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Posted by Azteck

I didn't want it to end! ;---;

Posted by Curufinwe

Heh... if that Pyro Jack fusion had been their first failure I think they would have totally lost it.

Posted by RagingLion

Ok.  So I see now what effect the Strength and Magic persona abilities have (I'm with Vinny and Jeff in basically ignoring those bars up until now).  Agility would make more you likely to dodge attacks I guess.  What effects do 'En' (Energy?) and Luck have?

Also how do agility and strength relate to armour because that has it's own stats for those.  Is it simple addition or a multiplier effect?  Any Persona 4 experts know?

Posted by iAmJohn

Hahahaha!  The Monarch voice Jeff was doing for Mothman was priceless!

Posted by mrsmiley

"That would be a courageous thing to do."

"That would be a DICK thing to do!"

lol you guys make even the "boring" episodes great!

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En is Endurance - Indicates the effectiveness of the Persona's defensive abilities.

Luck - Affects the possibility of a Persona performing critical hits and evading attacks.

Posted by Cirdain

'Pyro Jack we were with you,

But we never watched your back.
When times were rough
And times were tough.
You were with us Pyro Jack
We thought you were a vegtable,
Some thought you were a fruit.
But you were even better,
A bold and flaming mute.' - Cirdain

R.I.P. Pyro Jack
Posted by mrsmiley

Jeff I completely agree about your meat preference. I like my meat lean and meaty... less boney.


Blablabla insert gay joke here.

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"@Zalasta: I'd say hanged man is one of those S.Links you're better off ignoring unless you're going for a max S.Link run or something"

I agree 100%.

I left it at rank 1 and concentrated on maxing out the S.Links I already had made good progress on.

Posted by Nasar7

The guys will be heartbroken come monday's episode, I'm sure.

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How many times you guys gotta try that Pyro Jack fuse before you realize not every Persona can learn every skill!? DAMN! You got it. I had to skip ahead, though. lol

Posted by ep_driver

Jeff and Vinnie suck at fusing personas. They get rid of really good personas to fuse shit ones just for the hell of it. I can watch every other part of the endurance run, just not fusion sections...too painful.

Posted by Dethfish

Moth Monster Man, Nooooooo!

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Keep Gdon around until he learns Fire Boost. His fire skills are useless at the moment because of low magic, but fire boost gives a 25% damage bonus to fire. After he gets boost, fuse his fire skills and the boost into a high magic persona and burn shit up.

Also, pretty soon you are going to be given access to 4,5 and 6 way fusions. Once you get a bit higher in level, fuse Black Frost. He is awesome. I'm pretty sure you will have all of the components (the game will specifically tell you which ones to fuse together). He's got no weakness, absorbs fire and ice, has fairly strong ice and VERY strong fire, and has mind charge. If you want to fool around rerolling inherited abilites for a few minutes like you did here, you could even give him invigorate.

*minor spoiler*

The best way to handle the next dungeon boss's really annoying recharging shield is to tell him to fuck off with mind charged agidyne + fire amp from black frost.

Posted by MysteryFoodX

Aww, didn't get to see the special awesome part today.  Gogo Monday, it's going to be a good one.

Posted by Mistral

Aw, no emperor personas? Kanji's s-link is hilarious and you should do it. :(

Ah, good old rerolling fusions to get that ONE skill you want. I know atlus games are about making you spend half the game grinding for things(with the other half being sheer awesome), but would it really be that hard to let you pick skills to inherit? Or at least let people press a button to reroll the fusion instead of backing out of it twice, then going back in, ad infinitum?

Posted by idiotic_genius1

Great episode.
Liked the ending. "Fuck you!" "I'll cut you!" Hilarious!

Posted by CrescendOtaku

Light spells will help later on since some strong enemies are weak to it, increasing its odd of success. Might want to have at least one light spell eventually. Great episode guys!

Posted by Zeouterlimits

Holy shoot, Vinny's shout was loud.

Posted by Renegade

"Counter-Strike? Which version?" Oh man, exactly what went through my mind, haha.

Posted by KnifeySpoony

Haha, loved the ending discussion of barbecue. Now I'm hungry, time to get some lunch!

Posted by clintlandon

That's a lot of fusin'!

Posted by Gunblader

I'm with Jeff, meat on bone = bad

Posted by Media_Master

wow, Ryan needs to calm down

Posted by Intrepid

That talk at the end = awesome

You guys have to keep in mind that when you're fusing, certain persona's have limitations on what skills they inherit depending on the type of persona.  For example, pyro jack will never inherit ice skills and jack frost will never inherit fire.  These skills can be forced onto the persona by the forecast though.

Posted by Ilko

Haha, Nanako's pudding was the only thing from the fridge i couldn't bring myself to eat. Glad i'm not the only one.

Posted by Turambar
@Curufinwe: Actually, wouldn't it have retained the same inherited skills?  They wouldn't have missed out on invigorate 2
Posted by unclejohn0525

Lmao, the ending BBQ conversation was awesome.

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@ Turambar: I don't think so... but I don't know for sure.  I quit to the title screen and reloaded almost every time it happened to me. :)
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FUCK THIS, i can't watch this anymore. They have no idea what they're doing with fusing or fighting and its so rage inducing to watch how they basicly do all the worst decisions and never capitalice on any good that they might do by mistake. Its like i ive learnt the game up to a point from watching and want to go deeper, but since they still just press buttons and basicly get mesmerised by shiny things im stuck too. If i continue to watch this it will spoil everything else about giant bomb for me, since ill be constantly frustrated with jeff and vinny, and i cant have that.

So good day to you sirs. I wish you luck but i'll be ragequiting this endurance run now..

Posted by AndrewB

Can't wait for the next episode. Two big surprises await Jeff and Vinny, and I can't wait to see their reactions.

Posted by YellowKing

Guys, the weapon shop won't make stuff from materials on rainy days.  The weapons dude said as much when you talked to him.

Posted by HT101

How can Jeff NOT LIKE ribs?  They are one of the greatest pieces of meat ever.

Posted by FrozenPhoenix


Posted by lordofultima
@HT101: Ribs are messy, bleh.
Posted by SneakyBeaver

Funniest ending/cliffhanger yet!  By the way I think that they may have forgot the camera was on...MONDAY HURRY UP!!

Posted by ShaunM

Oh man, the stuff that happens in the next few episodes of the Endurance Run is going to be awesome to see Jeff and Vinny experience.

Posted by GioVANNI
@HT101: I know!
Posted by GioVANNI
Pessimisten said:
FUCK THIS, i can't watch this anymore. They have no idea what they're doing with fusing or fighting and its so ... [more]

Posted by JeffGoldblum
lordofultima said:
@HT101: Ribs are messy, bleh.
Posted by Jag40


Posted by lordofultima

Man I can't believe they don't ever remember their work days. How LAME.

Posted by Ossi

Great episode, hilarious ending! Jeff, ribs are the shit man!

Posted by AllanIceman
I Love Ribs!!  Jeff is Below Stupid!!!
Posted by Djratchet

They should talk to Margaret now, shouldn't they? I mean they talked to her once, but it said their knowledge had to be Expert, which they hit a while ago..... What does that do anyway?

Posted by Kazona

I am finally caught up on all the ER episodes! Now gimme more!

Posted by GamerGeek360

Lol the ending was hilarious. It was almost like they just forgot to stop recording.

Posted by SpunkyHePanda

I repeats: Persona 4 is $30 on Amazon for TODAY ONLY. Join the sensation, folks.

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SpunkyHePanda said:
I repeats: Persona 4 is $30 on Amazon for TODAY ONLY. Join the sensation, folks.
Yeah, they put up a news post about that. I might get it eventually xD

WOO post 100! lol
Posted by SpunkyHePanda


Oh yes, so they have. Well, can't hurt to repeat it.