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Staff said:
Has been deleted..
Dude, what is your problem?
Posted by AURON570

lol nice one.

Posted by BBQBram

Another great episode! My buddy, who is a huge RE fan, admitted to actually liking the movies. Oh dear.

Posted by DrRandle

If we could have that clip of the zombie dog randomly pop up in every video ever, I would be the happiest of men.


Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

I always forget to not take casual walks through cemetaries filled with random fog just like they always are at night during a normal tuseday with a zombie outbreak going on. I am going to remember next time.

Posted by GioVANNI

Woah, TANG has some nudity in it.  :o

Posted by Media_Master

Ahhh, zombie hookers!!!

Posted by GreggD
Death_Burnout said:
@HeaveyMental: That was classic flying Ryan Davis as seen here http://www.giantbomb.com/how-to-build-a-bomb-ep/17-17/While i agree the first was better, i didnt mind ... [more]
I disagree, good sir. The zombie dog made me laugh every single time it was repeated. Hell, I think I laughed the first time, too.
Posted by Jayzilla

i have been in love with milla jovovich since she was 13. Incidentally I was 13 when she was. We are still the same age shockingly enough.

Posted by toadstule
MattBodega said:
Haha, such a great scene.
Posted by chilipeppersman

that was pretty funny. the third one i thought was the best so far in the series. cant wait for the next fresh TANG!

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ShinyD3mon said:
@RollingZeppelin: Woop woop, Canada, ftw
For sure man. My friend actually walked by the set as they were filming for the Hulk in Hamilton.
Posted by shuref00t

I saw this movie in the theatres when it came out, and thought it was pretty entertaining. Totally forgot about the jumping zombie dog scene.

Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

Didn't this movie come out several years ago? It was awful.

Posted by Kou_Leifoh

A weird-ass ending as planed.

Posted by lasafrog

Milla Jovavich is the least attractive "it" girl in Hollywood. Plus, she's a freaking idiot when you see her in interviews.

I don't get it, who in the hell wants any of that? She's needs to keep her skinny unbreasted fish-faced self at home and out of movies. Not that I'd ever watch the drivel she stars in anyway...

oh yeah /end rant :)

Her existance on screen simply baffles me.....

Posted by HydraHam

I really enjoyed the RE movies.. you can't compare it to the games or you will find too many problems.. its a fun campy popcorn zombie franchise

Posted by myghart

lol... nikolai's getting pwned by dog scene just worked, no matter how often it was repeated. Especially the slowed down version in the end. I couldn't help laughing everytime it was shown.

Posted by Crono

awful movie makes for great TANG

Posted by krystians

First time viewer, and I love TANG already. That movie was in fact horrible, and I wish I can un-see the seen. The only good part in the movie was Mike Epps GTA comment.

Posted by MassiveDuck

TANG got all NSFW this edition with the zombie boobies.

Posted by IshimuraD

That Zombie dog jumping on the guy's face scared me every single time.

Posted by Benjamimmy

that Nemises thing with the rocket launcher looked like Fawkes from Fallout 3!

Posted by chamin1

I'm sorry, but I just have to say that the stuffed tiger sitting behind Vinny is the coolest stuffed animal I've ever seen outside of my own sweet collection XD.

Posted by chamin1

Hey!, you insulted my sense of what bad ass is. I'm thirteen and I think that the resident evil movies were just terrible, and far from bad ass. Rorschach was bad ass, this was just the dribble of a guy who probably wrote this while drinking and crying to himself in a box. Ok, well maybe that's a little harsh, but this movie was still pretty bad.

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Posted by Lazyaza

It saddens me that I not only went and saw this at the cinema, but the first and the third as well.
Of the three I'd say its the worst and the third, probably the best but that's not saying much.

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Apocalypse was awful, Nemesis was just ridiculous. The "Dead Walk!" tag in the newspaper was a nice little nod to Day of the Dead, though.

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Posted by PenguinDust

Ryan's Astroboy...Astro-big-boy.

I liked this film better than the first because of the fan service and the makes-no-sense silliness.  It was a turn off your brain, wait for the next "cool" scene movie.  I didn't care if any of it made sense or that it was filled with cliches.  In fact, that made it easier to watch because I could get up, make a sandwich and when I got back to the couch, I didn't feel any need to rewind.

Great TANG as always, love'm

Posted by mrsmiley

Ryan, the real question is, why aren't there ALWAYS topless zombie hookers?

Posted by Ossi

Zombie dog is serious business. Good TANG.

Posted by Baggykins

The only moments i enjoyed in this movie, was the dog in face and "G-T-A Mothafucka" xD

Posted by MadeinFinland

Ryan as a jet? This could mean only one thing...

Ryan is Optimus Prime!

Posted by Undeadpool

Oh Zack Ward, how I miss you.

Posted by Lazlow

great editing

I actually liked this one though.. though I do like almost every movie with zombie apocolypses in it.. apart from that horrible 'zombie diaries'

Posted by casualterror

I fell out of my chair laugh when I saw Ryan flying up out the screen. That was awesome.

Posted by MegaDaffy

Hey cool, Zack Ward's in this! I haven't seen him since "Titus" was on.

Posted by DeanJParker

Agreed, this film blew... thankfully, being a fan of the games does not mean I have to like these films

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resident evil on the dvd`s didnt make some sort of a WOW! on anybody.the CG failure that was degredation was a failure then resident evil the movie made a huge sucess and then this.just another failure.i hope the fans arent pissed

Posted by Helmetz

i actually liked this one over the first....i especially liked the chick playin jill valentine...hmmmm....

Posted by dagas

Looking forward to the third RE movie TANG because I'm 90 % certain I've seen it, but I cannot remember a single thing from the movie...if I have indeed seen it then the TANG should jolt my memory otherwise I'm going to have to watch it.

Posted by Brackynews
Helmetz said:
i actually liked this one over the first....i especially liked the chick playin jill valentine...hmmmm....
Amen.  This is certainly the best of the 3.  Although the third did have Ali Larter in a ballcap.  T_T
Also, that big-ass office building they nuked is Toronto City Hall.  Speaking as a westerner, they can do that in every movie!

"This shit is custom!"  Word.
Posted by GuardianKnux

Whats this?  The first nudity Ive seen on GB lolz

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*insert zombie dog attack*

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Resident Evil: Toronto

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I'm a big fan of TANG.  As bad as Apocalypse was, I actually liked it a little more than the first just by the fact that it plays out MORE like a zombie movie.  The problem was aptly pointed out by Ryan, which was that all of those  zombie moments were such fat cliche's.  Making the Alice character an unstoppable badass also killed the chances of any scene being thrilling or even tense.  For a fun mindless zombie movie RE: Apocalypse might only be mediocre at best.  But if anyone's looking for such an experience I'd much rather recommend the bizarre Austrailian flick "The Undead."