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Posted by masterken

haha, when i visited san fran there was an IHOP right next to my hotel and i ate there every morning.

Posted by Frood

You guys, seriously, Aion may have been a jerk before but now he's toned it down and he's just giving level-headed advice. Quit ragging on him so much.

Posted by Mikl

Somebody should open up a steakhouse called "The Meat Dimension"
Posted by RedCricketChase

"My jeans are really tight - never look at me from this camera angle again." 
... made me laugh pretty hard.

Posted by SBYM

"It was like swallowing a live eel." Priceless.

Posted by Blueblur1

Good episode. I wish they had stopped by the shrine though. And I didn't remember that Dojima S. Link coffee scene at all. @_@

Posted by Undeadpool
@Xymox said:
" I wanna taaalk! (talk!) doodododo "
I laughed so damn hard.
Posted by afrofools

I wonder if anyone that made this game watched any of these videos

Posted by PerfidiousSinn


Posted by kerse

the first like 7 minutes of this episode are gold

Posted by ItBeStefYo

What the hell happened with Yukiko?! and what is "samegawa"!?

Posted by jkz

"You check behind your teacher's desk" / "...Whoah...there's a bottle of gin in here" / "You decide to spend time with the bottle of gin"

Sounds pretty much right

Posted by Duffyside
Posted by Undeadpool

Sifl and Olly...Sifl and Olly SHOW!