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151 comments and no vid....wow.

Posted by Azteck

The whole day has gone by, what the shit is going on? D':

Posted by darkspirit138

OMG! 153 comments now and I have only said two of them.

Posted by JackCharlatan

It'd be nice if someone would come onto the comments and atleast give us a heads up as to what's going on. A bit of info concerning why there's a delay would probably go along way towards alleviating the stress of not seeing the endurance run.

I never really noticed until now that it throws my day off if I don't get to take a break at work while I'm watching it.

Posted by MMMMCheese

Probably the video got jacked up again.  Takes time to repair.  Come back tomorrow for a double dose.

Posted by RobtheRobot

I love how giantbomb has such patient users! yah 130 something post and half of them wanna start a riot you know theres other things to do guys while waiting like play a game!

Posted by KrisCarter
@MMMMCheese: No.
Posted by RobtheRobot
@KrisCarter: What do you mean no? Yah the guys at giantbomb are totally just dicking around and don't actually care the video isnt up...
Posted by ToyDoll

a blood sacrifice to the Giant Bomb gods is the only way! I'm sure i can find a cat around here somewhere.....

Posted by KrisCarter
@RobtheRobot: what I meant by "no"  was...no.
Posted by Shibbles

The good news is, I've maxed out my Diligence refreshing this page.

Posted by borgmaster
@ToyDoll: I like the way you think
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Posted by Shibbles

@KrisCarter: You can now go fishing for three weeks straight.

Posted by Jeremy_x

F5... F5... F5... F5... You spent some time pressing F5.

Your Dilligence has increased.

Posted by Alias01

Your diligence has changed from Too weak to be worthwhile to Impossible to gauge!

Posted by ToyDoll

i've realised how much time i have on my hands now exams are over for me. i've sat here since like...6 in the morning (UK time) just refreshing absentmindedly while watching shiz..i think i need to get a hobby..

Posted by slinky6

great I skipped school to come home early and this is what I get.

Posted by KrisCarter

I am re-listening to episode 68 while I wait for this episode to go up. Can we beat the 303 comments on that one?  I say we do a little comment grinding until we do....

Posted by Eros
@Alias01: FFXI reference wins the comments.
Posted by darkspirit138

Heya dudes, how many of you have played the Red Faction multiplayer demo?

Posted by KrisCarter

What are some of your favorite ER quotes?

"Oh shit it's coming!"
"uhhh..Yosuke, that isn't some thing you want to shout out in a strip club."

Posted by Pazy
darkspirit138 said:
Heya dudes, how many of you have played the Red Faction multiplayer demo?

In total or just while weve been waiting for this video ;)
Posted by Alias01
@Eros: Those were the days... lol
Posted by ToyDoll

Right..I'm just going to watch The Blues Brothers, have myself a merry sing-a-long, and then the video will be up. thats whats going to happen and no-one can tell me otherwise.

So shall it be written

So shall it be done

Posted by Winternet

We must use Recarm to bring back episode 77

Posted by jkz

Hmmm, just got home.....5 pages of comments....cool

So, my copy of inFamous came in, and I'm not sure whether to finish Persona 4 first or play a bit of inFamous....decisions decisions
Posted by pbhawks45

So, is there any word as to what the problem is?

Posted by Shibbles

"Alright, uh, smother the kid, torch the house, and meet me at Junes in twenty minutes."
"I just want Funky Student to walk in and say 'DAAAYUM!'"
"Hold her hand hold her hand hold her hand."
"I made out."
"We'll stop the bullies together! It's you and me against this crazy world! RUN AWAY WITH ME!"

Posted by KrisCarter

"I mean we aren't chumps..."
"No! What'd you do?!!!!"
"oh did I do ice on him?"
"OH MY GOD dude...com'on!"

Posted by gakon

"A bit of info concerning why there's a delay would probably go along way towards alleviating the stress of not seeing the endurance run."

Really?  People stress over this?

Posted by Azteck
@KrisCarter: All of them? :o
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You tap F5 repeatedly

Your Diligence has greatly increased

You tap F5 repeatedly and start cursing at the screen

Your Expression has greatly increased

You start to feel that you should do something else in the meanwhile until the video is up

Your Understanding has greatly increased

Edited by KrisCarter
@Azteck: =true

Your knowledge has greatly increased, you feel that you will become smarter soon.
Edited by Azteck
@KrisCarter: My stats never gain levels. I just learn shit without seeing a notable difference! D':
Posted by borgmaster

fuck it, I'm gonna go watch smokin' aces.

Posted by KrisCarter
@borgmaster: Good luck with that.
Posted by JackiJinx


Posted by Pkshields

Guess I'll give up and revise...

Your Diligence has decreased. You have the strange urge to fold some envelopes

Your Knowledge has increased. You feel like you shall pass your exams.

Posted by darkspirit138


In general AND whilst youve been w8ing. Oh yh, if hasibd hammered you whilst invisible, im sorry.

Posted by ZagZagovich

"You got the touch! You got the power! Yeah!"
"You are now the leader of the Autobots!"

Posted by KrisCarter

Achievement Unlocked:

10 points Batshit Crazy Fans

"have 10 pages of comments on a non existing video"

Posted by RedJester1029
Good Movie!
Posted by Azteck
@KrisCarter: Only halfway there! D':
Posted by Alias01

So. Has anyone watched Terminator Salvation?
I had planned on watching it tonight but I'm not so sure anymore after looking at some reviews...

Posted by HatKing

Watching the early episodes of Endurance Run is pretty entertaining now, man they had no idea what they were getting themselve into.

Posted by Mac

Click page 5. You'll notice there's more pages, they're just not initially visible.
Posted by MoeB
@Alias01: Don't do it! It's TERRIBLE. 
Posted by KrisCarter

I want to just shut my browser and call it a day but...I can't.

My courage isn't at a sufficient level.

Posted by KrisCarter