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Posted by melodiousj

That Spaceballs reference at around 31:07 mins gets me EVERY time.

Posted by adistein9

Gosh this is great!

Posted by Undeadpool

That Spaceballs reference at around 31:07 mins gets me EVERY time.

Posted by fitzcarraldo
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Posted by Duffyside
Posted by happypup70

@Winternet said:

V: "Yeah you do, you wanna enervate your ball sack."

J: "Yeah, I pretty much take care of that during the weekend."

Considering one of the definitions of enervate is to cut the nerves during a dissection Jeff must be into some pretty high level kink.

Posted by LikeaSsur

I seriously cannot watch these episodes if they're going to drink anything. That sound literally makes me cringe.

Posted by namesonkel

It's funny how they continuously miss what looks to me like mailboxes.

Posted by MormonWarrior

I hear that popularity leads to intimacy. Can anyone confirm this?

Posted by CharAznable

Suck it, dekaja!

Posted by Winternet

V: "Yeah you do, you wanna enervate your ball sack."

J: "Yeah, I pretty much take care of that during the weekend."

Posted by buft

Man i am loving the incubus in my playthrough of persona 3 portable, good fire spells and making dudes sick with my stink cloud and charm/fear

Posted by Hellmouth

lol, there is a flow chart of what fuses into what. Also, Kanji kicks Chie in terms of support and attack. So frustrating!

Posted by Gerhabio

I wish they used Kanji more.

Posted by Mathematics

Whats that? An item that gives 200HP back to all party members and can be used by anyone in a pinch? 

Whats that? I'm swimming in money?
No thanks.

Gotta love it.
Posted by AngelN7

The funniest part of this episode is missing the fuse of Matador, that became such a pain latter

Posted by Einherjar

Am I the only one who was thinking "Death Note!!!" when they showed the blue tear dude with the "Survive Light" spell?

Posted by FunnerGod

I would be amazed if "Incubus28" wasn't someone's Xbox gamertag.

Posted by PerfidiousSinn

So much foreshadowing when they talk about fighting a hard boss.

Posted by Renachan

Because that makes it funnier, zicdavb. 
.......The fusion thing... it seems hard, but really it's not. Just have the chart from the manual with you so you see what makes what.  I also personally go for  re-registering when I get an interesting skill, otherwise skipping it. Just because why mess? Also always remember you'll end up tossing skills when a fused persona levels up most likely, so having some junk skills from a roll is okay.

Posted by Zicdab

Never understood why Vinny got the controller and Jeff didn't.

Posted by Blueblur1

Another grinding episode. Not that exciting. Good couple tips in the first 3 pages of the comments though. *writes them down*

Posted by Cincaid

Hilarious when they say twice "we need to find a mailbox", and are literally standing next to one :D

Posted by BeefWaterfall

Hard Bolero.

Posted by sephiroth1983

You guys are legends these 40 - 50 mins episodes are amazing keep them coming makes my work day have that glimmer of happiness

Posted by strangeling

Go Vinny, Go!

Posted by Beomoose

Lol, I can't believe how you're just "whatever, F it" on fusing.

Just toss all that EXP you could be getting out the window? SURE, SOUNDS GREAT.

Edited by Subject2Change

Indeed it is a Nipple; M rated game for a reason!

Also you can Goho; leave the dungeon and you'll be in the TV. Save and re-enter the dungeon; I did it all the time rather spend a couple hundred yen then reclear if I got killed.

Know this is an old video finally got time at work to catch up :p

Posted by AndrewB

Watching them fuse really helped me out. Now I know what to use to fuse an Ippon-Datara, which I need to advance Margaret's social link.

Posted by Dan_CiTi


Posted by MetalGearSunny

Another long one!

Posted by StarwindX9

Keep up the good work. Just remember to keep grinding out levels before the end of this dungeon. This won't be a dungeon you can get away with items saving you in the end. If you need to gauge your level, the size of the shadow (the monsters) corresponds to your level. So if you are still seeing giant shadows in the dungeon that means you are under leveled. You should want small shadows on the top floor before the boss. Good luck dude. Endurance run for life!

Posted by Origina1Penguin

Long episodes make me smile.

Posted by GTCknight

Does this mean that Jeff is the real Dark Helmet?

Man I love Spaceballs. One of the greatest movies ever made.

Posted by Kyle

Guys, don't use Ares. Sephiroth kills him. Spoilarz : (

Edited by jmrwacko

Guys, use your physical abilities!!! You have Ares, remember? And Chie has rampage. You could attack everyone at once for more damage than a single attack for each foe.

Edited by dietmango

Yeah, fusing personas is very time consuming, since it's hard to get the moves that you want for a certain persona. But it's worth all the long hours of doing that in the long run. Especially against a certain optional boss (hint hint wink wink).

Lol wow going to Craig's List and Ebay looking for somebody to fuse our personas....never thought of it that way hahaha

Posted by VisariLoyalist

1 hour endurance runs ftw!!!!

Posted by Curufinwe

It's not really much of a spoiler since the recipe for that Persona gets shown on the Fusion screen.

Posted by Enns


Well if you were collecting them all to see what they might do then yeah I guess I ruined it.
It's not part of the story so I didn't think of it as a spoiler. Just think of it along the lines of knowing that bulbasaur turns into an ivysaur.
Sorry man.

Edited by legendary1

If you make Kaiwan under this fusion forecast, Tetrakarn can change into skills that pretty much make the whole game a cakewalk, or at least are very nice to pass up your fusions. Repel Physical or any element, nearly the best attacks in the game, and a skill that automatically heals all HP and SP after every battle.

Also: Power charge can only be cast on yourself, but it actually increases damage to 250% on the next turn. It gets to be incredibly effective later on when you can buff your attack power, debuff the enemies defence, power/mind charge and then your whole party starts firing off attacks at about 5x the normal damage.

Posted by trimon

I agree, the Fusing personas menu is a pain 

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

man, charlie's a pimp! giving those old women his secret horn in return for special lessons, what a g!

Posted by Joshbra97


Is that a spoiler? I'm playing along with them and I don't have all the Mitamas and you just told me what they make. :(
Posted by Guyzea

You guys should really get Incubus! It learns spirit drain, which is 6x better than invigorate 2.

Posted by GioVANNI

Keep the night elf!

Posted by ch3burashka

For fucks sake guys, the 10 by 10 chart on the right of the compendium is a fusing chart; it shows which can be fused, and the dark line of circles indicates that you can't fuse the Personas with themselves.

 I agree it's pointless though, since you can fuse everyone with everyone (for now, at least).

By the way, I was looking up a review, and a screen showed the posibility of up to Hex Fusing (6 Personas). Try talking to both Margaret and Igor to see if you can try increasing your fusing abilities.
Posted by DannyJ

READ, using that at the beginning of a sentence makes the reader feel like you think they're stupid.

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