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Posted by MattBodega

I'm glad Rocket Legs Ryan managed to survive the Nuclear blast.
God, TANG is so awesome.

Posted by EmptyQuarter

Either that's the least memorable film of all time, or i haven't actually seen it, even though I thought I had.

Vinny's editing continues to be awesome.
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Nikolai - the dude who gets eaten by the dog - is Scut Farkis from A Christmas Story.

Despite sucking horribly, Sienna Guillory was super hot in that blue halter top.

Posted by ahoodedfigure
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Mom that dog scares me...


Posted by Kazona


Posted by Origina1Penguin

Hated this movie.  The first was much better.

And lol WTF @ flying Ryan with seagull noises.

Posted by Skallywag

I never understood the grave yard scene. How did the bodies buried underground get infected and come back to life?

Posted by lordofultima

This was the only good RE movie IMO.

Posted by ATalkingDog

ever since Ebert and Roeper left "At the Movies With Ebert and Roeper", TANG has been the best show out there about films.

Posted by inspectah

topless zombie hookers !!!

Posted by MeatSim

Don't walk through a cemetery during a zombie outbreak just seems like good common sense.

Posted by brighteye

Whats up whith the sound effect with the Amazing Flying Ryan???
Is he flying with sea-gull-power?

Posted by Aaox

Aww... I thought I was the king of the Zombies...

Posted by MOA


Posted by Lotan

Yeah it was pretty awful.  Awesomely awful.

Posted by galerian

Flying Ryan!

Posted by Max_Power_

For a miserable failure this movie is pretty good...

Posted by AgentofChaos

Good TANG. I remember the first movie of the RE series scared the shit out of me, and the second one was like all action, no suspense.

Posted by RollingZeppelin

That big ass office building is Toronto's City Hall!

Posted by RockinKemosabe

This movie was just awful. I just love how Mlilla Jovovich is running down the office building, which happens to be city hall in Toronto.

Posted by necrophite

I agree with this review completely the first film was pretty good by video game adaption standards (which arent too high but still) and this movie flat out sucks, mindless incoherent action sequences and really cheesy acting.. 3rd film wasnt much better but at least it had pacing.

..What do they have against the Postal dude?

Posted by BR4DL3I9H

The rubbery look of the nemesis just killed it for me. I could forgive the OTT action, cheesy dialogue, and quite a lot of the other faults, all because the Nemesis happens to be my favourte Resident Evil antagonist, but when they made him look like a halloween mask, i died a little inside.

Posted by deerpoob

that building she runs down its my city's (Toronto) mayors office, pretty cool to see it in a move...buuuuut, well it coulda been better.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

This movie looks bad. As usual.

Posted by Terjay

I love Zack Ward. He and Sean Pertwee are the best "Hi! I´m..." *dies*-characters. I mean seriously. Sean died like half a minute in the first episode of Tudors.

And that ending hand to hand fight with Alice and Nemesis... Oh my god that was bad.

Posted by ShinyD3mon
Woop woop, Canada, ftw
Posted by theMcNasty

TANG!  What I look forward to every week!

Posted by spiceninja

Never saw it and I never want to.

Edited by Blackout62

Wait, a cemetery is a perfect place to casually walk through during an outbreak... says Max Brooks.

And how would the T-virus get into the graves?

Posted by NAMMY

Good work, can't wait to see those Uwe Boll films!

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It seems like Ryan is a huge, albeit closeted, Resident Evil fan

Posted by trimon

Damn good editting. Was that seagull sound before the explosion in the film? It was blended in really well.

Posted by AndyWithTheAfro

GTA MOTHER FUCKER !!!,and that dog clip never tires me
That may be the best thing i have seen all week :)

Long live Giantbomb.com

Posted by dark_maggot

I actually liked the first one, but the last two where really stupid specially the 3rd one.

Loved the constant dog jumping on the guy and Super Ryan  hahaha

Posted by dark_maggot

I actually liked the first one, but the last two where really stupid specially the 3rd one.

Loved the constant dog jumping on the guy and Super Ryan  hahaha

Posted by sdauz

GTA MOTHE$#@#$%!!!! awesome

Posted by Vinchenzo

Lol. Nikolai was eaten like... 7 times.

Posted by Bigandtasty

I kept playing the "why are there topless zombie hookers"part over and over again. It's actually quite catchy when repeated.

Posted by ChrisTaran

See now, I love this movie.  This is one of those "yah, it's insipidly horrible, yet god damn I love it for that" guilty pleasure movies I just love to watch every so often.

Also, Valentine is SMOKIN'

Posted by buzz_clik

Will I ever get sick of Vinny's repeat gags or the digital insertion of the Giant Bombiverse into a scene? I'm guessing hell no.

Posted by mikenator121


Posted by RHCPfan24

*dog lunge*

Haha, TANG is great. Great job Vinny with all the amazing editing, and to Ryan too by turning into a jet, lol.

Posted by elliottsmith001

another great TANG! i'm still waiting for the Super Mario Bros movie though....

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

GTA mothafucker! at least the GTA reference is given credibility by the presence of zombie hookers.

Posted by kboy

"Why are there topless zombie hookers?"

Better question, why weren't there more topless zombie hookers?

Posted by Cazamalos

i actually like the RE's movies, coz i love Mila :)

a mi me gustan las pelis de RE porke amo a mila , no mames guey, pinche pendejo, muchcha bonita, tequila, sexo, condon yehaaaaaaaaaaa

Posted by Afroman269

Vinny you are a god at editing. Only you can make those RE clips watchable.

Posted by MattBodega


Posted by FallenFatKid

zombie dogs