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Posted by AllanIceman

I was there the day Jeff took off his shoes.  Also,  no one tell Atlus anything!!

Posted by Vorbis

Kanji and Teddy make the fighting alot more bear-able.

Oh god its rubbing off on me.

Posted by YetiAntics

Crap. That means The Fall is coming!
Posted by babblinmule

Good episode. Looking forward to tomorrow when they 'get their sleep on!'

Posted by FlappyHands

Dragon Cop!

Posted by CleverLoginName

There's gonna be like a team of lawyers ready to meet you as soon as you hit the Atlas booth.

Posted by Nick


Posted by Curufinwe
endaround said:
The reason for the strip club isn't EXP, its money and materials with little SP use, both of which they ... [more]
I agree.  They could whip thru the Strip Club in no time without using much SP by only fighting the shadows that they really have to.  And then get a good item from the boss.

They like the S.Link stuff the best, so they're better off making as much progress as possible when they are in the TV, rather than hopping out when they still have a decent amount of SP left and having to spend extra days in the TV instead of spending them with Chie, etc.
Posted by HooliganTuesday

They need to get around to maxing out the rest of their team links, get some elemental immunities happening.

Kanji's an awesome character i don't see why you wouldn't use him, he's got a brutal line up of physical attacks, once he gets his boosts his lightening is pretty brutal as well and he gets matarajaka (Plus attack to all?). Also you can utilize the fact that his HP is massive and he's slow, so everybody else can throw out physical attacks in their turn and have Kanji throw out a healing item at the end of the turn to top everybody up. And his follow up attack does extreme damage and can normally give you an all-out attack.

Posted by Hairydutchman

Haha Teddie is so cool.

Posted by gakon

S. Link Rank 1 is mortal blow, guys.  So you're in the clear with everyone.  Also, when you next go to fuse, make sure you have:

- All four elemental attacks, AoE versions and medium versions.
- A physical persona (check the Strength stat!).
- A healing persona, and something with Recarm.
- Tarunda (attack down) and Rakunda (def. down).

It's kind of a scam that none of your groupmates will ever learn any debuffs, which puts that strain on you.  They will, however, eventually learn some party buffs, which is good.

Posted by King9999

Guys, forget the strip club unless you're gonna fight the extra boss.  You'll get much more EXP in the current dungeon since the enemies are at or above the same level as you.  You get more EXP if enemies are at a higher level.

Posted by FuzzYLemoN

No no no, pick a team and stick with it! NO B TEAMS, FOO'!

Posted by ArcticDonkey

There is no point in grinding in the strip club. Maybe go there to fight the boss but you will gain levels faster if you fight those high levels enemies

Posted by RyougaZell

Chie sucks at Ice magic. Remember that. Teddie is your Ice-user from now on, while Chie becomes a Front line fighter. Also... level up Rise and Kanji's Links. Kanji's follow-up attack knocks ALL the enemies, while Rise will allow you to find the shadows from far in the map.

Edited by darkjester74

Angry Teddy pic made me LOL!


EDIT:  Kanji's enthusiasm is truly hilarious

Edited by SatelliteOfLove

Don't worry too much about responces; yall have done well with the bosses so far. I will drop one vague but helpful hint on you for the next one: It's a long slog of a fight like the last one.

Posted by CrescendOtaku

Whoa! The shoes came off!
5-28-09...a day I'll always remember..

Posted by Razz17

Hey guys! if you pick a blank card you still get the Arcana Chance card. So use that info however :)

Posted by Gahzoo

OK, I ( a person who has played this game ) have been watching these uploaded day be day, finally decided to make an account even though i was strongly tempted early on because i wanted to help, so now I'm gonna give advice.

-Chie should really only use her ice to exploit weaknesses because she has low SP (i think Kanji's is lower)
She, like Kanji, is supposed to be used for her Physical spells, which is why she has high HP (Kanji has the highest) In some episodes you used Bufu which hit lower than her regular attack, and you might want to get new shoes soon.

-Teddie will has higher magic and should be used for Ice if you need Ice.

I'm saying all this because Chie is my favorite character and I don't want her to look weak :3.

Posted by BenderUnit22

I think Atlus is cool with this, the whole Endurance Run probably sold more copies than their ad campaigns.

Posted by TheGamerGeek

No Vinny, the card thing does not work!

Posted by Kombat

Man, all the Rise hate is getting me down.

Posted by drifter13x

I'm gonna recommend hanging with Rise when you get the chance, it will add more abilities to her persona, like treasure finding and better monster detection on the map.

Posted by Happy

Nooo, don't go to the club to level! You'll get twice as much exp sticking to Void Quest and maybe just killing a few extra shadows here and there. Plus you guys are right on track. Your party will probably be close to 40 at the boss, which is golden.

Posted by SuperJoe

Kanji needs better armor.

Posted by BountyHead

Aw those beetles. When I first encountered them, I thought I'd wipe them out with one big maragilao(?). But 5 beetles all reflecting fire did me in and I had to start the dungeon again. I learned something that day...

Posted by UsbCable
@Lustreplush: This explains everything that happened to me today! The girl, the strange things I've seen and the Pop Tarts! O_O
Posted by Mistral

You guys seriously need to start using physical skills. Kanji is awesome for them(as is that Oni you got), and healing the HP used for physical skills takes much less SP than casting spells at everything. Most things die as easily to physical attacks as they do to magic, so there's really no reason to insist on casting magic on everything unless a given enemy isn't hurt by physical.

Posted by dprabon

( :

good ep
Edited by Zeik

You guys should really hang out with Kanji sometime and raise his S. Link if you plan to use him again, at least get him to level 3 to learn his follow up attack, as it's probably the second most useful follow up attack after Chie's. Remember to check the practice hall of the school if you want to find him.

Also look into fusing Black Frost for the upcoming boss. Trust me, it'll help, a lot. He's a Pentagon fusion, so no need to worry about understanding the complicated fusion mechanics. Just have the 5 necessary Persona's and you'll get him.

Posted by Reverseface

Jeff took his fucking SHOES OFF...RIGHT OFF....... THE SHOES WENT OFF..........this is serious.

Posted by AbsoluteApathy

When you guys hit floor/chapter 7 of the dungeon, it is VERY important that you go to all the way to the top left of the dungeon and search the two rooms for the key item there(darkness orb). You will not be able to proceed to the boss otherwise.

Posted by Dethfish

I kinda figured there wasn't going to be any ER during E3. That's fine though because I'm sure we will get plenty of awesome content from you guys anyways.

Why So Serious?

Posted by ashogo

You guys will level much faster if you just fight on some lower floors of the void quest.

If you DO decide to go for the strip club boss, please don't fight every enemy you meet like last time-it was pointless and boring as hell. You can jet past the first 6-9 floors and fight a couple tough ones near the top, then kill the boss. That will get you more experience for your time, and I'm sure it won't wear you down as much either.

Posted by deerpoob

really between teddie and charlie, they have a decent healer, i dont think yukiko is needed

Posted by JarenFace

Personally speaking, I stuck with the A team throughout the whole game, not to mention Chie gets broken once she learn Tarakunda + Power Charge + God Hand.

Posted by gakon

There are plenty of people on YouTube more or less uploading the entirety of RPGs for people to watch.  It's not really an issue it would seem.

Posted by TripMasterMunky

LOL at them making fun of all the people with joker icons

Posted by lordofultima

Damn, Teddie has some mad Ice and Healing. But you can't ditch Chie guys!

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Teddie's useful against the next boss, so I'd recommend keeping him for at least the time being. I'd also highly recommend pimping-out his claws so he doesn't suck with phys attacks. I also used Kajni for his physical skills and Naoto for her "Take out half the fucking enemies in one hit" skills (Light and dark rock later on).

Also, less SP! Unless the guy you're fighting reflects physical attacks, you can likely just rush 'em and kick some ass just as easily.

Posted by Dethfish

Someone needs to make a animated GIF with that persona Oni saying Why so serious. That'd be great.

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Jeff took his shoes off! this shit just got real serious. 

Posted by GrandpaStu

I noticed you guys have dissed on Yosuke's Tentafaroo spell a few times now...it's actually a VERY useful spell. It would allow you to defeat those beattles with minimal effort. You could literally gaurd the whole time as they kill themselves.

Edited by ArbitraryWater

The reason Kanji doesn't have that much SP is because he is even more physical focused than Chie. Don't use lightning unless you can knock someone down with it.
EDIT: Also, don't go to the strip club. You should just grind the lower floors of Void Quest for XP unless you really want Teddie's Special Weapon.

Posted by artofwar420

YAY! Get some keys, go do some fishing or something, because I think they might be some fairly good loot in those chests. Who knows maybe funky student got his funk back.

Edited by lishi

Actually there is no pratical reason to have 2 team.

And really dont bother fighing enemy at strip club, you want level up where you get the xp and that is on the last dungeon.

Posted by Sharpshooter

Oni looks like he was dressed by his Ma.

Posted by Aaox

What? No... No Endurance Run for a week? B... But... I don't think that I can survive that long... It's unbearable!

Posted by HT101

That's sad that we won't have anything during E3 but they are probably going to be doing some pretty sweet stuff that will make us miss it less.  And, the trip to Atlus will be awesome to see.