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Posted by sdauz

awesome story, but its soooo much better with their commentary

Posted by Agent_Lost

lol, the ending.

Edited by Djratchet

"I want a veggie burger."
"Fuck you! Get the FUCK out of my house! I will cut you!"

-agreed. xD

Posted by TehPickle

I'm only a little bit ahead of Jeff and Vinny at the moment - not started the next dungeon yet -  but oh god I can't wait for them to see what happens next. It's gotta be the next episode surely!

My mind exploded!

Posted by Carlos1408

Lol Ryan does not like veggie burgers XD

Posted by Delta_Ass

Nothing near a bone eh?

So... I guess Jeff doesn't eat anything but big chunks of blubber? What?

Posted by AndrewB

Hard Bolero

Posted by DarkEnzanArikado

Didn't the other Pyro Jack have better stats?

Posted by PatrioticPuppy

XD All of your commentaries make rewatching this game for the fifth time entirely worth it.  The next episode will be awesome; I can't wait! ^___^  Your random ranting at the end of the vid made my night.

(And to clear up some of the confusion, the level of the persona has nothing to do with the bonus you get in Social Links.  Just have the matching arcana, and you get the extra music note of happiness with your responses.)

Posted by TobyD81

I just ate a bunch of ribs tonight. I like ribs.

Posted by Burntlettuce
Pessimisten said:
FUCK THIS, i can't watch this anymore. They have no idea what they're doing with fusing or fighting and its so ... [more]
Those rat bastards, how dare they have a good time playing a game :/
Posted by VisariLoyalist

obviously invigorate 2 will never come stupids!!!

Posted by Delta_Ass
@VisariLoyalist: Actually, it did come.
Edited by FotoVerite

I so wish these guys could play ff13 with me when it comes out. Probably the only way I would enjoy what will probably an epic fail in storytelling.

Oh and I love how much they hate drama chick. She always struck me as the most whiny social link.

Posted by Kou_Leifoh

That was great.

Posted by Slaneesh

When your done with persona 4 you should make an endurance run greatest hits.

Posted by SuperfluousMoniker

I heard if you eat Nanako's pudding the game just cuts to the bad ending.

Posted by Mister_Snig

lol, attendant.

Posted by FlipperDesert
FotoVerite said:
I so wish these guys could play ff13 with me when it comes out. Probably the only way I would ... [more]
Compared to Ayane? I'll trade you.

I see innuendo way too much in this game's narration. Wait until you guys reach rank 9 in Yosuke's social link and feel his warm trust. You can also feel Kanji's firm resolve.
Posted by Duckbutter

nothin stops the Endurance Run, motherfuckers. i cant even keep up with these episodes anymore. i'm now like 8 episodes behind schedule and that blows.

Posted by Conflict

Test week just finished :D Time to catch up on the Endurance Run !!!

Posted by Subject2Change
Pessimisten said:
FUCK THIS, i can't watch this anymore. They have no idea what they're doing with fusing or fighting and its so ... [more]
Because you are so shitty at a fairly easy RPG you need to watch literally a step by step video on how to go about it? Jeez are walkthroughs not enough for you?

Sure they may screw up every now and then and their tactics of using SP all the time might get to me but i've already played through the game and watch it to kill time and lol at their commentary not so much for the story anymore.
Posted by Helmetz

BBQ FTW!!!  lol

Posted by Conojo

How in the hell can a man not like ribs or chicken wings? That's the most blasphemous thing I've heard all goddamn day

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

aw i'm watching this on tuesday :( lol. the ending made this episode worth it.

Posted by the_purgatory_station

funny ending.  ryan's gonna cut people  lol

Posted by strangeling

Go Vinny, Go!

Posted by MordeaniisChaos


Posted by IceTrey87

Getting that pyro jack was a waste!  You guys already had a better one in my opinion.
Posted by Zereta

Jeff has disappointed me... How can anyone, in their right mind... NOT LIKE RIBS!?!?!?!

Posted by Gregomasta


Posted by SBYM

You wanna eat Nanako's pudding? v__v

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@Nomin said:

" R:I've got bacons in the fridge..V:I wanna a Veggie burger.R:Fuck you, get the fuck outta my house, I'll cut you.R:(inaudible)...some ribs.V:This episode's over.R:I'm not. I don't care, I'm just sayin'J:I don't, I don't like ribs.(pause)R:you don't like ribs. Ribs are delicious.V:Can you do, can you do corn?J:Too much boneV:I want cornR:We do corn too.J:Same reason I don't like wings, I don't like ribs.V:you don't even like drumsticks?J:I don't like drumsticks.V:Oh wow.V:How about turkey leg?J:...it's got a bone right in it.(pause)R:I like doin' chicken, I like doin'R:And if there's a big group of people, you know, hamburgers and hotdogs, it's easy..it's hard to fuck those up.V:yeah...see you on Monday!See you tomorrow.R:Probably go to my mom's and do barbecue. "

That was hilarious.
I'm pretty surprised that Pyro Jack eventually had Invigorate 2 pop up. I was also crossing my fingers and hoping they'd hit 'X' and move on because it probably wasn't going to happen again. That happened to me plenty of times. >_<
I can't wait to watch the next episode and see their reaction to the mysterious dead person!... Wait, Grim just spoiled it. And damn, there are no 2010 comments for this episode. :P
Edit: Good tips from legendary1 as usual. :)
Posted by Hourai

For some reason the sound in this video sounds really echo-y. Might just be my browser messing up again. 

Posted by Talon64

dude, why the hell didn't you eat the pudding? LOL

Posted by JohnLockelives


Posted by Marokai

Another thing I noticed more watching this a second time; Why did they avoid fusing Kusi Mitama? Never understood that. For two guys that seemed to enjoy persona versatility, Kusi had Zionga and Garula, and could've inherited fire spells, enervate (which they seemed to love) and in a past video, could've gotten Diarama.

Posted by afrofools

The person hanging from the water tower looked like young detective...

Posted by WolfmanJenkins

If there's one thing I learned from this video it's that Ryan does not like people who like veggie burgers. I don't blame him.

Posted by Babylonian

The final minute of this with Ryan talkin' meats was the best thing ever.

Posted by Hypermonkey262

you never touch a little girl's pudding

Posted by zaglis

Which version?
Ohhhh my.

Posted by wafflez

Ryan in the background is hilarious 

Posted by manawatermelon

Background Ryan is one of the funniest things on the internet lmao

Posted by mpgeist

Bah! Eat the pudding!

Posted by Larsa

Spacy Girl is the best NPC

Posted by DCam

So the personas inherit powers from the personas that are fused in to them? I almost want to buy a Vita just to play with the delicious systems.

Posted by MormonWarrior

@Hypermonkey262 said:

you never touch a little girl's pudding

Show me on the teddy bear where he touched your pudding.

Posted by larryrules138

@DCam said:

So the personas inherit powers from the personas that are fused in to them? I almost want to buy a Vita just to play with the delicious systems.

Basically, but it won't inherit things that go against its nature in a way. Like if you fuse a magician that's weak physically, and one of its "parents" has a bunch of physical skills, the resulting persona won't inherit those. Something like that though I may not be 100% accurate. You can spend a ridiculous amount of time in the Velvet Room fusing many different personas many different ways. Some people are really into that aspect of these games, but for me it's just kind of a tedious chore. I try to keep my personas at/above my level, and make sure I have skills of every type (fire/wind/elec/ice/light/dark).

Edited by Pop

man I wish they would just buy personas.

edit: I fell asleep last night watching this video. damn your yelling Vinny breaking my ears.

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