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Posted by Vorbis

Speak to Yosuke during the dungeon for some funny comments.

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Posted by CleverLoginName

Getting all meta on your ass.

Posted by jkz

I love how they went silent during the dialouge with Sayoko

Posted by lukeyk

Dont diss the board, hes my freind.......

Posted by Kohe321

Awesome as it gets!

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Posted by VanTesla

I love the Endurance Run and it is the reason I joined Giant Bomb so I may post my gratitude for your humorous showings of this game I enjoy. After you complete this endurance run of P4 may I suggest the next long runner be P3 FES. I can already foresee many funny comments and moments if you do at least try a test run.  But before we get to that just make sure you get the complete ending in P4 even if you have to cheat that small part.

Posted by HT101

Dungeon crawling go!

Posted by VanTesla

Hey guys make sure to atleast complete all the S. Links with your teammates and if you do not already know you can have multiple girlfriends.

 Oh and you must create a Mara persona when you are high enough :) Ill post the combinations when you are high enough :)

Posted by Nasar7

"Igor gave me ths pearl necklace..." lmao thanks for the visual vinny, never again.

Posted by RenegadeSaint

Not surprisingly, watching this episode without having seen the preceding 75 parts is a bit confusing.

Posted by AdventOblivion

i dont know what it is but i just cant get 100% into this game, i keep stopping at the gay steam bath part.

Posted by RedSox8933

This was one of my favorite dungeons in the game, good luck you guys.

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The boss in this dungeon is pretty tough. I suggest you guys be prepared as much as you can for it. Here's a tip, anti fear acc are imba in this fight especially for Charlie.

Posted by Lilarcor

Teddie's biggest strengths are ice magic and buffs. Chie actually won't learn any more ice spells after Bufula so she becomes pretty much fully a physical attacker after this. Teddie also learns a lot of healing spells, but he's not quite as good as Yukiko in that regard and his SP isn't as high so she's still the best healer.

This is one of my favorite dungeons in the game, the music's great. The boss is pretty tough though, probably the one I had the most trouble with in the entire game. It can use every element, so my suggestion is to max out Yosuke and Chie's Social Links as quickly as possible so that they lose their weaknesses and you have a smaller chance of getting knocked down when fighting the boss. It can use pretty powerful attacks, so if it gets extra turns it can mess you up bad very quickly. Having at least one character with Mediarama is pretty much required for that fight if you want to survive.

Posted by artofwar420

Yeaaah, Persona 4 is back in action.

Posted by Sticky_Pennies

The final boss in that dungeon is totally awesome.

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Why not let them f'ing play the game and stop posting these semi teasers about the the Void Quest boss and what to expect in the upcoming dungeon? Vinny and Jeff are doing just fine on their own. A lot of people thought they would be dominated by Teddy, but they did damn well without being told how to prepare.

The endurance run thrives because of the reactions we see from Vinny and Jeff.....telling them what is coming up will only ruin it.

Posted by SpunkyHePanda
@Stang: Agreed. A bunch of subtle hints can be just as bad as a full-blown spoiler.
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Endurance run on a holiday! Nothing better :)

Now I'm really curious about the new dungeon
Posted by Curufinwe

I kinda hope that have drewbert scan the comments for them.

Posted by Burntlettuce

I stopped using Chie at this dungeon, and put in teddie for her place. His medium ice attacks are nice, plus he learns some really nice buffs, and call heal. I know you guys love Chie, but until the second to last dungeon she is just kinda useless. But do what you guys want to do, love the ER ^_^

Posted by Squeezemahlemon

is it just me or does the s link level up noise sound like the noise you get when you level up in cod5?

Posted by gakon

I don't think they would want to play P3: FES; especially not Jeff.  It's definetly a step down in terms of mechanics, which isn't a surprise, and there's more combat than either of them might want to deal with.  Plus, who knows how they manage this much daily video content.

Posted by addictedtopinescent

Welll you guys are far from the end,

sorry if that's bad news for you
But it is for all of us watching.
Posted by SpunkyHePanda

Can no one detect the sarcasm in their voices when they suggest they're about to finish the game?

Posted by ashogo

Jeff seemed out of it this time.

Posted by sdauz

hot nurse job.......japan aint like this lol?

Posted by Stang
SpunkyHePanda said:
Can no one detect the sarcasm in their voices when they suggest they're about to finish the game?
No, sarcasm as well as humor have no place on the internet....or so it seems.
Posted by caseylakes

Persona 4, some kind of game?! No, it has turned into a way of life!

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Posted by Stang


Why the hell do we even bother? The douche bag below will forever be one. No point trying anymore.

Posted by SpunkyHePanda

Well, now it looks like I'm getting on Caseylakes's case. You're all right, Casey.

Posted by GioVANNI

Yeah, the Nurse sucks.  >:(

Posted by Doubt

shut youre face 

Posted by Stang

Same on my end, that was in no way directed at you caseylakes.

Posted by OmegaRadium

can't wait!

Posted by Asurastrike

Gah, you guys almost caught up to me. I'm on early September.

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The sound produced by Davan's 25 year old hairless, boneless cat 'choo-choo bear' in the web comic Something positive.
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Posted by Ockman

News flash guys...you are no where near being done! You're on the 4th dungeon in the game...there are 8.

Posted by VilhelmNielsen

Where's 77? I'm sure I saw it was up earlier today...

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where's my show??? :(((( [ep. 77]

Posted by Afroman269

why they pull ep 77?

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More tech issues. Bit sad they are having so many problems. Especially since they were able to get it up during memorial day.

Thank you Gwendle ,  Boosh!

Posted by Gwendle
@FotoVerite: You mean memorial day..