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You guys are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY too afraid to fuse. Just do it! DO IT!

Oh, and Persona 4 is $30 on Amazon for today only. Good excuse to pick it up, for those who haven't already.

Posted by NoDeath

First time I've been to an endurance run page before the ep is up, hurrah for search. Gonna go get a cup of coffee and bunker down with my refresh button

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Okay, I thought last episode was gonna be the amazing one, but I'm sure it'll be this one!!  Unless it's a really short episode...which would suck, because then we'd have to wait until Monday.  Come on Endurance Run!!!

Edit Again- God dammit!  They spent two years fusing and the image upload was from next episode.  OK!  For real on Monday though.

Posted by NoDeath

Based on the images Drew uploaded, it looks like their gonna try the beef bowl challenge again when it rains (obviously) something is going to happen at the Junes, in front of the TV, and Chie will call at one point. Quick question. Is it sad that I'm crawling through the staffers image uploads to get a clue at what will happen in the next episode?

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I hope not, because I do it too. In fact, I've already seen today's episode. Two of those images are from Monday's episode.

Posted by NoDeath

How did you see the next two episodes? Don't they put a keyword in the direct links to prevent just playing them. On second thought, don't tell me I think I'd be too tempted to watch them, then what would I do on Monday?

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I haven't seen Monday's. Just today's. Oh how I wish I could see Monday's.

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I'm assuming that means something awesome happens at the end of today's episode. By the way, have you played the game yourself or do you just watch the endurance run. Looks like its time for me to kit the sack. I'll check out the episode tomorrow morning.

Posted by SpunkyHePanda


Well, I just know what's coming on Monday. I've beaten the game twice and I'm now working on a third playthrough. Pretty ridiculous considering how long a game it is, but it's probably the best game I've ever played. Hopefully Persona 5 will have been announced by the time this Endurance Run is over.

Posted by NoDeath
Monday's page is up before today's video is? Kinda funny. Anyway, this time I really am going to bed.
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Yay!  Friday ER!

If I saw Vinny and Jeff behind the counter of a beef bowl place, I'd run like hell out of there.

Posted by chronix

Since I'm ahead of giantbomb (by a week and a half in game) I have just been inside the TV for a long time.  You can go kill up a small dungeon (using virtually no SP, and keeping in an invigorate persona) and make 40k enough (like 3x the amount needed) to get new SP from fox (Social link rank is 5 for me I think)

At one point a tank did get lucky and f charlie up (critical hit killed him) quite sad.

At least I have a ton of money to BUY ITEMS *nudge nudge* 

Posted by Sifugamer

Persona 4!!!!!!!!


Posted by Bureksasutlijom

Yay is all say

Posted by Elbon

It persona time!!!

Posted by Turambar

How could you not eat her pudding D:

Posted by kratos456

ER time :D

Posted by Zalasta

Another tip: Since you guys aren't going around talking to new NPC characters appearing in the school, you are missing a social link.  It's the guy standing by the staircase on the first floor, to the left of where Yukiko usually is.

Posted by FlappyHands

Hehe, that was a great episode. I feel you guys should be a bit more bold with the fusing though. Looking forward to seeing what happens on monday, I just started playing the game yesterday and I'm up to Kanji so hopefully I'll be able to catch you guys pretty quick.

Posted by ZoRzEr

YES! I cant believe you're at the 70th episode. Here's for 70 more. Keep it up guys, best game website on the intertubes.

Posted by Death_Burnout

Mothman! Skunkator! Mothman! Skunkator!!

Posted by Slique

Was that... young detective?!

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lmao ending was awesome.
Ryan is awesome.
Ribs are delicious.

Posted by Turambar

@Zalasta: I'd say hanged man is one of those S.Links you're better off ignoring unless you're going for a max S.Link run or something.  Attis is as lack luster as they come and the S.Link storyline itself is just not that interesting.  They're better off spending what time they have maxing out all their party S.Links.

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Haha.  Episode 70?  I can't believe one of you hasn't died yet.  In real life, of course.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

That last conversation about Barbecue is awesome.

Posted by EmperorSeth

Man, for everyone who knows what's coming, how awesome will the next update be?  It's the most...interesting stuff since at least the camping trip.

Anyway, people, let's place our bets.  How many (non-automatic) S.Links will the guys have maxed by the end of the game?  Make your own assumptions about what ending they'll stop at.  And WILL they max out any personality stat?

Oh, on that note, guys, you can see how far you've come by going to the stat menu, checking out Charlie, and then pressing square.  Don't worry, it took me forever to find it too.

Posted by Nomin

R:I've got bacons in the fridge..
V:I wanna a Veggie burger.
R:Fuck you, fuck outta my house, I'll cut you.
R:(inaudible)...some ribs.
V:This episode's over.
R:I'm not. I don't care, I'm just sayin'
J:I don't, I don't like ribs.
R:you don't like ribs. Ribs are delicious.
V:Can you do, can you do corn?
J:Too much bone
V:I want corn
R:We do corn too.
J:Same reason I don't like wings, I don't like ribs.
V:you don't even like drumsticks?
J:I don't like drumsticks.
V:Oh wow.
V:How about turkey leg?
J:...it's got a bone right in it.
R:I like doin' chicken, I like doin'
R:And if there's a big group of people, you know,
hamburgers and hotdogs, it's easy..it's hard to fuck those up.
V:yeah...see you on Monday!
See you tomorrow.
R:Probably go to my mom's and do barbecue.

Posted by FLStyle

hahaha well done Ryan for the episode extension.

Posted by Riicochet

its the nature of this game but this episode was terrible, vinny was way to slow on passing the trait on.

i made a black frost from an hours worth of rerolls today with agidyne, mazionga, maragion, mabufula, mindcharge, resist physical, invigorate 2 and fire arc.

Posted by Nizzleworth

God, they hate hama and mudo so much. They're never gonna use Naoto.

Posted by Death_Burnout

Best ending ever!

Posted by Aeterna

Epic ending. :)

Posted by KevSlider


Thanks for the heads up! I've been waiting for this price drop since it was on goldbox a couple of months ago! Ordered!

Posted by CoinMatze

Your dickishness has increased

Posted by caseylakes

I paused and read the save screen and you have been playing 37hours of Persona 4, I have watched more than a whole days worth of Persona 4... With people saying the game is over 60 hours, I can't wait for the 100th episode, or for monday's episode!

You guys really have the best job in the worlddd. 

Posted by Vorbis

Have to wonder if they have been spoiled, they didn't seem that suprised another corpse turned up. Was a big wtf moment for me.

Posted by Robrazor

its the 70th episode! that means its the platinum anniversary of the endurance run, good work guys.

Posted by Scooper

BBQ at Ryan's! Bring a crate of beer each.

Posted by Grim_Fandango

That dude from the Watertower looks sorta like Morooka...

Posted by Reverseface

the riiseeeeee rizzziza

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Oh no, it cut off right near the end!

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The level of the persona doesn't matter at all, it's the stats and the skills it has. The higher the magic, the more damage or healing the spell does, just like the higher the strength the more damage physical attacks deal. So if you're forced to do physical attacks, switch to a persona with high strength. Chie and Kanji's personas levelling makes strength a priority, that's part of why they hit harder.

You can only change what skills are inherited by going one step further out of the menu than you kept doing over and over :(

Posted by MeatSim

Yes @#$% you if you come to my house and ask for a veggie burger.

Posted by unangbangkay

Some personas have inheritance preferences. For example, a fire-happy persona is likely to never inherit a fire spell, but support-happy personas might inherit a lot of support-based spells like rakukaja and tarunda.

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How can you not like ribs?! Just about all meat beside the bone is awesome.

I'm at a loss on how you guys make seeminglessly normal conversations into incredibly entertaining extravaganzas.

Seriously, put a mic on each of you 24/7. Guaranteed, more then half the things that pops out will be immensely  entertaining for us wacko people on the Internets.

I just noticed I used a lot of big words. I'm a weirdo.

Plus, lets all go to Ryan's mom's house. I'm sure she'll be ecstatic!

Posted by Moridin

Awww, cliff-hanger!

Posted by Inuzagi

70 episodes of awesomeness! Keep it up guys.

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Posted by Sarumarine

There's a dead guy on the roof. Who wasn't doing their job today? Was it you? Was it you? Oh well, we'll find out tomorrow. The conversation at the end was a nice extra too.

"I want a Veggie Burger."
"Fuck you. Get the fuck out of my house. I'll cut you."