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Posted by PandaBearParamedics


Posted by GnsDemon

good stuff guys IRL!!!!

Posted by ch3burashka

Screw riddles. What I want to know is when will Fox bring around the new batch of leaves?
Posted by PatrioticPuppy

A = B, B = C, therefore, A = C.  Is it strange that all of that came to mind with the whole rant about how "Knowledge/Popularity leads to intimacy"?

...I probably shouldn't watch these while I'm doing homework (even though that equation has absolutely nothing to do with my power series...XDDD)

Keep up the awesome work, guys!!

Posted by Sarumarine

I have a sneaking suspicion that you guys will ace that test. I'm just saying. Heh, also nice king reference with Dave. I bet he never even saw that episode where you guys actually went and did it. You owe him some cool fighting. Show him the next bonus boss. Heh.

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What else leads to knowledge, visiting that one nurse :)

Posted by Gamer_152

One day you will be masters of the meat dimension... One day.

Posted by LordAndrew
@CH3BURASHKA: I'm disappointed that neither Vinny or Jeff seem to have noticed Mr. Hat or "mmmkay".
Posted by Media_Master

ahhh, another episode!

Posted by freakydude20

popularity leads to intamacy!!!

Posted by strangeling

Go Vinny, Go!

Posted by ThePantheon

endurance run forever.

Posted by JAH_Donuts

lol. a poop joke. i'm seriously in tears. ENDURANCE RUN FOR-FUCKING-EVER! This shit needs to be remastered and put out on Blu-Ray.

Posted by Timmmycap

welcome back to persona 4

Posted by Blueblur1

This was a somewhat enjoyable episode. If they study somewhere they may get their intelligence to Rank 4 and ace the test but I doubt that will happen. Oh, and they finally looked at the status screen. Rank 3 in everything; I'm looking forward to loading up my save file when they get closer to 08/11 so I can compare my progress.

Posted by Undeadpool

The delivery of "What is he keeping locked up in his heart?!" reminded me of Wicker Man's infamous "HOW'D IT GET BURNED?! HOW'DITGETBURNED?!?!?!"

Posted by Babylonian

"If you're just joining us, Charlie here rode up on a train and moved to Inaba and he went to school and the teacher had funny teeth but he's dead and then we went to camp and kanji got a nosebleed cuz he likes dudes and then we threw up and we went in the dungeon, fought a giant bear and now the bear...grew a body. a b...a boy body. a human body."

Posted by Krystal_Sackful

I'm gonna drop some knowledge. The beef bowl restaurant is called aiya because "aiya!" is the chinese version of "Oh no!".

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I was playing along the ER, and moments before they check if the stats screen shows smaller increases, I did the same thing. I cast Bufu on Teddy before them too, even when I had already seen that it heals him. Weird. In any case, I'm having a great time watching these for the first time.

Posted by Duffyside
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Why dont you call on Yosuke for once god

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