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Posted by MartinG

Hell yeah, One whole hour =3

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Posted by MeatSim

The Ice Cube impressions were worth the a hour of my life I spent.

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Edited by Plasma

"we'd be downgrading"

With the extra xp it would be much higher URGHHG!

(Power is an awesome persona, thats why I care)

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Posted by Ptolemaios

i'd like to see their reactions when they get to the point when they can fuse MARA!

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Posted by Godlovesugly

brrrpllleerrrrrppp "poop noises"

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Edited by NirronElite

Loving the run!  Bringing back memories of P3 and P4.

One thing not really for this episode, but probably for tomorrow or whenever, is that you guys can really take advantage of some social link stuff that you aren't.  I know you figured out that having a Persona of the same arcana helps, but never underestimate the power of Lunch or Lunchtime.

I don't want to give any spoilers, even though they're not related to the story, but if Nanako tells you there's food, use it.  Second, when Lunchtime rolls around and you're standing there, and one of your links approaches you, really consider it.  The way the links work is that you are given a value for every "right" answer, and having a corresponding Persona gives a multiplier to that.  An invitation to hang out during Lunchtime also gives a multiplier, but that multiplier stacks with the corresponding Persona multiplier, so basically choosing to hang out with someone after school (via accepting during Lunchtime) means a nearly guaranteed S-Link level up, and huge points.

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Posted by Benjamimmy

another great episode, keep it up dudes!

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Posted by CleverLoginName

Shouldn't I take this time to study for my Shop Final, nah...

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Edited by darkspirit138

Just outta interest, High PIxie had a magic of 26...Was fusing Nozuchi the irhgt thing to do?

And also, when you hear Jeff Gerstmann tlaking about Ice Cubes cousin, he does his needy Tony Yayo voice...

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Posted by Inertia

LOL @ Triglav

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Posted by Figcoinc

You are right. Those are the worst impersonations of Ice Cube EVER!!!!!!!!


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Posted by Sneakybadger
MC488  Thanks for the advice.
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Posted by TooWalrus

Over. One. Hour.

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Edited by Curufinwe

Vinny did great getting the card at 30 minutes.

And at 35 minutes, lol.  I can't believe he got that one.

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Posted by King9999

Man, what do you guys have against Mahama/Mamudo?  You're going to be using those spells before long...or they'll get used on you.

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Edited by Curufinwe

Aw crap, Unicorn would have been very helpful.

But this was a great episode - maybe the best dungeon-running one yet.

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Posted by Turambar

Oh just wait until they get their hands on Samsara and Die For Me.  They shall cower before the power of light and dark.

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Posted by Goldenroad

love it

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Posted by HT101

Man, what a way to not study for my final tomorrow.  Hour long ER FTW!!!!

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Posted by MJames70

I'll be the one to rain on the parade - I think the quantity/quality of news given on the website has suffered since video series like this have started. How much time and effort have the SIXTY SIX parts taken away from news coverage and reviews and previews of other games?

I feel it has, and for something not particularly interesting at that.......

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Edited by ChrisTaran


Well, I'm glad you're in the incredibly small minority.  Also, apparently insane.

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Posted by unangbangkay

Nah, Kanji doesn't get Galactic Punt. What he does have, though, is a thing that crits all the enemies.

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Posted by Gunslinger

Lamia is a poem by Keats, in which a man is seduced by a snake demon that has taken the form of a woman in order to ensnare him.
It literally means, "Serpent that takes the form of a women to feast on the blood of mortals".

So yeah, you don't wanna accept that thing into your heart, really, guys!

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Posted by Curufinwe

You can get videogame news coverage at a hundred other sites.  You can't get P4 ER anywhere else.

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Posted by BrowncoatGrimm

Do the three way fusion first then try dual fusion. If you do the dual and then try three way all your personas will be to high because you've fused them in to higher levels.

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Posted by Dirty_Harry

Vinny, watch what is going on lol

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Edited by evilpaul


Your Endurance Run inspired my unemployed ass to get Persona 4 too last week! So I too have experienced the very gay (but that's OK) Bad, Bad Bathhouse and the disappointingly cut-short Maruyaku Striptease.

The dungeon after that one is just awesome too, but I won't spoil it! Seriously, it is freaking awesome. (The first random thing the person in it says to you is the intro to Shin Megami Tensei on the Super Famicon, btw.)

I've avoided reading anything about the ending or even looking at GameFAQs too. I'm enjoying the Endurance Run and my playthrough and would recommend it to any one who isn't empty, soulless, and dead inside.

Keep up the good work guys! I'll stick with the Endurance Run as long as you do!

edit: And try to get Megido or one of the other 'Almighty' spells for stuff that's Strong against everything or has no weaknesses. You can drop those golden hand monsters in two attacks if you use it.

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Posted by TehPickle

Ooooooo 60 minutes! Joy!

I reeeeaaaally don't wanna tell you how to play ( I'm sure you can tell I'm going to anyway) but, don't underestimate the power of confusion especially on the knights, tanks and mages. I can't stress that enough!

I get this horrible feeling you're close to replacing Yosukes tentarafoo. Please don't do that!! Also, try and get a persona with Pulinpa so you can target one dude and save the SP. It tends to work a treat on the shadows that don't have a main elemental weakness.

The day one of those guys decides to target Charlie is a sad day, believe me...

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Edited by GioVANNI

60 damn minutes... This show is gonna kill me.

Oh, and Kanji's magic is terrible, just attack with him.

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Posted by HaHarr


Are you kidding? I'd be here everyday if this was all they were showing. Sure, the combat can get boring, but I'll hang in there for the social link stuff. That makes me cry with laughter.
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Posted by MJames70

Everyone else from that vast majority that likes this, feel free to enjoy. I feel it is a dumb waste of time that has long since overstayed its welcome.  And I realize there are many other places to get news. For me, Giant Bomb has become less of a 'go to' site than it was because of stuff like this 'endurance run'. To each his own.

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Edited by Reverseface

Cobra commander.....BELT SANDER!

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Edited by Media_Master

Finals are post-poned for Persona 4

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Posted by JackSukeru

I thought I recognized Charlie's voice when he yelled "Titania" so I wiki'd it. Yup it's Johnny Yong Bosch alright.

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Posted by ozeki

A triple fusion that would give you a level 31 Gdon with Growth 2. Is what you wanted. :)
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Posted by dprabon

YES!!! i love long ep.!!!

you so need to go to the HOSPITAL ( :
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Posted by SinGulaR

Todays episode was totally worth whatching.

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Posted by mudkip9000

whoa, a whole hour! AWESOME

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Posted by Ossi

Great episode, crazy lucky on those card draws Vinny!

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Posted by gamefreak9

Mr James if u cant appreciate whats given to you then GTFO, this series is awsome, and lots of people enjoy it, truth is there are not that many games to be played right now, its all shit, i myself quit playing games these last 2 weeks cause nothing is out. And one hour a day is nothing... this show has been going on for a while and if u check the records u will c that while the show was rolling there were high seasons of updates so its obviously not the problem here.

Open ur eyes and realize theres barely any news out there, i check Giantbomb, Gamespot, IGN, GG, nooo news.

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Posted by Nasar7

4-Elemental Lamia....she lasted me many many levels

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Posted by dibiase77

Nozuchi is my new favorite pokemon.  "NO, NOZUCH, UCHI, UCHI!"

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Posted by Intrepid


I really don't see the connection you're trying to make between ER and the quality of news on GB.  I guess that one hour they take to play this game is just so critical to ground breaking news, huh?

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Posted by Dethfish

Did they find some new way to make these videos? They don't seem worried at all anymore about the long videos getting corrupted.

I think you might want to spend more time fusing. It seems like there is a lot of new and better persona to get.

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Posted by ArbitraryWater

Kanji has a crappy magic stat. Using Kill Rush will do more damage than Zionga,

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Posted by MikeLemmer

You really should try to keep some Personas with -Hama and -Mudo skills available, guys. You're reaching the point where some of the wealth hands & strong enemies are weak to it (which means a 100% success rate).

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Edited by SneakyBeaver

jeffs catch phrase, he says in more then 5 episodes:

"PHTTTTTT...poop noises is what I think about that (insert crappy object)

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Edited by Slaneesh

ice cube, "yo have you seen my cousin funky student!!" oh and its nice to see Jeffs reading some comments.

Important @

on May 11, 2009

A triple fusion that would give you a level 31 Gdon with Growth 2. Is what you wanted. :)
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Posted by RVonE

Good episode, but at the end you could have benefitted from a little more patience. There were a ton of level 30/31 personae that you could've (double) fused if you weren't in a hurry to peace out. But I guess an hour of enduring can be pretty taxing.

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Posted by sdauz

more S-link building, less fighting lol....more crazy japanese storytelling