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Posted by Undeadpool

Sifl and Olly...Sifl and Olly SHOW!

Posted by Duffyside
Posted by jkz

"You check behind your teacher's desk" / "...Whoah...there's a bottle of gin in here" / "You decide to spend time with the bottle of gin"

Sounds pretty much right

Posted by ItBeStefYo

What the hell happened with Yukiko?! and what is "samegawa"!?

Posted by kerse

the first like 7 minutes of this episode are gold

Posted by PerfidiousSinn


Posted by afrofools

I wonder if anyone that made this game watched any of these videos

Posted by Undeadpool
@Xymox said:
" I wanna taaalk! (talk!) doodododo "
I laughed so damn hard.
Posted by Blueblur1

Good episode. I wish they had stopped by the shrine though. And I didn't remember that Dojima S. Link coffee scene at all. @_@

Posted by SBYM

"It was like swallowing a live eel." Priceless.

Posted by RedCricketChase

"My jeans are really tight - never look at me from this camera angle again." 
... made me laugh pretty hard.

Posted by Mikl

Somebody should open up a steakhouse called "The Meat Dimension"
Posted by Frood

You guys, seriously, Aion may have been a jerk before but now he's toned it down and he's just giving level-headed advice. Quit ragging on him so much.

Posted by masterken

haha, when i visited san fran there was an IHOP right next to my hotel and i ate there every morning.

Posted by Venatio

I laughed so hard when Jeff called Yumi a crazy bitch XD

Posted by Lazyaza

Vinny: "Yumi looks gloomy.... you know what TOUGH"
Jeff: "Crazy bitch"

I love these videos, I'm almost caught up woot! :D

Posted by strangeling

Go Vinny, Go!

(I'm so behind)
Posted by piropeople13

I LOLed so hard when you spent your day off from school with Yukiko.


Posted by I2v2nr20I


Posted by Benjamimmy

when vinny says 'has Yukikos voice actor changed since the last episode?' i thought the same thing at the same time

Posted by Moridin

I wanna talk!

Posted by Media_Master

summer time! in persona land

Posted by insane_shadowblade85


It's not that the developers were too lazy to create a lunch room for the game, it's just common for most students in Japanese schools to eat their lunch in the classroom. Also a fun fact, in Japan the students stay in one room all day while the teachers have to change rooms, unlike here in the U.S.

Posted by VitaminWaterYum

Just keep praying for part 50! D:

Posted by George1St

guess 50 is off and so is persona 4 endurance run damn tek failures

Posted by Xymox

I wanna taaalk! (talk!) doodododo

Posted by twillfast

LMAO at the hooker scene in the lunch room.

-P-Picking up trash? "Develop a love" my ass! That's slave labour!


Posted by TheMagicalTurtle

Persona is just acting like a little bitch this week. First 49 and 50 are corrupted, and now my own game save is lost about 15 hours in. I had some really great abilties from fusing too, like Resist Physical on damn near everything :(

Posted by RampageEndsHere

Chariot S Link is good. Futsunushi with his Primal Force and Apt Pupil can cause a critical hit to the boss, and add another turn, and he is undoubtedly the strongest Personae physically. I won't even swap him for Asura, Sandalphon, or even Ardha.

There is no Hassou Tobi within Justice Arcana. That's the difference.

Posted by nekoNari

Will we see 50 before today's gone? Or will it be up on Monday? I did see Twitter line from Jeff that they were re-recording ep. 50 yesterday. Hope I can watch it today. :)


Posted by Winternet


Posted by endaround

Yep the Tower SL is boring.  And we know they are going to Max out the Chariot SL so its not like they are going to be lacking power at the end.

Posted by Goldenroad

good work guys :D
funny as ever

Posted by sixpin

@ RampageEndsHere

Good to know. I was misinformed by a friend it would seem. I thought that sounded like some dodgy game design.

Posted by RampageEndsHere

I meant 'grinding' Understanding for the Tutor job and not Expression.

@ sixpin (*Spoiler alert*)

You mean to unlock *spoiler* Heaven dungeon ? No, it will open up automatically without ranking up the social link.

Posted by Curufinwe

The Justice S.Link is 100 times more interesting than the Tower S.Link, so they're much better off raising Expression and talking to Nanako.

Posted by bekern

I'm amped for the behind the scenes! Is that going to be part of episode 50 or its own thing???

Posted by sixpin

But don't you need to rank up with Nanako in order to complete her part of the story later?

Posted by RampageEndsHere

Just saying, but Personae's from Justice Arcana are complete garbages with garbage learnable skills, so ranking up with Nanako won't effect jack shit.

I'd concentrate on Academics and or Expression so you can take the Tutor job. Then you will open up the Tower Social Link (at night). Tower is easily the Arcana with strongest Personaes, edging even Judgement Arcana. It is pretty easy to rank up in comparison to Devil and Justice, so you might as well want to max this one up earlier.

Posted by Carlos1408


Posted by papercut

I wonder if they are going to back up there saves now...

Posted by Toby

Who the f*** touched my puddin! hahaha

Posted by NukeGoBoom

You should atleast try ranking up Nanako more.Even if you have to increase expression.Shes avaible only for a limited time in a game for ranking up.

Posted by Daroki

Ok guys, you know what to do.  Give fiddy his skull already.  :) 

Also, as much as she's a complete downer right now and cues the sad music, Yumi will help you get your expression up so you can talk to Nanako again, since dealing with her drama and surviving it without  going nuts raises your Understanding greatly.

Posted by Cirdain

50, 50, 50!

Edited by Aion

I'm expecting episode 50 to have some of the non-corrupted footage and, in between, talking shown between the guys about what happened during the parts that they couldn't show. A fill in the blank type of deal.

If it's just 30-50 minutes of talking in the flesh, I can't see it being very good. What can they show exactly?

"This is the sofa where we sit and play the game. This is the PS2 pad Vinny struggles to hold, it (for him) being like holding a wet fish trying its best to survive. This is our TV..." 

It'll be a bit dull without P4 on the screen. I do want to actually see Vinny because, as of yet, I've only heard his voice during the GB videos - he's either holding the camera or commenting on something off camera.

Posted by Winternet

I'll pray for a BTS and a Fitty

Posted by PeasForFees

"Yo Fifty w'happen'd to my episode, Yo lost Didnt yea."

Bts should be more than enough of a compromise though

Posted by Dethfish

Yay, more waiting and praying for P4 videos.