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Posted by Thiago123
Posted by Brillohead

Wow some of the background music on these sounds exactly like a cell phone vibrating. Also, Ryan is the man.

Posted by kerse

That guy getting attacked by the dog, makes me laugh every time in this video.

Posted by porjos

I wonder how many takes it took for him to be slapped in the face with the zombie dog puppet. Actors...unsung heroes.

Posted by Wikitoups


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I can't express in words how glad I am that you put in the slow-mo version of the one guy getting a rubber zombie dog puppet thrown in his face.

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Posted by NemoDat

Whoever does the editing for all the TANG shorts is hilarious.

Posted by PixelResponse
@radioactivez0r:  The sad thing is I own all but like one of the movies done on TANG so far...
Posted by radioactivez0r

After watching these videos, I want to start a TANG movie collection.

Posted by Junior_AIN

Resident Evil movies are lame.

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Posted by SoftButtCheeks

*gets tackled by dog*

Posted by Jedted

I thought that the first RE movie was a little weak storywise but Apocalypse was much better, IMO. 
I do love that "GTA motha fucker!" scene, at first i thought it was retarted but now that i understand the character it's actually funny. 
Posted by flyingace16021

I agree that this movie was not a good movie, But at the same time I enjoyed it a lot. Idk.
Posted by Tuggah

GTA... mother fucker.

Posted by Th3_James

i like in toronto. Fuck ya i wanna see it get nuked

:P why wouldn't u want to see the place u live get gci nukes

Posted by Tricks73r

Dude, that's Toronto City Hall, not  "a big ass office building". Come on man, know every monument across North America.

Posted by Deusoma

Man, that's not just a big-ass office building, that's Toronto City Hall!

Posted by FalseDeity

Best TANG evah. I never thought I could remotely be mad about seeing a movie till I saw this.

Posted by CylonAndrew

WTF, why did I see my city getting nuked?

Why Toronto Why?

Posted by chriskelly123

g t a     muthafucka!!!

yea....10 points


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Posted by TheHT

omg they blew up ma city hall! lmao.

Posted by Pathos

Haha, excellent use of the green screen guys!

Posted by Agnogenic_delete

God that dog scared the crap out of me.

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Posted by vhold

A costume so bad it makes you stand in the corner and have a hard time drinking your drink... classic..

Posted by Vampire_Chibi

GTA MotherFucker, can i say motherfucker? oh well i just did :P

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I'm a big fan of TANG.  As bad as Apocalypse was, I actually liked it a little more than the first just by the fact that it plays out MORE like a zombie movie.  The problem was aptly pointed out by Ryan, which was that all of those  zombie moments were such fat cliche's.  Making the Alice character an unstoppable badass also killed the chances of any scene being thrilling or even tense.  For a fun mindless zombie movie RE: Apocalypse might only be mediocre at best.  But if anyone's looking for such an experience I'd much rather recommend the bizarre Austrailian flick "The Undead."

Posted by TomeOne

Resident Evil: Toronto

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*insert zombie dog attack*

Posted by GuardianKnux

Whats this?  The first nudity Ive seen on GB lolz

Posted by Brackynews
Helmetz said:
i actually liked this one over the first....i especially liked the chick playin jill valentine...hmmmm....
Amen.  This is certainly the best of the 3.  Although the third did have Ali Larter in a ballcap.  T_T
Also, that big-ass office building they nuked is Toronto City Hall.  Speaking as a westerner, they can do that in every movie!

"This shit is custom!"  Word.
Posted by dagas

Looking forward to the third RE movie TANG because I'm 90 % certain I've seen it, but I cannot remember a single thing from the movie...if I have indeed seen it then the TANG should jolt my memory otherwise I'm going to have to watch it.

Posted by Helmetz

i actually liked this one over the first....i especially liked the chick playin jill valentine...hmmmm....

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resident evil on the dvd`s didnt make some sort of a WOW! on anybody.the CG failure that was degredation was a failure then resident evil the movie made a huge sucess and then this.just another failure.i hope the fans arent pissed

Posted by DeanJParker

Agreed, this film blew... thankfully, being a fan of the games does not mean I have to like these films

Posted by MegaDaffy

Hey cool, Zack Ward's in this! I haven't seen him since "Titus" was on.

Posted by casualterror

I fell out of my chair laugh when I saw Ryan flying up out the screen. That was awesome.

Posted by Lazlow

great editing

I actually liked this one though.. though I do like almost every movie with zombie apocolypses in it.. apart from that horrible 'zombie diaries'

Posted by Undeadpool

Oh Zack Ward, how I miss you.

Posted by MadeinFinland

Ryan as a jet? This could mean only one thing...

Ryan is Optimus Prime!

Posted by Baggykins

The only moments i enjoyed in this movie, was the dog in face and "G-T-A Mothafucka" xD

Posted by Ossi

Zombie dog is serious business. Good TANG.

Posted by mrsmiley

Ryan, the real question is, why aren't there ALWAYS topless zombie hookers?

Posted by PenguinDust

Ryan's Astroboy...Astro-big-boy.

I liked this film better than the first because of the fan service and the makes-no-sense silliness.  It was a turn off your brain, wait for the next "cool" scene movie.  I didn't care if any of it made sense or that it was filled with cliches.  In fact, that made it easier to watch because I could get up, make a sandwich and when I got back to the couch, I didn't feel any need to rewind.

Great TANG as always, love'm