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This is like a drug. I just have to get some kinda fix during the day.

Posted by ahriman22

You Came!

Note that they're in a strip club.

Deduce from there.

Posted by Kou_Leifoh

That was great.

Posted by strangeling

Go Vinny, Go!

Posted by James89

These videos are great. Really good job guys.

Posted by fresh816

My chie galactic punted the mini-boss into the stratosphere, true story.

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

You know, you guys probably could have used fire a second time to dizzy the guy... plus I think just keeping him down would be best, and deal damage when he's down.

Posted by RedCricketChase

It's 1/3 of the way thru 2010 and I'm watching these for the first time. They are such a rad way to pass my lonely nights YEAH!

Posted by Laxaloot

@RedCricketChase I went through until this ep the beginning of the year, had a huge influx of homework, and I'm back. I'm sure once I finish these I can start on the DP ER... Oh lord... just think of how many hours of my life have been devoted to GB videos.... yikes.

Posted by Blueblur1

I don't think the complaints about their play style are unwarranted. Granted, they play the game in bursts but it would do them a world of good to actually look up stuff they don't understand or at least spend some time familiarizing themselves with the mechanics somehow before sitting down to record another string of episodes. Thank God that Jeff finally realized that instead of casting Tarukaja on Chie, it would be more useful to cast it on Yukiko. I was complaining about that episodes ago so I've relieved to see that someone there as learned something.

Posted by IrishCoffee
@Blueblur1: I actually enjoy how terrible they are at the game because I always felt like an incompetent gamer until I watched this. Now I feel like i'm super good at games!
Posted by Blueblur1
@IrishCoffee:  Keep watching. You'll eventually feel like a pro gamer! I'm not being sarcastic... Or am I? *cue Twilight Zone music* 
Posted by Undeadpool
Posted by afrofools

She has worms

Posted by gunningyoudown

... i can't believe you guys missed money dude at the end
Posted by the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG

wow why is the endurance run so addicting?  i havent watched these vids in such a long time and i cant stop watching them...

Posted by Hellmouth

Ha! Looks like some people didn't imdb this. It happens that the MC and Adachi have the same voice actor

Posted by PerfidiousSinn

That still image for the video freaks me out.
Rise looks so creepy with the gold eyes.

Posted by ItBeStefYo

Ohh man i think im getting Vinny fatigue. 

His brain works funny.

Posted by princess_zelda

is vinny dyslexic

Posted by Pop

how the fuck does teddy know if the lights are out and all that other shit, I mean he smells stuff sometimes, I guess he's actually with the group all the time cause he appears in the cutscenes but they should of changed the dialog with I smell 3 enemies to I see 3 enemies and done.

Posted by das9000

A "forgotten hablerie" sounds like something you would find under your bed or under you living room couch pillows.