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Posted by MagikGimp

I don't know what any of those foods Jeff mentioned are, I'll have to visit the US and try 'em sometime.

Posted by King9999

Don't diss the Magician Arcana Chance.  It's very good at this point of the game.  And don't underestimate Mamudo or Mahama.

Posted by King9999

Don't be afraid to let Charlie use healing spells.  He's got Diarama and Yukiko doesn't, so use it.  Also, you really need to buy some items that cure status ailments.  One more thing...anytime you get medium attack magic, drop the light version.  There's no need to have both Garu and Garula.

Posted by Bigandtasty

those are some scary eyes

Posted by Intrepid

awesome run guys...I think I mentioned in before in a post, but Jeff's gaming skills really stand out here.  I was just thinking to myself that maybe you should up Yukiko's attack for the snake, and he totally calls it out, as well as saying they should kill the snake ASAP.  Its good practice cuz sometimes those guys go fucking crazy if you let 'em take their turn.

also, LMAO on the "lets use a Go-Hom" after seeing the glowing enemy.  Priceless.

Posted by jimmdogg

Don't be afraid to guard a bit so you can get to Yukiko, she is a power house and has the most SP.  I can't wait until the light and dark spells become useful so Jeff can stop hatin'.

Posted by TripMasterMunky

"Yosuke's completely blown his stack!"

Edited by Noia

Watching these guys is still painful. When they fight battles they refuse to pick-up personas for fusing because they've had them before, when they fuse they carry over rubbish skills and they fight EVERY SINGLE FUCKING BATTLE when going back through old dungeons yet run away from enemies offering 3x the experience points.

After watching him for 35 hours, Vinny is quite possibly the worst gamer I've ever seen. He needs Jeff to tell him what to do 24/7, so I don't even know why he's involved in playing. And Jeff isn't too sharp considering he's played 2000 games. It's funny as hell how they still can't remember what skills their personas have when they need to use them.

In truth, I don't care anymore. Hell, I don't know why I'm still watching in all honesty - I blame boredom. I'll feel indifferent if they decide to leave the dungeon straight away tomorrow instead of getting to the boss floor beforehand - they've wasted more days than I can count already anyway, so what's one more?

Posted by HassaniSabbah

Wow, Noia. You need to reevaluate your life. Maybe they don't remember what skills their Personas have because they don't think about Persona 24/7?

Edited by WasteBasket

I spent the entire game just fusing awesome monsters and not giving a shit about stats and I beat it. Honestly after I got Blackfrost I did not really have to change out personas at all until the very end.

People who obsess over this game are the same people that obsess over Pokemon games. They are whats wrong with the world today.

Posted by mudkip9000

Noia, it's not their fault, I feel it's the game's fault. I'm a good gamer, I've watched every ER episode, and I still don't get the mechanics at all. I feel Vinny is doing pretty good considering the complexity and lack of explanation.

Posted by Inuzagi

Friday...the best day of the week. Great episode guys.

Edited by Noia

I don't see what's hard to understand about skills randomly carrying over and some skills being better than others. I don't see what's hard to understand about needing lots of personas, old or not, for fusion. I don't see what's hard to understand about weak monsters giving low experience and strong monsters giving lots.

It isn't the game at fault for its lack of explanations - it's the players. And, even if I did agree that gameplay basics are difficult to grasp, there's a chunky manual included, complete with information and a fusion chart.

Posted by HassaniSabbah

Noia, if they played the game perfectly I'd probably stop watching. I don't think you understand the allure of the Endurance Run.

Posted by dprabon

I love any day that's endurance day. ( ;

great job guys.
keep it up.
Posted by Intrepid

LOL is that Aion or Noia? All right dude, its clear that you're suffering watching these vids.  So just stop watching.  Easy as that.  Really.  But even though you say you don't care anymore, I will BET there'll be another comment in the future.  Guaranteed!  

Posted by Alias01

Aion spelled backwards is... Hmmm.

Posted by Plasma

Tis true, theres a fusion chart in the manual...

Posted by Dan_CiTi

Charlie has the same voice actor as AdachI(Johnny Yong Bosch; Nero[DMC4], Guy Cecil[Tales of the Abyss], Rossiu Adai[Gurren Lagann], Lelouch Lamperouge[Code Geass]) so yes, he has an english actor.

Posted by The8Man

The people who insist that they are playing the game wrong are like people that insist the world is flat after Magellan has already circumnavigated it.  

Guess what.  They aren't doing everything the "right" (i.e. your) way and they're still doing fine.  They have proven you wrong.
Edited by Konanda

Actually Jeff, Johnny Yong Bosch (the main character's voice) does have other lines in the game since he is also Toru Adachi and a couple of other characters. (being a few of the one or two line characters in an ingame cutscene) 
The same situation happened with Persona 3 where Yuri Lowenthal voiced the main character, Pharos and Ryoji although the reasons for him voicing those characters makes more sense in terms of the story.

Oh and Johnny is an American voice actor for another fun little fact. Infact all the voice actors in the game are from North America or Europe (by that I mean grew up in) as is the case with well pretty much any JRPG that has been made in the past 10 years or so that has been localized for North America

Now back to watching this episode.

Posted by Stang

Noia, why the hell do you bother to watch if it bothers you that much? This shit is great entertainment, get over your fat ego.

Great episode guys :)

Posted by Dan_CiTi



Wasn't that last guy gold?

Edited by Curufinwe
Guess what.  They aren't doing everything the "right" (i.e. your) way and they're still doing fine.

They are making the game unnecessarily hard by not buying items that cure status ailments, and by giving away low level personas instead of fusing them into into new personas that fill out the Compendium.  And by wasting SP they are forcing themselves to spend more days in the dungeon and less days doing what they enjoy the most - advancing S.Links.
Posted by Konanda

Really should dump Chie for Kanji and do a few more floors before punching out since she's almost out of SP and her HP is fairly low, while Kanji is full in both and since he's a lower level than the rest of the character's he should level up fairly quickly so no need to worry about that. Other than that maybe use some TaP or Snuff Soul on Charlie and you should be good since Yukiko and Yosuke both have most of their SP left.

Posted by HT101

A great episode and I am sad because now we have to wait until Monday for the next installment.

Edited by Red

You guys really need to learn how to balance your persona skills.

And you can totally use Diarama in battle. I believe Nigi Mitama has it.
And anything with "Soul" in its name will recover SP.
And when dudes are yellow, they can't really hurt you.
Posted by Metal_Mills

I love how after 65 parts people are still bitching. IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, GO PLAY IT YOURSELF.

Posted by mrbasehart

I do feel the guys would probably benefit - in terms of entertainment value at least - if instead of leaving the TV world, they actually ponied up the money to Fox and got their SP back.  They have well over 100,000 yen, so they can afford the hit.  That way they could spend more time S-Linking with their core members than wasting it on healing something they could do with some items and cash.

Edited by lishi


To be fair if i will stop watching (aka i will fast foward) any episode where they fight useless moster who dont give any xp at all.

Its not really funny to see someone beating moster who give 10xp. Seriusly the last 2 "godly almost 1 hour episode" where the most boring of all

Posted by manathirst

Why didn't they replace garu with garula?

Posted by Nasar7

Nice Morrowind reference Vinny but it's skooma not soma.

Posted by NinjatheKid

Yes! RJD2 reference! GiantBomb wins!

Posted by Tru3_Blu3

It stops at 27 minutes.


... But take your time. :-(

Posted by ch3burashka

I'm don't mean to be a dick, but you guys are so damn forgetful, or you just don't care. I too have a hard time remembering buffs, but I can at least remember which Persona has which attacks. It's not that hard guys!

Still, love the 'Run. Don't stop...

Posted by xdeiri

what this all about, every time i got this persona episodes ?

Posted by Ignor

WAAAAH! You're not playing it rightWAAAAH!!!! =I

Edited by Doubt

Wahhh your not doing it right wahhh, im gonna write a thread about it wahhhh

Posted by KrisCarter

My vote for the next endurance run...Valkyria Chronicles

Posted by ShaunM

You guys might want to invest into a Null Ice Persona with some lightning skills (Can't think of the name of the Persona I used) for the boss in this dungeon.  Also, switching Kanji into the party would be a good idea.

Posted by Winternet

Nice ep. I think you guys can come back to the "other world" a.k.a. real world to make some s-linking stuff and all cuz you're got a lot of days til the fog..

Posted by Lies

Soma is a drug from Brave New World Nasar7.

Posted by PandaBearParamedics


Posted by Taler

Hey, any chance you can post the savegame? I was up to where ER was and then lost my save. It would be... greatly appreciated! THX!

Posted by freakydude20

another shirt worthy line...
where were you when we beat the midboss?

Posted by SonicFire

Keep rockin it.

Personally, I'd take some more stock in Hama/Mudo. They're two of the main "elements" in the game, and in later dungeons you'll find a lot of enemies who are only weak to those spells. Also, the chances of it hitting them and working aren't nearly as low as you guys are thinking.  Just as you're trying to make sure you have wind/fire/ice/lightning attacks, make sure you've got hama/mudo as well.

Posted by althemuffinman

lol i hate rgs but christ i love watching the guys play this ass game. Just got back from a club wasted and need my fix. keep it up!!

Posted by Jigsaw

Awaiting my fix for today...... *yip*

Posted by GHT

chie will give you a matching pair of wristbands if you max out her social link.

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100th post bitch