not as suspenseful as Yukiko battle but a victory's a victory.

Don't forget about the rainy day special bowl at Aiya restaurant that raises all your personality points!
Posted by HT101

What a great battle you fought.  The path to 50 continues and having 45+ minute episodes = a big win.  Can't wait to see what is coming up next.

Posted by SlayerNoMercy

u guys are my heroes!!

Posted by The_Patriarch

Nice job guys! Way to go on figuring out you should get rid of the nice guy first and then just let the tough guy stand over in the corner acting tough...

Oh, and I know you guys really love Chie... But she's kinda lame. Whereas Kanji is awesome.. So... Use Kanji. Since he's awesome.

You should NOT get rid of Yukiko though, since she gets all the best healing spells in the game.

Posted by CleverLoginName

Yeah, get Kanji's SLink up to three and his attack is he yells "Get bent!" and power bombs everyone, I'm sure they'll get a kick out of that.

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Finally! a boss fight, these are fun to watch, and boy do i like that Boss music.

Such a satisfying victory!

Posted by lamiafusion

Bosses aint got shit on Jeff and Vinny

Posted by TheMagicalTurtle

And to think all these fools were worried about the boss.

Good fight!

Edited by endaround

Chie is awesome.  She quicker and more powerful then Kanji by end game.  Again though, there is no reason to drop anyone.  Swaping in part y members=free SP boost.

Posted by ElectricHaggis

Nice work guys.  I'm glad we'll be back to more social link based episodes now.  They tend to be more entertaining. 

Posted by SM2099

Their should have been a persona ability where they are able to Urine Test Kanji and his dudes for ´roids. I bet that would have done some critical damage. LoL

Edited by Ham08

Congratulations, guys!   Excellent decision to have Yukiko act as a dedicated healer / charlie secondary healer and to keep the buff/debuff going throughout the fight!  You guys should be able to take the Contrarian King easily, if you use the same strategy.  You'll want to keep Charlie equiped with a persona that is strong against physical as much as possible during that fight.

Great episode!

Posted by Alphazero

Investigation Team is number one! All other teams are number two, or lower!

Posted by AleeN634

Congratulations on beating the boss!

Posted by Aeterna

Sweet episode once again guys.

Posted by Origina1Penguin

Good job, Jeff and Vinny.  I have a feeling you'll warm up to Yukiko as your social link with her increases.  The next dungeon is going to be great for commentary.

Posted by Carlos1408

Congratulations guys, great job, YOU GOT KANJI GOOD AND PROPER!!!
Now it's that silly king's turn, he gon' DIE!!!!
Investigation team GO GO GO!!!

Posted by Derios

Great job guys.

Posted by FrankCanada97

Good job, now we can finally advance the story.

Posted by GamerGeek360

Nice! I love the battles but in between battles is the best!

Posted by Inuzagi

Jeff and Vinny, handing out ass-beatings all day long.

bosses: $2.99

regular enemys: $4.99
Posted by darkspirit138


Posted by mrfluke

the investigation team lives to fight another day

Posted by ArbitraryWater

You finally figured out how to buff and debuff for great effect in this battle! Too bad half of it is your amnesiac inability to remember skills for like 2 minutes (which guy has the debuff?, Who has Media?)

Posted by ashogo


Posted by Benjamimmy

everyone saying that these guys suck...just shut up! they are just playing for fun, they arn't that bad and it's kinda a trial and error game at finding out their weaknesses! Good Job anyways, I hope you win the fight (vid not yet finished)

Posted by Mjolnir

I just realized that personally, I think this is a better show than anything on television. And it makes for a great video walkthrough guide.

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I like how there haven't been any 15 minute sessions for a while.  You guys are awesome.

Persona 4 fanart

Posted by Xymox

Good fight!

Man that king is gonna get it isn't he 
Posted by The8Man

Awesome job, guys!  You did a fantastic job against the boss.  Very fun episode to watch!

Posted by mudkip9000

see? they don't suck. People who are saying they suck need to get off their high-horse, they're doing just fine.