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Posted by Media_Master

high hopes go on strong!

Posted by catpowerd

*I agree.Pretty much everyone who likes games enough to watch this kind of video already knows how things like combo meters work.
Posted by Gamer_152

Not that I didn't enjoy this look at the game but does anybody else feel like they've had a rather standard video game combat system explained to them as though it were a completely foreign concept?

Posted by BBQBram

I have high hopes for this game breaking the stigma that license games suck. So far it's looking incredible!

Posted by Shadow

It's easier than you might think.  After seeing this video yesterday, I went to Gamestop to preorder infamous and they had this challenge stuff playable on their 360 kiosk.  After one round of getting the controls down, I was getting unbroken combos for every other round I did.  It's fun, but insanely easy to do really well.

Posted by sixpin
What you guys are seeing isn't the main game. This is a demo of one of the extra features. It is just an arena style fighting mini-game that earns you some points to upgrade Batman. The portion that I played alone is far from "Meh."

The simplistic controls are there to focus more on timing than complexity. I think that the two types of gameplay (combat and stealth) will be enough to keep it interesting. Personally, I have really enjoyed the fighting segments that I've played. I'm excited to try out the stealth sections of the game.
Posted by SuperSambo

Looks very "meh"

3/5 and 7/10 reviews scores inbound!

Posted by sephiroth1983

looking awesome

Posted by y0y0

look quite nice actually

Posted by Rudigher

This game looks really impressive. I just hope it isn't a dissapointment like most new games are lately. It seems like the people making the games are just concerned about making the graphics better or the water effects prettier or the animations more 'dynamic', and they're forgetting about story or re-playability; simple enjoyment of the playing a game. I think that the lot of us here would rather play a game that is fun and doesn't have the top of the line graphics than one that is really visually stunning and has a bad story or glitchy or bad controls and animation.

Posted by Deusoma
theMcNasty said:
I <3 Joker.But I do not <3 that post-thug-beatin' screen shown after Batman's had his way with some baddies.  It ... [more]
I believe that this is a separate challenge mode where they throw you into a room full of goons and rate you on how well you kick their collective ass. I don't think that rating screen will be appearing in the actual campaign.
Posted by DannyJ

The demo is available at most PS3 kiosks at game retailers. The combat is very fluid and very simple. You use square to attack and do combos and simply point at whoever you'd like to lunge at. When they attack you counter easily with triangle and then can continue comboing with square. Some enemies cannot be hurt unless you use the cape stun first.

It sounds kind of dumb and has been affectionately been called the "press square game" by me and my friends, but it is alot of fun.

Posted by Noremakk

WOW! This looks amazing!

Posted by JoelTGM

this game looks good, I really hope it turns out well.

Posted by G0rd0nFr33m4n

Wow, now the game actually doesn't look half bad O.o

Posted by The_Dude_Abides
Looks great, but also looks like it will get repetitive....fast.
Posted by HatKing

Combat sounds a lot better than what I thought when I first saw, I'll admit that.  Still I'm not overly excited for this game...not sure why I loved the Batman cartoon and they've got all those voice actors(the ones you'd care about anyway).

Posted by Pseudo_Sidious

This game better be awesome because I am super pumped for it, and I plan to play the heck out of it.

Posted by TripMasterMunky

Looks pretty cool. Wonder how it feels when you're controlling it.

Posted by smokeH

cant wait for this to come out, hope they put out a demo for it

Posted by Pablo
theMcNasty said:
I <3 Joker.But I do not <3 that post-thug-beatin' screen shown after Batman's had his way with some baddies.  It ... [more]

Posted by addictedtopinescent

This game keeps on getting better everytime I see,

This looks really fun.
Posted by MeatSim

Mark Hamill Joker is the best.

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

looks good. that extra polish time should make this a great game.

Posted by CaptainTightPants

i am speechless once more, this game WILL ROCK

Posted by dibiase77

This is exactly how I see Batman fighting, looks really cool

Posted by Kayrack


Posted by FlappyHands

It does look cool, but they make that combo system sound a bit easy. I hope the combat is as good as it looks.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Looks kinda neat.  Wouldn't mind a brawler like that if the promises are fulfilled.

Posted by Dr_Feelgood38

Wow, that looks fantastic.

Posted by FallenFatKid

looks good

Posted by Dustpan

Moar !

Posted by Starsimon

There Is something about this that reminds me of 'The Club'

Posted by innocentrebel2010

Played this exact area in Walmart when they had it running on their PS3. Was really cool, especially how easily and fluid the reversals were with the triangle button.

Posted by FlamingHobo


Posted by Spacetrucking

Wow, that looks exactly like how Batman would take on a bunch of thugs. I was afraid the combat would be something like God of War with total carnage on the screen but this is totally the opposite.

This is gonna be awesome.

Posted by Laticsfan

Looking ever more sweeter!

Posted by Nettacki

The fighting is SO FLUID! As fluid here as it is in person (i.e. in demo booths in Best Buy/Gamestop)

Posted by Corpulate

Looking better and better each time i see it im really glad they pushed it back to work on it more.

Posted by Binman88

No blood?

Looks pretty good, and I'm so tempted to order the collectors edition. I just hope the combat and surroundings don't get as repetitive as they did in Wolverine.

Posted by mrsmiley


Posted by MysteriousBob

Nice to see they're putting so much emphasis on the fighting system, a game of this nature isn't worth playing if the fighting isn't sound.

Posted by Carlos1408

Looks cool and fun, very fluid

Posted by JokerClown88


Posted by Krenor

loving it

Posted by Trnck

This game just got into my must-buy list.

Posted by MrMuise

As long as I can bring down an entire room full of people by punching them in the groin, I'll be happy.

Posted by UKSamwise

The combat does look terrific but the shockwave blur is a little annoying and distracting.

Posted by RobtheRobot

Looks nice and fluid just the way a 3rd person game needs to be now of days. And I think it will be that fluid when the game comes out cause thats gameplay unless they go back to a previous build of the game!

Posted by CL60

This will be awesome

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