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Posted by kerse

I actually ended up liking Rise the best, which surprised me cause I was gonna go with Chie at first.

Posted by das9000

Every time you hear senpai, you drink.

Posted by Duffyside
Posted by melodiousj

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Why does it seem like every party member they get Jeff kind of hates?

Every new character is a threat to the presence of Chie.

Oddly enough I find Chie the most annoying out of all the party members. I like her, but her entire story seems off, she wants to stop bullying but beats up Yosuke? what?

Well that's just you. Chie's awesome. Flawed but there's a reason she's so well liked. Yes if I stop and think about her character then the cracks start showing but she's still one of the game's better characters.

Most people on here just like Chie because Vinny and Jeff like her. Nothing more to it.

Chie is the kind of girl I enjoyed hanging out with in high school. Nothing more to it.