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That was one long caution

Posted by Mijati

Nice, 57 minute long :D

Posted by Joker

Holy cow. Longest episode so far. Awesome!

Posted by sleeping143

Great! Stayed up for this!

Posted by xDot

Vinny Jeff, you don't need to worry about the true ending until you're at the end of the game - literally THE END of the game. So relax for now, just play.

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Posted by Mars_Cleric

I still can't find this game, it's so frustrating.
If there's anyone in Canberra out there who knows where I can find a copy it would be much appreciated.

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Don't watch Meltbrain's youtube video unless you've beaten the game, it contains massive spoilers.

Really, it should be removed.

Posted by Cammy

Canberra Australia?

Try EB games, where I picked mine up, yet I still watch these knowing everything, why?

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I did post a video at the top of the comments as a bit of fun for people who've been watching endurance run like I have, but thanks to Curufinwe, I got paranoid and took it down even though it spoiled absolutely nothing for me and I haven't seen the rest of the story.

Good episode though, I think Jeff should probably read up on how to get the good/true ending. It would kinda suck spoiling things but it would be better to see you both get a good ending.

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Aw yeah....just finished ep. 62, and a fresh pot of ep. 63 is waitin'!  WHOA!  57 minutes!?  awesome.

I'm not sure how many XP the cop gives you, but...

PSSST!!!! He's weak to lightning.

Posted by benderunit22

I hope they'll go for the good ending, the bad one was, to avoid spoilers let's say "unsatisfying" and it also cuts away a lot of game time at the end.

Posted by Trnck

God I can never get enough of this...

Posted by Venatio

Yes the episode is up, gonna watch this now

Holy crap awesome, its 57 minutes long GREAT

Posted by Scooper

Nice long 1

Posted by Thundersheep

Haha, glad to see I'm not the only nerd that ends up staying up long enough to see these posted.

Posted by Nizzleworth

The true ending is pretty easy to get.

I'm sure people will tell you exactly what to do without being too spoiler-ish once you get near there.

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It'll be episode 100-something before they have to worry about Charlie's actions affecting which ending they'll get.  Even if they keep doing awesomely long episodes like this one.

Posted by joslop500

WOW, a 57 minute episode!! Thank You!!

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I think you should play and get which ever ending you get.

If people are curious there is youtube for that.
Posted by Nizzleworth


The bad ending is pretty awful.

They should at least go for the good ending.

and if they're awesome they'll go for the true ending.

Posted by Curufinwe

And the bad, bad ending is extremely awful.

Posted by TheClap

feel better vinny!

Posted by EDfromRED

Whooo! Great show, keep em coming. Makes me wish I hung on to my PS2.

Posted by Nizzleworth

and if you get the bad ending you're losing 8-10 hours of the game.

I don't think people would watch 8-10 hours of youtube videos. ;)

Posted by CoinMatze

What the?!?!!??!! I just got dudered out at around 32 minutes!! Am I the only one having this problem?

Posted by Tovan

The miniboss you killed would have given 1162 xp, so it wasn't that huge of a loss.

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Sorry Vinny...

Yeah its a real bitch when you get reversed moon :(

Posted by RabidSquirrel89

I'm with most of the people who say, please, don't get the bad ending. At least don't stop there or else you'll be super pissed and probably want to cry...like I did.

Posted by KevSlider
@CoinMatze Yeah I got the Duder at around the same time. I only got half the show today.
Posted by MagikGimp

57:31?! you spoil us doodz!

Posted by endaround

To get rid of an Arcana effect draw another Arcana card.    Make sure to check the Persona before you register all.

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Near the end of the game,
you'll be presented with a series of dialogue choices.
The choices you make will decide whether you watch the Bad/Good Ending.
The Bad Ending will end the game after a few scenes, while the Good Ending will extend the game.
So, if you wanted to, you could save right before that dialogue event,
watch the Bad Ending (which is very easy to do, seeing as how most of the choices lead to it)
and reload the save to watch the Good Ending instead.
(I know it's against the spirit of the Endurance Run, but the Bad Ending is something that should be seen,
just to make everyone very angry, hahaha)
The Good Ending requires a few specific choices in the dialogue tree --
which I'll post later in the comments when you approach that time (spoiler-free: I'll just tell you 1st choice, 2nd choice, etc.) --
but extends the game quite a bit (potentially up to 2 more dungeons).
Moreover, it won't make everyone want to murder the writers, haha.
The True Ending is kind of like an extension of the Good Ending.
To achieve the True Ending, you have to talk to a few people at the conclusion of the Good Ending.
It's not that hard to get, and it provides an extra bonus dungeon. (and some more conclusive information)

Even though you might be opposed to the idea,
I recommend watching through the Bad Ending, reloading the save (you don't need a separate save),
and playing through the Good Ending.
At the end of the Good Ending, it's easy to continue on to the True Ending, if you know what to do. (I'll post instructions when you get there)

Either way, you don't have to worry about it for now.
The endings aren't affected or caused by any actions before that particular dialogue tree.

P.S. Sarasvati isn't the one with Diarama -- that's why you couldn't use it in battle.
In the Skills menu, you can use the skills of any Persona you have, not just the one you have equipped.
Posted by Dudacles

So do you guys simply leave the PS2 on overnight in-between recording the episodes?

Posted by Socks

Watching that last battle was a little painful. It never fails to astound me how bad their memories are. Oh, Vinny. Try Zio once in a while maybe? And Diarama was on a different Persona...

Yet they still beat the boss! Jeff and Vinny make my weekdays complete.

Posted by Shadow

I think what you guys are looking for is a dating sim

Posted by MeierTheRed

What a bummer only 1EXP at the end

Posted by iAmJohn

Don't forget, guys: next time you exit the TV world, DON'T GO SELL YOUR MATERIALS TO THE WEAPONS SHOP!  See if you can give them to people first to complete quests!

Posted by RagingLion

Keep it guys.  Hopefully you'll be able to get some cool new personas now.  You've probably got enough SP to dungeon a bit more as well.

Posted by DoctorPayne

Guys: you NEED to get to the GOOD ENDING at LEAST. The true ending is also worthwhile, but not as necessary as the good ending. If you get the bad ending, you will have almost no resolution tot he story. You and the viewers will be utterly unsatisfied. After hours and hours playing this game, you DO NOT WANT the bad ending.

Posted by Ventilator

Yes or no answer please if someone knows...
Is the good/bad ending in this game handled the same way as in Disgaea with the Mid-Boss ending? Disgaea was another Atlus game and I wouldn't be surprised to see them do the same thing again.

Posted by Hausdog

I get it...
Nice job, Atlus.

Posted by Serraxor

Don't sweat it Vinny, you made up for the lost EXP on Cop Supreme when you had upright moon for Magus and co.

Posted by Darthdarkness

U guys should definitely take a look at how to get the true ending now so that it doesn't take u by surprise later like it did me. Certain things need to be done in a way that does not see obvious (at least it didn't to me). Just take the info and write it down somewhere for when u need it later.

Nice on the nearly 1 hour long ep. by the way!

Posted by CoinMatze

Hey Kev, is it working for you now? I went outside and bought myself a lasagna. Tried watching the episode again and it's working now. Yep, lasagna makes everything better.

Posted by Lotan

1 exp...ouch.  Be vilagent Vinny, another 15 hours of grinding and you'll be just 15 more hours away from the end.....

Posted by License_To_Bill

The bad ending is pretty unsatisfying. You guys might want to go back and get a better one if you bump into it.

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Theres no need to grind on Normal at all, I did every dungeon once and was always the right level for the bosses. Just dont skip anything and you'll level up naturally.

(it may make for harder random encounters and mean spending more days in that dungeon, but its all new content and more fun).


Posted by Sparkster

HEY VINNY!!!!! I just defeated that same boss without using any magic (besides healing twice) and recieved 1162 EXP.  My people were all on level 31 which is why I didn't try to use any magic.  I am not positive but I think that is the reason you recieved only 1 EXP :(