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Posted by HT101

Awesome.  The ending line by Vinny was the best.  Can't wait for tomorrow's episode.

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Shut the fuck up, Aion. Nobody wants to hear you whining.

You guys might want to start studying more. There will be more midterms after the next dungeon, and the reward for getting top score is really nice. You'll have a while to study with your party members for Knowledge and S-Link bonuses, but it's good to get a head start.

Also, Kanji hangs out on the first floor of the practice building, but you have to talk to a girl at school first who will complain about him bullying people. After that, talk to him and confront him about it and then you can start his Social Link (which is the Emperor Arcana, for the record).

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Hey Aion, it's pretty sad that all you've literally done on this site is bitch about Endurance Run.

Posted by PeasForFees

How the hell can Vinny stand you anyway, Jeff helped Vinny find Aiya

Posted by Death_Burnout

Wow, so charismatic.

Posted by papercut

  • talk to a girl at the top of the 2nd floor when Yumi is not there
  • Then Kanji will be at the 1st floor Practice Building

Posted by PeasForFees

Who Me?

Posted by PeasForFees

Are you french then?

Posted by xFRIGx

Aion dude, you seriously need to fuck off, you are neither helpful nor entertaining in your pure douchebaggery. I can't think of another word to describe you better then that. You forget this is not a walkthrough it is played for fun. Stop commenting like you are the king of persona

Posted by xFRIGx

BTW guys great go I laughed nearly all the way through keep it up.

Posted by Fallen189

Keep feeding the troll you fucking dorks.

Posted by SpunkyHePanda


More or less what I was about to say.

Posted by VitaminWaterYum

Hell yeah! Heres to hoping the ER lasts longer and episode 50 wasn't lost forever!

Posted by MikeLemmer

Hoozah! Meat Dimension!

But really, one of these days you need to just talk to everyone around. Get new quests & new leads. For example, you need to talk to a girl in school to start Kanji's S.Link, and you're missing about 8-9 quests.

Plus be sure to get those Persona for the S.Links. That'll cut down on the # of boring S.Link days and let you fit more of the good stuff in.

P.S. Getting new missions from the Fox Shrine doesn't spend time. Turning in missions does.
Posted by TheMagicalTurtle

There's a new Manly book that came out on 6/1 to up your C-RAGE.

Posted by Dethfish

Jeff said something about getting the newest book from the book store. Does anyone know for sure when it comes out because I seem to remember around episode 30 something they said the new book comes out in early June.

Posted by Ziaxool

Great work, I love these.

Posted by trophyhunter

when they are done I'd pay 20 bucks for a dvd of all of it with some extras

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

Charlie likes his coffee the way he likes his women: strong, black, and proud.

Posted by Gregomasta

I'd buy the collectors edition dvd sirs.

Posted by SpunkyHePanda

70+ hours of footage on one DVD? Are you insane?

Posted by Dethfish

They'd have to go all DBZ style and release a saga at a time.

Posted by Hobbitgoth

Don't let me catch you readin' off up there boy! lol

Posted by Mistral

If Charlie's not careful, the fuzz are gonna catch on to Funky & Fox's Mysterious Leaf ring operating out of the electronics department.

Funky doesn't get a new riddle until...late summer or early fall, I think. It's sad, but true. :(

Those quests you guys have been getting for items like the Angel Statue and Old Key are simple enough to complete when you're going back through the recent dungeon(s) to get to the bonus boss - accepting the quest activates an item drop for a specific kind of shadow, and if you talk to the person who gave you the quest they'll give you an obvious hint as to exactly what shadow you're looking for. The rewards are usually things like chest keys, money, and sp restoratives, so they're worthwhile(though not essential).

Posted by yyZiggurat

Looking forward to the DVD special with Persona 4 creator commentary.

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Woo! Episode 50! Though it seems like you've got too many girls to hang out with and not enough time in the day. By the way, I would definitely hit Fox's party over Funky's.

Posted by dibiase77

I CAN'T WAIT until 50! I've started doing "yip" and Dojima quotes around my friends and nobody gets it!!!

Posted by TheHendenpeter

Is it sad that I would buy the Endurance Run: Persona 4 DVD box set with commentary over creator commentary which is over commentary to begin with? You should at least make a shirt. I would buy an Endurance Run shirt.

Mabufu up in this bitch. Who could not wear that?

Posted by Aegon
I just read a spoiler deducing who the killer is, and it's totally the person who I first suspected to be. Obviously I'm not gonna say who it is cause I don't wanna be an ass....
Posted by twhalen

Tomorrow will truly be a milestone. Awesome.

Posted by Origina1Penguin

For some reason I thought it was really funny when Jeff said, "This is school, man. There ain't no music in school."  Then they immediately approached the music room and Vinny said, "There's the music room."

Posted by Doubt

Yay its a thursday miracle!!

good episode :)
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Oh yeah, Kanji hangs out on floor 1 of the practice building sometimes.

Posted by carlthenimrod

When is the Giant Bomb camp out?

Posted by ashogo

haha, one of the best episodes in quite a while.
I hope episode 50 works out, it'd suck if you missed the campout.

Posted by trophyhunter

yeah a shirt that says I endured the persona 4 endurance run

Posted by AllanIceman

Great job Vinny! Saved!

Posted by JoblessTerence


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Unless Aion posted something really dickish that got removed, I'm not seeing the problem with his comments today. Please try to be civil, everyone.

Edit: Okay, from the look of his feed there were removed comments. If someone's being an ass, just report and ignore them. Otherwise it just makes you seem extremely annoying too. I don't watch the Endurance Runs so I can see people bicker back and forth. None of us want to see that.

Posted by Renegade


There were comments that were removed.

Posted by Scooper

It's Anabolic (sp) because you're not really breating in and out because it's like 100meters, a 400meter run would be Abolic though.

Posted by Mjolnir

A Cyndi Lauper joke? Seriously, this just keeps getting better and better.

Posted by DavidSnakes

NickNorman what the fuck

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getting a mission from fox takes no time. but after you are done and telling him u did it takes time.
work on your teammates s links first. you will need the new skills in battle. also if they hit lv 10 they get new personas. so talk to youske!

Posted by FrankCanada97

Hope you guys get the 50th up!

Posted by insane_shadowblade85

*Hears Vinny's dark muttering and runs away screaming about El Diablo*

Posted by AleeN634

A nice episode, hope you guys manage to fix Episode 50.

As an added note receiving quests from the fox (reading the ema) will not pass time since the quests usually take several ingame days to complete.

Posted by REDRUN

"we aren't cool enough to talk about your mom" LMAO

Posted by fox01313

Now proven, persona & other games need more people muttering darkly, this will bring many games one step closer to sounding like the band Dethklok had some part in the development process :).

Posted by TheMathlete

Love these Endurance Runs, guys ...  Hope you keep 'em coming for as long as possible.