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Posted by trophyhunter


Posted by TooWalrus

Hey, way to work out your tech issues, thanks for pulling through, can't wait to watch!

Posted by Renegade

What a tease D:

Posted by TooWalrus

I take it back, it's not working, ha!

Posted by Jigsaw

Whooop, there it is!

Posted by Pie

Can a member of staff confirm the situation about episode 50 please?

Posted by GoodKn1ght

its sorta here...

Posted by Vinny

So close! Come on internet.

Posted by mudkip9000

So close... Good work, Vinny.

Posted by PJ

Come on! You Can Do It!!! Cut His fucking head off.... wait, what were we talking about?

Posted by DeadMonkeys

Damn! The tubes must be clogged!

Posted by FCKSNAP


Posted by Aska

Holy crap the link worked.  So close!

Posted by JesseG

Oh noes, you can do it interwebzz!

Posted by SpunkyHePanda

Are we as sad as I think we are?

Edited by Aska


I'd say yes...
Posted by DeadMonkeys


Posted by DragonofFate

Not sad enough.

Let's get sadder.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Faster! I shall have my daily dose of endurance run!

Posted by tyty

I can't stop believing!

Posted by Aska
Don't stop, BELIEVING!
Posted by Scratch

I can't stop refreshing.

Edited by Leadcat

*f5, f5, f5*

Your Dilligence has increased. :D

Posted by Bboboo

ice ice ice ice Ice ICe ICE ICE ICE ICE ICE UM ICE UM ICE UM!!!

Posted by TheKidNixon

*camps out for tickets*

Posted by Pie

Watch the new tang whilst waiting

Posted by DeadMonkeys

I'll be back later. First: TANG

Posted by Psych0Penguin

So damn close! lol 

Posted by Pie

Its on!!!!

Posted by Dethfish


Posted by TooWalrus

It's working, good show.

Posted by Bokolino

Its 00.47 here, i;ve been waiting for 5 houres for this.....

Posted by ZmillA

I better skip to the end to see what they say about episode 50, if anything

Posted by LordAndrew

Damn cops. Always sticking their noses where they don't belong.

Posted by TheKidNixon

Oh hey ED49. Didn't see you there.

Posted by mudkip9000


Posted by FlipperDesert
Yay-ay! Way to pull through, riddle-brothers.
Posted by Pie

Is it loading for people?

Posted by Venatio

Awesome, episode 49 is finally up!

Can anyone confirm anything about episode 50 yet?

Posted by BrowncoatGrimm

Well done to Vinny and whoever else helped in resquing this video from the void.

Posted by Agent_Lost

nice, you save episode 49, crossing finger for 50

Posted by toadstule

Yay 49 is up and running. Thanks to those at giantbomb who fixed it.

Posted by borgmaster


Posted by skrutop

Well, better late than never...but now I'm heading home from work.  Guess that means B2B Endurance Run Friday.


Posted by Skillface

The boonies R good enough, oh god.

Posted by DeadMonkeys

Many virtual high-fives for you good sirs.

Posted by Junes

Funky student is a saga
Y'all spit saliva and he spits lava

Posted by Aion

My video ended around 17 minutes in. It stopped.

Posted by shadowwolf9

Yukiko ftw