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@ahoodedfigure: Yes, they forgot to register anything. Luckily, they didn't fuse anything (so far, I'm still watching the video). Never mind, they fused something, but those Persona were probably already registered since they looked like they came straight from Shuffle Time.

They can get a Ghoul in Shuffle Time, but they need to go back to wherever he was found before.
Posted by NoXious

Going to miss the show :( Have fun at the E3 guys! 

Posted by JackiJinx

Friendly's is like a Dairy Queen, but it also serves breakfast. I had another friend not know what one was, and I did a quick search and the farthest West the franchise goes is Ohio. Meanwhile, there's a Friendly's in practically every town in New York. Good stuff.

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Ghoul = (Hierophant) Omoikane + (Empress) Senri

Posted by AdH0c

I know you guy will never remember this after E3 but if you fuse both Izanagi and Saki Mitama (you have both) you will get Ghoul

Posted by Origina1Penguin

Have they used a mailbox yet?  I'm sure they have enough prize stickers by now.

Posted by Slaneesh
AdH0c said:
I know you guy will never remember this after E3 but if you fuse both Izanagi and Saki Mitama (you ... [more]
haha nice
Posted by GoodKn1ght

(Hierophant) Omoikane x (Empress) Senri=ghoul also when you guys are switching teams to the b team you should have yosku in instead of yukiko, then use pyro jack and you can use invigorate all the time and you don't have to switch to other persona's very much

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I'm not sure where you guys heard that you can't hang out with someone without a persona of the right Arcana, because you can. You should've hung out with Rise before fusing Undine, so that it would gain extra EXP. Also, you might want to, you know... continue looking for Mitsuo soon... you only have a couple of days left... literally. You don't want to know what happens when you run out of time... o_O
Hope this helps. :3

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Strength: physical damage
Magic: magic damage
Endurance: damage mitigation (all types)
Agility: initiative/hit/evasion
Luck: crit rating (physical skills)

IIRC spells aren't capable of critical hits.  Also, weapon damage only affects normal attacks and All-Out attacks.  A Persona's Strength stat determines the power of special Physicals.

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I believe the Luck stat effects  personas doing critical hits, and evading attacks.

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Wow, guess I'll have to like do more work or something with my Endurance Run time.

Posted by Carlidus

Ah, they were so close to finally getting in bed with Chie! Oh and getting her new persona too of course...

Posted by Carlos1408

Great episode guys! :)

Posted by Gahzoo

Lol, second time they haven't looked at a new weapon for Chie.

Literally yelling at the computer screen here.

(and more like S Links out the Gahzoo, dohohoho)

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@blazer89: Edit out the spoiler you utter moron.
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Thanks for giving us a long episode before E3 week, guys.

You guys should REALLY start hanging out with Kanji if you are going to use him regularly.
Posted by Slique

My heart literally sunk when they chose not to comfort the Nurse. B'aww.

Posted by Intrepid

Ghoul: HEEEY GUYS!!  *serious tone* Look who's come crawling back...mwaahahaha

Great episode guys, thanks for making it extra long for the E3 absence. 

Posted by CrescendOtaku

This has been said a couple times before in the comments, but here it is once more to stress it:


As someone pointed out, you want to do the opposite so you gain more power when fusing. The rate of S.Link ranks is also relative, so it takes longer to reach higher rank levels than lower ones. Enjoy E3 everybody!

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Whoa whoa whoa, let's be clear here. Having a persona of the same arcana when hanging out with someone will cause their S. Link to level up faster. Fusing that Lovers persona was a perfectly reasonable decision. Sure, at level 1 it hardly matters, but they have the right idea AND they got a new persona.

Posted by Cloneslayer

they need a ghoul! oh the irony!!!!

Posted by Gelatinousgelboy
Gahzoo said:
Lol, second time they haven't looked at a new weapon for Chie.Literally yelling at the computer screen here.(and more like ... [more]
Posted by AbsoluteApathy

The "helping the girl speak better quest" can only be done in school. Because it is summer break, it is not possible to do.

Posted by Zeik

You guys should really save visiting the fox for rainy days when possible. He's the only S. Link available on those days, you're better off hanging out with someone else on sunny days.

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The cicada noises in Persona make it feel an awful lot like summer time in Animal Crossing.

Quick, someone make an objects page right away!

...or maybe a concepts page?  Regardless dude, POINTS!

Also, when you QUOTE someones SPOILER, you are only doubling the chances of someone reading it.

Posted by eldiax

Everyday is Yukiko day! ...if it isn't Chie day.

Posted by JJWeatherman
Nexas said:
Damn and they were so close to getting Chie's new Persona
WHAT?! You spoiling son of a bitch...  :P
Posted by Dethfish

I thought this last episode before E3 should be a long one but I had a feeling it would be a short 15 minute "filler" episode just because the GB crew probably has a lot going on right now. Obviously I was wrong, so I'm happy.

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Recipe for Ghoul:

Hierophant Omoikane x Empress Senri

Also: Max out Chie already dammit!

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Am i the only one who thought that the sound at 57:54 was the nurse getting it on with someone in another room?

Good episode guys! And have a good E3!

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Just to let you know, you don't really need the appropriate persona for upping those S.Links

Posted by DragonofFate

You can put that model you built on your lonely shelf.

Because your shelf needs company when you're out linking with people and jumping into TV's and whatever you kids do these days

Posted by cityofdis0

64 minutes of pure JOY!

Posted by ArbitraryWater

If I remember correctly, Jeff and Ryan both had bleached hair around 2003...

Posted by darkspirit138

Ghoul is Omoikane and Senri...the brain guy and the guy you liked that looked to me somewhat like Kunimitsu.

Posted by darkspirit138
Posted by ArbitraryWater
@darkspirit138: Hell yes.
Posted by Vect

It's sad how you're almost adamant on avoiding Kanji as a Social Link.

I'm sure you actually can visit dudes even when they aren't part of your Deck. The Soc. Link mostly just give you Bonus XP when you make a persona of that Arcana, as far as I see.

Posted by Shadow

In case you didn't know, Tanaka is the Devil arcana social link in Persona 3

Posted by Agent_Lost

lol, 30 min in and they were think of saving but still went on for another 30 min.

Yea, get Chie to lvl 10 before going back to the TV, the bonus you get at 10 is pretty sweet.

Posted by The8Man

Thanks for the long episode before the break, you guys!  Have a good time at E3!

We'll be here...


I promised myself I wouldn't cry!
Posted by The8Man
Shadow said:
In case you didn't know, Tanaka is the Devil arcana social link in Persona 3
I'm playing P3 right now and I just got to that part!  I was so stoked when I got the link!
Posted by cityofdis0

Ryan! Lets bleach our hair for E3!.... NO

I still remember a Tony Hawk video review (N64) from Gamespot, it was the first I'd ever seen Jeff and his hair was pure blond.

Posted by Stang

Next week just isn't going to feel right :(

Posted by Curufinwe

I remember Jeff giving Tomb Raider 2 a score of  5.7.  So very harsh, even though it's true the original was a much better game.

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Vect said:
It's sad how you're almost adamant on avoiding Kanji as a Social Link.I'm sure you actually can visit dudes even ... [more]

Yes, you can spend time with your S.Links when you don't have a matching persona. However, you will earn less points towards the next rank. This results in you having to spend time with your S.Links when nothing happens ("your relationship will grow stronger soon").

Anyway, kind of awesome to hear the original Japanese voice acting there at the bit with the commotion in the hospital. Kind of werid at the same time; I wonder why they left that in there.
Posted by Mistral

You  guys really should have spent that rainy day in the TV instead of in the Meat Dimension. :( Every rainy day spent not going in the TV turns into a perfectly good sunny day spent in the TV instead. Seriously, there is so little to do when it's raining that if you have a dungeon in progress, GO WORK ON IT! If not, then turn in fox quest, and if you don't even have that to do, then, and only then, go to the beef bowl place. Stat ups are nice and all, but you're really better off spending time turning in quests and going in the TV so that those things aren't eating up otherwise productive(aka sunny) days.