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Posted by Media_Master

Naughty Nurse saga continues....

Posted by SpunkyHePanda

Man, what is with the aversion to going into the TV? Never mind that it'll be less of a drag for you guys to do it in tiny chunks rather than all at once, think of the viewers! If you integrate your social-linking and your dungeon-crawling a bit more, I think it'll keep things fresh.

Posted by MiserableGerm

Thing is for the Striptease, they have 2 bosses they have to face in a row Rise and....someone else.

Edited by Lilarcor

Word of warning: like MiserableGerm said, this dungeon has two bosses. Shadow Rise is pretty easy, but the one after her is much harder and uses powerful ice magic, so you may want to leave Yukiko behind.

Also, Tanaka was actually a Social Link in Persona 3, which is why his character art doesn't really look like he's trying to sell something.

Posted by dagas

Your at level 7 with Chie and still no "She might get jelous if you hang out with other girls", maybe that was only in P3. Also I've noticed that they don't call very often, in P3 it seemed every sunday I had a date with someone because the called and asked "wanna hang out on Sunday?"

Posted by Hausdog

gettin' laid, gettin' paid! HAAAAYYYY!!!  

Posted by Gunblader

I would recommend going into the TV now because the upcoming boss fight is the hardest in the game (at least it was for me) because there are 2 fights in a row.

Posted by FlappyHands

Aww, I was realling hoping Chie would bust that guy down the middle. Nevermind.

Posted by Ziaxool

Nice going with the Devil Nurse!

Anyway, I always thought it was weird Charile only wears a watch on Sundays. :P

Posted by dprabon

Nice. I think I'm feeling sick...

time to go to the Hospital, love it!!!
Posted by skrutop

@flamingbananas: hang out with the male members instead of scamming chicks?  No way, dude!

Posted by unclejohn0525

Drawing one for each of the GiantBomb staff. Go to my profile to see the other two I have done so far. At this point, Vinny, Ryan and Jeff are done.

Posted by Vager

Save Rise quickly so you can level up your relationships faster!

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Just as Charlie gets it on with Devil Nurse, he finally has a chance of getting with Chie. This is very exciting.
Also, You guys should probably go in the TV and rescue Rise before the deadline so you can hang out with your investigation team friends more often

Posted by KevSlider

Tim and Eric refrence always good. *sigh* *Eye wink*

Posted by Bass

@chronix -
Any item that is quest related cannot be sold as a material. So once they have accepted requests, when they fight the enemies that yield the correct item, they will yield an item as opposed to a material.
It's a game mechanic that saves you a lot of time (or possibly frustration).

Posted by cityofdis0

That episode is great. For some sick reason, I have this fever, and the only cure for it is more NURSE! I need more DEVIL S. LINK.

Posted by King9999

It's been said many times already, but it bears repeating: Go into the TV and prepare yourselves.  Don't wait until the last day...it's a bad habit to get into, as you won't have any days left to rest up.  You could probably stand to fuse more personae as well, but that will come naturally if you go into the TV more often.

Edited by Intrepid

Actually, you do get quests where said quest items are sellable or consumable.  For example the Fashionable Dishes quest, the reagents to make the hard boots (though selling is required), and the fish for the cat.  Though most quest items do remain separate. 

Posted by ashogo

wow, I did not get that scene in my social link with the nurse.
You guys feel dirty? lol, what do you expect when you say "by all means, please do whatever you want to me"

Posted by The8Man

"Nanako's a little young to be spread around."

Vinny, you're going straight to hell for that one...  to make the Devil laugh his ass off!
Posted by DukeTogo

Sartorius muscle is on your thigh, dude it's handjob city.

Posted by Agent_Lost

ah man, go to the TV, it painful to watch.

Posted by mudkip9000

...did you guys get laid or not?

Posted by TobyD81

Apparently, the sartorius runs all the way up the thigh. Hot...

Posted by ch3burashka

I believe there was a dog near the Dojima Residence as well, but I think it was owned...

Also, next time there are herbal pills on TV, buy them all.
Posted by mudkip9000

please go into the TV for your sunday.

Posted by manathirst

I think I should buy this game now, the RPG elements are looking quite interesting.

Posted by JackiJinx

Buying candy and underwear. Class act.

Posted by monkeybot

They can start the margret social link in the velvet room now . She's such a haughty bitch though...

Posted by Grim_Fandango


Posted by monkeybot
You can only rank-up when it says : You feel you may become closer... You don't rank-up when it says : You
may get along well..
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Damn man, that nurse fucking gives you blue balls far too often.

Oh, and unless no one figured it out. Chie is the Green Ranger.
*Whispers* But keep it a secret =P

Posted by Muffin_Hunter

Jeff and Vinny are on a mission, a mission to bang Chie... oh, and the devil nurse too.

Posted by SpunkyHePanda


The main character is played by the Black Ranger. It's true!

Posted by chogi

GO-HOMO hahahaha

Posted by ectoplasma

Woooooooow, thats inexplicable! I want this game sooo bad, if only because of analytical needs, if you catch my drift!

Posted by GamerGeek360

lol Jeff's multiple girlfriend tips were hilarious.

Posted by chronix

Be sure to end an episode before the fog comes in.  Around 7/11

Posted by spilledmilkfactory


Vinny and Jeff just took that nurse to the meat dimension!

Posted by FrankCanada97

I had a feeling they were going to do that.

Posted by artofwar420

Oh so hilarious! MOAR!

Posted by ChrisTaran

Need 61...

Posted by SirThirdFilms

61, where art thou?

Posted by Krenor

cool episode but no ep.61 yet? I need my daily dose

Posted by Winternet

GO ENDURANCE RUN!! 61 loading...

Posted by trimon

I need scissors 61 etc.

Edited by Venatio

Awesome episode, but episode 61 is still not here, I just hope that nothing happened

Posted by Doubt

No episode 61 OR I love Mondays D:

Posted by SirThirdFilms

maybe it'll be like last monday where it comes late in the day