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Posted by Derios

Fuck man, props to you guys and especially Vinny for the effort. Thanks alot guys.

Posted by dibiase77

Welcome to Conglatuations Jeff and Vinny!!!

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just watched it. it's pretty great that you guys were able to get the video up. aside from a few minor audio things, there a few small glitches in the video. i counted three. two of them are a still frame from an old video, with yosuke saying something like "are you stupid or what?". the third one is just text on a red background reading something like "Media Office, cp_persona_49." i like them there; they give the video a cool feeling. it's the episode 50 that almost wasn't.

Posted by EndlessMike

Excellent work guys. I really was not expecting this to go up. That's really cool that you took to time to do this.

Posted by GaZZuM

I'm commenting before I've even seen the vid to say:


Posted by MasterSplinter

Don't forget multiple save slots so you have the option of a do-over!!!

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Posted by Cody


Posted by addictedtopinescent

Ohhh hell yeah

Go Vinny, you are awesome man.
Posted by Theresonlyone

That ep was awesome grats on 50 guys ill sure as hell be watching the next 50 :D

Posted by lamiafusion

Epic episode/day at Giantbomb

You guys fcking rock

Posted by MightyCarrion

This is the greatest episode ever...
with subliminal messages to fill that parts that were broken =)

Posted by Omega

As far as the nosebleed thing goes.

In Japan there is a belief that when boys think of perverted things they get a nosebleed.

So if you see a nosebleed in anime or Japanese games its intended to signify that the character is thinking dirty thoughts.

Posted by Jeffsekai


Posted by Osmiles

Crisis averted

Posted by KnifeySpoony

I am so happy this was saved, that was the greatest episode yet. Here's to continuing this magnificent run!

Posted by RomeoInc

Well done man, your diligence has significantly increased!

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@Omega: you know that isn't what caused Kanji's nosebleed, right?

EDIT: But I will add that maybe that's what Yukiko thought, though.

Posted by FrankCanada97

Nosebleeds, swimsuits, frozen bananas, Mystery Food X? Yup, this is Endurance Run!
Investigation Team GO!!!

Posted by Magnus_Bulla

I guess Vinny and Jeff haven't watched enough anime to get the nosebleed reference, heh heh. Awesome episode guys, here's to 50 more!

Posted by Castro

This may have been the best episode yet. The whole curry scene was brilliant. Also, I would like to confirm what Omega said. The nosebleeds are related to thinking perverted thoughts. That's what I understand anyway. Good job guys!

Posted by MeatSim

Hey YO!  Fiddy! congratulations on making it to episode fiddy!! and to top it off it was the best episode yet by far.

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Dude, I don't even want to comment

Healthy young men that have no other sexual outlet will often suffer nosebleeds upon seeing the naked female body, or even just a pair of well-filled panties. It's probably a side effect of High Pressure Blood. In recent anime and manga, female characters are increasingly becoming subject to nosebleeds. This typically happens to characters with strong... appetites. The more benign, traditionally feminine version of this is Luminescent Blush. This happens in virtually every anime with Fanservice. Note: In Japanese anime and manga, the nosebleed is a visual shorthand/euphemism for sexual arousal, specifically an erection in males (which makes it all the more odd when used with a female character.) When blood shoots from the nose explosively, and in ridiculous quantity, the implication is an actual ejaculation. In female characters, the implications are something NOT to think about... well, okay, some of us may like to think about it, but...yeah. Interestingly enough, Schoolgirl Lesbians are far more likely to get afflicted with nosebleeds than their straight counterparts. The concept comes from a Japanese old wives' tale. Frequently results from a Panty Shot. Contrast with Psychic Nosebleed. Compare Visual Innuendo and Something Else Also Rises.

Thats All Folks, I did not write this.
Posted by InfiniteGeass

The nosebleed signifys that kanji was thinking perverted thoughts about Yosuke and Charlie, but when he turned around, Chie and Yukiko thought he was thinking about them.

Posted by Ziaxool

This was my favourite episode so far, thanks a ton!

I really appreciate the commitment and hard work you actually put into this, as many before me have mentioned I'm not that much of a gamer anymore, but your videos made me pick up Persona 4 myself and me and my friend have our own booze-fueled endurance run at home!

So thanks a lot for your hard work and I hope you enjoying making these as much as I enjoy watching them.


The nosebleed is, as have previously been established, is believed to be caused by the change in blood pressure when a man gets... Excited...

Posted by trophyhunter

keji is not actually gay
at the end he falls in love with a lady

Posted by Smileygiant

This was like the best episode ever especially after everything that happened today VINNY FTW!!!!!!!

Posted by Dan_CiTi

The nosebleed thing is sort of a running japanese joke(you see it in lots of anime and some games). Instead of the blood going down there, it goes out through your nose.

Posted by ChrisTaran

Incoming! -- several hundred explanations on what a nosebleed in Japanese pop-culture signifies!

Posted by ZmillA

Persona 4 has really surprised me. It's tackled more things in its story than most games even hint at. And its come out pretty successful with them.  When jeff said: "this is the greatest game ever", in some ways I would not be so quick as  to disagree with him.

Kanji has really added an interesting twist to this game. It's clear that yosuke has an immature mentality when it comes to sexuality, and all of us have been quick to lean more towards his side in regards to kanji. But really I think the developers have done a decent job of showing what some kids really are feeling at that age. And by some kids, I mean the ones that do end up taking the homosexual path. Right now I don't think kanji has accepted that he likes boys, and maybe he really doesn't at all. But he is continually around people that can't give any good answers to his questions and he is not about to talk to those that will. Continue on this path and he will end up sticking with the path that everyone assumes that he is on now.  As of now kanji is by far the most interesting character in the game.

Actually now that I think about it, there is A LOT going on in this game with regards with sexuality. I think the developers may have overestimated how much teenagers struggle with it. Chie, Kou, Kanji, all these characters potray different types of people at the start of an alternative lifestyle, at least at surface level.

I suppose in some ways this really is one of the most mature games to come out.

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Loved the part where yosuke died :P

oh and by the way
GRIND NURSE SOCIAL LINK!!! :D it's wednesday, thursday and friday :)
I did it and think it was a fun twist to the whole innocent high school thing in this game :P
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Mines best even though i copied it

Posted by Metal_Mills


Posted by Origina1Penguin
Most social links are not available on rainy days.  Drama girl has an indoor social link, so it is not affected.

That episode was as great as I thought it would be.  I'm glad it was able to be saved.  Keep it up guys!
Posted by TheKidNixon

You're right guys. It isn't every day you eat a frozen banana.

Posted by TobyD81

Awesome! Episode 50 was great, and PACKED with fanservice, just like it should be. You guys need to watch more anime, because they hit just about every anime comedy cliche during the camping trip. By the way, Kanji's nosebleed means he was "aroused' (sudden rush of blood.) Hospital girl was a pleasant surprise, hope that leads to trouble in the future. And I can't wait to talk to Nanako about death! 50 baby, WOO!

Posted by Nasar7
I'm buying two t-shirts right now, I love Giant Bomb!

You're spot on with your judgement, it will later be revealed whether or not Kanji is actually gay, and Yosuke will grapple with his immaturity as the game/his social link goes on. The first time I played this game, I disliked Yosuke intensely, as he reminded me of some people I know, and when you think about it, thats how you know the writers were successful in creating life-like, complex characters. The sheer humanity in these characters is the best part of this game, and the reason its rated M.
Posted by paisan13

Vinny rocks, dattebayo!!

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Episode 50 was full of WIN.

Thanks again for making this happen, Giant Bomb.

Posted by canadiantoastzombie

vinny you are the MAN!!!

Posted by Superspiritgun

Three cheers for fifty episodes. Vinny you rock

Posted by borgmaster

you've reached episode 50, your diligence has greatly increased.

but seriously, yosuke's a bigot.

Posted by Steve_C

What a 50th episode. That was so excellent.
Even just watching it, i felt excited watching that tent scene and way tense when morooka was outside. It was really immersive which felt really strange for watching a video.
Kanji's nosebleed after looking at the boys was a masterstroke.

Posted by TheMagicalTurtle

That's the Daisuke I know!

Posted by kagekage

aww man u guys r gonna stop? =[

Posted by Solarc

Nice episode... and way to Vinny for fixing it up!

Keep it up!

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Posted by Mainardi

Good job vinny.

Posted by BirthWild

welllllllll done guys.


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Here's to 50 more.