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Posted by SuperSambo

Looks very "meh"

3/5 and 7/10 reviews scores inbound!

Posted by sixpin
What you guys are seeing isn't the main game. This is a demo of one of the extra features. It is just an arena style fighting mini-game that earns you some points to upgrade Batman. The portion that I played alone is far from "Meh."

The simplistic controls are there to focus more on timing than complexity. I think that the two types of gameplay (combat and stealth) will be enough to keep it interesting. Personally, I have really enjoyed the fighting segments that I've played. I'm excited to try out the stealth sections of the game.
Posted by Shadow

It's easier than you might think.  After seeing this video yesterday, I went to Gamestop to preorder infamous and they had this challenge stuff playable on their 360 kiosk.  After one round of getting the controls down, I was getting unbroken combos for every other round I did.  It's fun, but insanely easy to do really well.

Posted by BBQBram

I have high hopes for this game breaking the stigma that license games suck. So far it's looking incredible!

Posted by Gamer_152

Not that I didn't enjoy this look at the game but does anybody else feel like they've had a rather standard video game combat system explained to them as though it were a completely foreign concept?

Posted by catpowerd

*I agree.Pretty much everyone who likes games enough to watch this kind of video already knows how things like combo meters work.
Posted by Media_Master

high hopes go on strong!

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